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Jordan Schlansky Biography, Net Worth, Career, Married, Wife

Crix Published On Mon Jun 18 2018   Modified On Thu Jul 19 2018
Jordan Schlansky Biography, Net Worth, Career, Married, Wife


    Jordan Schlansky Biography, Net Worth, Career, Married, Wife

    Jordan Schlansky, best known for producing Conan’s shows from Late Night to Conan is a well-known TV personality as well. His name goes hand in hand with veteran comedian Conan O’Brien. However, fans initially used to wonder if Jordan was even a real-life person. Here we have compiled every detail viewers have wondered about this producer. Let’s get to it.

    Jordan Schlansky: Biography

    Jordan Schlansky is not your typical celebrity whose information is in abundance on the internet. In fact, not much information about his private life has been made public. However, what is revealed is his birthday. Jordan was born on the 13th April 1973 while he hails from Los Angeles California.

    [ CAPTION: Associate Producer of Conan, Jordan Schlansky ][ SOURCE: Stereogum ]

    Schlansky had a very believable portrayal of his self-titled character on Conan’s show. This made many people curious about him. As a result, Schlansky created a Reddit AMA account where he answered questions about his real self.

    There is barely any information on when Schlansky began his career as a producer but he started to work with Conan in 1996 as a studio coordinator for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, a show which aired on NBC.

    He has been working for Conan ever since. Meanwhile, during the 10th Anniversary Special of Late Night, Jordan was the producer which was also the case when Late Night’s: The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog aired.

    As an associate producer on the Conan show, Schlansky’s job description included making sure graphics and skits are executed well, booking guests, and performing every assignment the show’s producer assigns him.

    Jordan revealed on Reddit, he was first asked to join the show by Conan during the writer’s strike in 2008.

    Jordan Schlansky: Career

    Jordan has been active in producing shows as far back as 1996 or even earlier. However, he is best known for the show Conan where he was introduced in one of the segments as a character named Jordan Schlansky.

    This resulted in the viewers wondering whether Schlansky’s weird and awkward personality was different in real life and if there was even a real guy named Jordan Schlansky.

    We can confirm that Jordan Schlansky is in fact real. However, his real-life personality is not exactly what he portrays on the show. What is real is the fact that he is an associate producer of the show. This is one of the reasons people get confused if the rest of his mannerisms are also real.

    Schlanksy has been a producer almost all his career. However, his low profile jobs before Conan are not revealed to the public. There’s not much info about the rest of his career as he gained fame through this particular show which was his big break.

    Jordan Schlansky: Married, Wife

    To the dismay of the fans and much to their frustration, Schlansky appears to keep his personal life strictly private. Even though he is active on social media with Instagram and Snapchat accounts, the associate producer tends to be extra wary not to give any real personal information away.

    But is he married? Fans are wondering since the 2015 episode when Conan being himself, threw Schlansky a forceful and awkward Bachelor party. The identity of the woman was never revealed.

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    Jordan Schlansky: Net Worth

    The associate producer of Conan seems to possess decent wealth. Unfortunately, there is no relevant information on how much Jordan is exactly worth. Unless he gives it away, it’s impossible to know.

    However, looking at his Instagram, Schlamsky appears to live a great lifestyle.  It remains to be seen if there is a further revelation of his net worth in the coming days.