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Kidding Star Frank Langella: His Career, Marriage, & Wife in 7 Facts

Dahlia Published On Mon Mar 02 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 03 2020
Kidding Star Frank Langella: His Career, Marriage, & Wife in 7 Facts

Four times Tony Award-winning actor, Frank A. Langella Jr., is no stranger to people who keep themselves updated with the old and latest movies. No worries if you are! Here we will learn seven exciting facts of the actor that will surely make you acquainted with Frank Langella.

7. He is From New Jersey

Frank Langella, born on January 1, 1938, is currently 82 years old. Langella is from Bayonne city, located in the Hudson County of New Jersey. 

Frank spent his formative years in New Jersey along with his parents, mother Angelina Langella and father Frank A. Langella Sr.

Frank Langella
Frank Langella has received four Tony Awards. Source: Variety

As a matter of fact, the 82 years old actor father was a business executive and the president of the Bayonne Barrel and Drum Company.

6. Had his Character Played by Duncan Regehr Twice

Langella played Don Diego de la Vega, aka Zorro, in the 1974 movie The Mark of Zorro. The character Zorro is a masked hero introduced in the novel The Curse of Capistrano by author Johnston McCulley

After Langella, Canadian actor Duncan Regehr portrayed the character of Zorro in the series Zorro 1990.

Another character that Regehr portrayed is the most famous Count Dracula created by Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula.

Before Regehr, Langella had played as Count Dracula in 1979 movie Dracula. In addition to this, both played Bajoran politicians in the movie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

5. Nationality of Frank Langella 

Frank Langella belongs to a Italian family. In fact, his surname is of Italian origin. Other notable personalities of a similar surname are Anthony Langella, a French cyclist, and Antonio Langella, a Italian footballer. 

Frank Langella
Frank Langella at the premiere of "Frost/Nixon." Source: Zimbio

In an interview with NOW Magazine, the Eddie actor added,

 “I am Italian, not Jewish.There is a big difference. We are hedonists. We talk with our hands, we’re emotional, energetic." 

4. Net Worth of Frank Langella

The 82-years old actor started his career as a stage actor working in numerous Broadway and off-Broadway shows. After working in television shows like The Trials of O'Brien, NBC Experiment in Television, and NET Playhouse, Langella made his movie debut with Diary of a Mad Housewife. 

Since then, he has worked in dozens of movies, choosing roles that has helped him establish as a versatile actor. Frank gained international success with his performance in Dracula. 

In 2009, Frank earned an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of US President Richard Nixon in the movie Frost/Nixon. His work in various well-known films and television series has helped him amass the net worth of $5 million. 

3. Did Not Wear Fangs in Dracula 

While Langella had already played as Dracula in Broadway show, he later went to earn much recognition embodying the character in the film Dracula. 

The movie made on a budget of $12 million became a huge success with a box office collection of $31 million at the time of release. 

However, in the movie, Langella did not wear fangs like his predecessor Bela Lugosi. Moreover, Frank also improvised his character having read the novel after watching the performance of previous actors who played as Dracula. 

In an interview at the Sitges Film Festival, Langella stated, 

"I saw a gentleman in Dracula while the bad guys were the ones who wanted to destroy him." 

2. Has Two Children with First Wife

Frank Langella married Ruth Weil, a magazine editor on June 14, 1977. 

Langella and Weil had celebrated their wedding by cutting a wedding cake decorated with flying bats at Martin Beck Theater. 

Frank Langella and Ruth Weil
Frank Langella and his ex-wife Ruth Weil cutting the wedding cake. Source: CBS News

The couple who has two children, daughter Sarah Langella and son Frank A. Langella III, divorced in 1996.

The same year, Langella met Academy award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg in the set of Eddie. They lived together until their separation in March of 2001.

1. Plays a Producer in the Kidding 

While the Kidding series actor Jim Carrey is the off-screen executive producer of the show, Frank Langella plays as Carrey's father and on-screen executive producer of the show. 

The series, which started on September 9, 2018, has other talented actors like Judy Greer, Cole Allen, Juliet Morris, Catherine Keener, Justin Kirk, Bernard White, and many more.