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Kailani Ochmann Derbez

Rajesh Published On Thu Aug 17 2023   Modified On Thu Aug 17 2023
Kailani Ochmann Derbez


    Kailani Ochmann Derbez

    Kailani Ochmann Derbez is a famous person from Mexico, and people know her because she's the daughter of TV actor Mauricio Ochmann and his ex-wife Aislinn Derbez. Kailani is just two years old, but her parents recently split up, which is really sad.

    Kailani Ochmann parents: Mauricio Ochmann & Aislinn Derbez

    Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez are actors from Mexico who have been in showbiz for more than ten years. They met in 2014 while making the movie "A la Mala" and got married in 2016.

    Kailani playing with her father.
    Kailani Ochmann with her father on the weekend.
    SOURCE- Instagram- mauochmann

    Mauricio Ochmann is a Mexican actor born on November 16, 1977, in Sinaloa, Mexico. He became famous just like Beau Wirick, He is known for his roles in TV dramas. He's also been in movies like "Instructions Not Included".

    Aislinn Derbez, a Mexican actress born on March 18, 1981, in Mexico City, Mexico, is the daughter of actor Eugenio Derbez. She's well-known for her performances in films. Both of them have also been part of the TV series "La Casa de las Flores".

    Kailani Ochmann's parents separation: Kailani was just 2 years old

    Kailani Ochmann's parents Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez shared in March 2021 that they were not going to be together as a couple anymore. Their little girl Kailani was only 2 years old when this happened.

    Mauricio and Aislinn co-parenting kailani.
    Kailani with her parents on vacation in Zunya.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @aislinnderbez

    Even though they won't be a couple anymore, they promised to still be loving parents to Kailani. They want to be there for her no matter what. They also asked people to give their families some space and not to invade their privacy. Mauricio Ochmann mentioned feeling sad about the separation but is trying to stay positive and be a great dad to Kailani.

    Kailani Ochmann's parents: know The Reason for their divorce

    Ochmann's parents Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez decided to end their marriage in March 2021, after being married for four years. They explained that they were splitting up because they had started to see life in different ways and were growing apart.

    Kailani Ochmann's parents on her 5th birthday.
    Kailani Ochmann's parents are not together anymore.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @aislinnderbez

    Aislinn Derbez talked to HOLA! USA and mentioned that they had different priorities and weren't agreeing on many things. She also shared that over time, they had become distant from each other. Mauricio Ochmann hasn't said much about why they separated, but he did mention feeling sad and trying to stay positive.

    Remember, only they really know the exact reasons for their decision. What matters is that they did what they thought was best for themselves and their daughter, Kailani. likewise, know about Aniya Wayans's Parents' separation and relationships.

    Mauricio Ochmann net worth 2023: how rich is his daughter Kailani?

    Kailani Ochmann's net worth is estimated to be $100,000 while her father, Mauricio Ochmann a successful actor just like and has a lot of money. When Kailani grows up, she's likely to get a big part of this money.

    Mauricio Ochmann has an estimated net worth of $245 million
    Mauricio Ochmann and her daughter having pizza and watching the show.
    SOURCE- Instagram- mauochmann

    Mauricio Ochmann has an estimated net worth of $245 million. He has been in a bunch of popular television and movies just like Paidi Murphy Murphy's brother, Cillian Murphy. He's also famous on TV and has been on some reality shows. 

    Know about Kailani Ochmann's parents' Career

    Ochmann got his start in acting during the early 2000s and has been in more than 20 telenovelas and movies. He's famous for his part as "Adrián" in the TV show "Teresa" and as "Santiago" in the film "Instructions Not Included".

    Kailani Ochmann enjoying with her parents
    Kailani Ochmann's parents' Career as actors.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @aislinnderbez

    He's not just an actor, though. Ochmann is also known on TV for appearances on reality shows like "La Isla" and "Me Caigo de Risa". He's got a business side too, owning his own clothing and accessories line.

    Derbez kicked off her acting career around the same time and has been in over 10 movies and TV series. She's most known for playing "Ana" in "Instructions Not Included" and "Lupita" in "La Casa de las Flores".

    Just like Ochmann, Derbez is also into business. She's got her own clothing and accessories line, and she's an author with two books out, "Un Buen Día" and "La Magia de ser Nosotros". Together, Ochmann and Derbez are not only successful actors but also caring parents.

    Kailani Ochmann has aone Half-sibling, Lorenza Ochmann

    Kailani Ochmann has a half-sister named Lorenza Ochmann, who was born in 2009. Lorenza's mom is María José del Valle, and she's the ex-partner of Kailani's dad, Mauricio Ochmann. Lorenza and Kailani are pretty close and they seem to be really good buddies. 

    You can often spot them hanging out together on social media, and it's obvious they enjoy each other's company. Her dad, Mauricio Ochmann, is really devoted to both her and Lorenza, and he's all about creating a loving and supportive atmosphere for them. He's even pals with his ex-partner, María José del Valle, and they work together to take care of Lorenza.

    With whom Kailani is living? With her Dad or Mom?

    Kailani Ochmann is currently 5 years old and lives with her mom, Aislinn Derbez. Even though her parents, Derbez and Ochmann, are no longer together, they're on good terms and are focused on raising Kailani together. Mauricio makes regular visits to see Kailani and is very involved in her life. 

     It is not sure yet where Kailani will live permanently as she grows up.
    Kailani is living with her mother.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @aislinnderbez

    Mauricio has been open about his role as a single dad and the importance of working together to parent their daughter. We're not sure yet where Kailani will live permanently as she grows up. What we do know is that both her parents love her a lot and are providing a safe and caring home for her.

     Mauricio & Aislinn Social Media Appearances: Does Their Baby use Social media?

    Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez use social media to share moments with their daughter, Kailani. Ochmann has 8 million Instagram followers and more than 400k on Twitter. Derbez has 12 million on Instagram and more than 700k on Twitter.

    They often post about Kailani's milestones and playful times. They openly discuss parenting challenges and joys online, offering advice to other parents. Kailani doesn't have her own social media she only appears on her parents' profiles occasionally.