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Kash Wilburn

Rajesh Published On Sun Aug 20 2023   Modified On Sun Aug 20 2023
Kash Wilburn


    Kash Wilburn

    Kash Wilburn is a well-known American kid in the spotlight. He is recognized as the son of Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, also known as Future, a famous rapper and music producer. Future has a total of seven kids, and Kash is one of his children.

    Kash Wilburn's father: who is known as Future

    Kash Wilburn's dad, Future, was born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up with his mom, Sharon Wilburn, and grandmother, Willie Jones since his dad was in jail during his early years.

    Future one of the best rapper.
    Kash Wilburn's father is known as Future.
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    Future went to Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia. He started rapping when he was young and was inspired by artists like Lil Wayne and T.I. He began his music journey as part of the Dungeon Family group.

    Willburn father, Future has openly talked about his tough childhood and struggles with addiction. He shared that he faced homelessness and used drugs to deal with his pain.

    Who is Wilburn's mother? 

    Kash Wilburn's mom's identity isn't publicly known, but Future, his dad, has talked about her online. He's said nice things about her, like on Mother's Day in 2018. He posted a picture of Kash and her on Instagram, calling her "My son's mama."

    Kash's mother has been in the spotlight for more than ten years, yet she has deliberately avoided seeking attention. She doesn't use social media and rarely grants interviews. She's recognized for her skills and dedication, but her preference for privacy is also well-known.

    Future net worth 2023: How Rich Is Kash Wilburn?

    Kash's net worth is estimated to be $100,000 while his father, Future, is a successful Rapper and has a lot of money similar to Kailani Ochmann Derbez's father. When Kash grows up, he's likely to get a big part of this money.

    Future net worth is estimated to be $50 million.
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    Future has an estimated net worth of around $50 million. He has earned this considerable amount through his thriving music career, featuring many popular songs and albums. Additionally, he has made money from tours, selling merchandise, and partnering with brands.

    Kash Father Future Albums

    Future is a highly talented and accomplished rapper with a bright career. He has achieved significant milestones, and it's exciting to see what lies ahead for him. Here is a list of Future's studio albums in order of release.

    1. Pluto (2012)
    2. Honest (2014)
    3. Monster (2014)
    4. DS2 (2015)
    5. What a Time to Be Alive (2015)
    6. EVOL (2016)
    7. Future (2017)
    8. HNDRXX (2017)
    9. The WIZRD (2019)

    Besides his studio albums, Future has also dropped numerous mixtapes and EPs. He's a highly productive artist, continuously sharing fresh music. Future has also his own solo projects through which he has gained more frame. 

    Future has teamed up with various other artists, including Drake, Kanye West, Rihanna, Young Thug, and Wiz Khalifa. His collaborations have contributed to his immense popularity and success as a rapper on a global scale.

    Kash Wilburn has Seven Half-siblings

    Kash Wilburn, the son of rapper Future and Brittni Mealy, has seven half-siblings: Londyn, Future Zahir, Prince, Reign, Hendrix, Jacobi, and Paris. Even though they have different moms, they're a tight-knit bunch. They've been spotted together at fancy events and in music videos.

    Kash and his half-siblings do face some challenges. Their moms have different ways of parenting, and there have been public disagreements between Future and the moms. But the kids are strong and stay close, no matter what.

    Future Son Kash Girlfriend: Who is he dating Currently?

    Kash is currently not involved in a romantic relationship and values his privacy. There is no available information about his romantic involvements or any connections related to business matters.

    Kash is currently not involved in any romantic relationships considering his age; he is just 8 years old. He finds himself focused on other aspects such as his studies and enjoying quality moments with his parents and siblings.

    Kash's priority is on his personal growth and development, which includes dedicating time to his education and cherishing moments spent with his close family members. As he continues to navigate his journey through adolescence.

    Kash Wilburn's parents: Are they Still together?

    Rapper Future is the father of eight children, including Kash Wilburn. While details about Kash are limited, we know that his parents are Future and an undisclosed mother. Whether the couple is currently together is uncertain.

     Wilburn was reportedly born in 2015 and is now eight years old in 2023. While Future has mentioned Kash's mother on social media, her identity remains unknown. It's uncertain whether Future and Kash's mother are still in a relationship.

    Future has been in various relationships with different women, and it's possible that Kash's mother is one of them. However, as Kash is still young, more information about his personal life is yet to emerge.

    Who has the Custody of Kash Wilburn?

    It's not clear who has custody of Kash Wilburn. Future has faced legal disputes with the mothers of his other children like Ciara, Joie Chavis, and Eliza Seraphin. It's possible that Future and Kash's mother have a friendly relationship and Future takes care of Kash most of the time.

    Future has joint custody with kash mother
    Future With His New Music Video.
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    Alternatively, Kash's mother might have primary custody, and Future has visitation rights. They could also have joint custody, both sharing responsibility for Kash.

    Due to the limited information about Kash's mother, it's hard to determine custody. Future and Kash's mother likely have an arrangement that suits them, both playing a role in Kash's upbringing.

    Future Social Media presence: Does his son use Social Media?

    Future is quite active on social media, boasting a massive following of more than 24 million on Instagram and over 7 million on Twitter. Through these platforms, he promotes his music, shares his thoughts, and engages with his fans.

    Future on relaxing in his car.
    Future has an Album Title: I NEVER LIKED YOU
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    While Kash doesn't use popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or YouTube. Even though he comes from a family known in the entertainment world, his parents have chosen to keep his personal matters away from the public eye.