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Who Is Julia Lemigova? Her Biography With Personal Life, Career, And Net Worth

Suman Adhikari Published On Mon Dec 17 2018   Modified On Wed Mar 27 2019
Who Is Julia Lemigova? Her Biography With Personal Life, Career, And Net Worth


    Body and Relation Status of Who Is Julia Lemigova? Her Biography With Personal Life, Career, And Net Worth

    We all face tragedy and adversity, but some of us have seen more tragedies than the others. Julia Lemigova is one such celeb whose life has been defined by adversities and how she came through them. She is a model by profession and has won 2nd runner-up at Miss Universe 1991.

    Julia Lemigova’s Biography

    Julia ‘Yulia’ Lemigova was born on the 20th of June in 1972 and is 46 years old as of  2018.9 She was born in Moscow in the then Soviet Union but now it is located in Russia. There is not much information about her family and siblings.

    However, she was born to Soviet Red Army Colonel who had raised her with strict rules and regulations. Due to the bureaucratic nature of the Army organizations and Communist ideals of the Soviet Union, her childhood was very rigid.

    Likewise, she couldn’t accept her sexuality as being LGBTQ is seen as one of the most horrible crimes someone can commit in Russia today, let alone in the 1970‘s Soviet Union.

    Julia Lemigova’s Statistics

    • Height: There is no detail information regarding her exact measurements and has kept most of her information a secret but, we can see that she is taller than her partner who is 5 feet 8 inches tall.
    • Body Measurements: Julia has a great figure as she is a model. However, like many of her details, she has kept it a secret too. She has a fabulous figure that resembles an hourglass.
    • Tattoos: There are no tattoos on her body and she is 46 years old so we doubt she will get any.
    • Eye Color: Her eyes are beautiful and are brown in color. They match with her face and hair too.
    • Hair Color: Her hair length comes down to her chest area. Julia’s hair is brown in color with little hints of black.

    Julia Lemigova’s Relationship History

    Lemigova has had a lot of tragedies in her life. She has faced a lot of hardships. She is lesbian but it was hard for her to come out due to the conservative Soviet society. Due to this, she didn’t identify as a lesbian at first.

    Julia had an affair with Edouard Stern who was an elite banker that rolled with the A-list crowd. After being his mistress for some time their fling was abruptly ended as he was killed by hiѕ long-time lover, Cécile Brossard, during a bondage sex session. He was wrapped in pink latex and shot in the face with an adult pleasure toy inserted into him.

    Lemigova with her partner Martina.

    Stern was bisexual. Similarly, another tragedy took place when her son died at only five months due to internal organ injuries. The circumstances for the murder were very suspicious and it was assumed that his nanny killed him.

    Finally, Lemigova married her partner Martina Navratilova in New York on 15 December 2014 after a public proposal by the latter got them engaged.

    Julia Lemigova’s Net Worth and Career

    Lemigova finished as the first runner-up in the 1990 Miss USSR. She became Miss USSR for the event as the original winner was later disqualified for being married. After the pageant, she represented her country at the 1991 miss world. Recently she has started her spa in western Europe and also has her own skincare and spa line.

    Julia Lemigova’s net worth and earnings are under review but her partner is worth around $15 million.

    Julia Lemigova’s Interesting Facts

    •  Her former flair Edouard Stern was described by many as a rough intercourse enthusiast.
    • Her current partner is a world-famous tennis star.

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