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Kristine Saryan

Rajesh Published On Mon Aug 07 2023   Modified On Mon Aug 07 2023
Kristine Saryan


    Kristine Saryan

    Kristine Saryan is an American actress who is widely recognized as the spouse of Scott Patterson. The renowned Gilmore Girls actor has shared a nearly ten-year-long companionship with the American musician and actor. Saryan has been absent from the movie scene for around five years, and Her primary focus lies in providing support to her family.

    Scott Patterson's wife, Kristine Saryan background

    Born in April 1984 in California, Kristine Saryan is an American actress of Armenian and Native American descent. Her upbringing remains largely undisclosed, reflecting her preference for maintaining personal privacy. 

    Scott Patterson with his wife, Kristine Saryan.
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    Saryan's family includes two older siblings: Diane Saryan who is a cosmetologist, and Michael Saryan is a business lawyer. She completed her early and high school education at Haddon Field Memorial High School in New Jersey with honors.

    Although details about her university studies are not public, she honed her acting skills at Joanne Baron DW Brown Studio of Drama and Theatre. There, she dedicated two years to the Meisner Program Graduate, specializing in comedy and drama genres.

    Kristine Saryan's husband, Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson was born on September 11, 1958, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey. He completed his education at Haddonfield Memorial High School, graduating in 1977. Also, know about Tiana Upcheva and her husband.

    Kristine Saryan's husband, Scott Patterson.
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    Patterson enrolled at Rutgers University following his high school years and focused on comparative literature. He decided to leave Rutgers after a couple of years to pursue a baseball career. He ventured into minor league baseball, playing for the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, and Texas Rangers.

    Scott Patterson & Saryan Meet and Love story

    Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan crossed paths in the year 2000, during the intermission of a play, they were both attending. Despite their 20-year age disparity, with Patterson at 41 and Saryan at 21. Likewise, know about Alicia Allain's love story and wedding.

    Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan crossed paths in the year 2000.
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    Their connection was instantaneous and they embarked on a romantic relationship shortly after. While the age gap initially raised eyebrows, the couple asserts that it has never posed a challenge for them. 

    Patterson admires Saryan for her intellect, humor, and beauty, while she cherishes his humor, kindness, and strong family values. Their shared appreciation for these qualities has solidified their bond, proving that age is not a barrier in their relationship.

    Scott Patterson & Saryan's wedding

    Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in 2014, surrounded by loved ones. The event remained private, with no shared photos. Despite their substantial 24-year age difference.

    Scott Patterson & Saryan's wedding.
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    Their relationship has flourished, marked by numerous cherished anniversaries. Residing in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the couple's enduring connection serves as a testament that age is inconsequential in matters of true love. Their unwavering partnership stands as an inspiration, a beacon of hope for those embarking on unions with significant age variances.

    Scott Patterson & Kristine's children

    Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan share a single child, a son named Nicholas Patterson was born on July 3, 2014. Nicholas stands as their sole offspring, a content, and robust boy who revels in sports and quality time with his parents. 

    The couple holds a shield of privacy around their son, rarely unveiling his images on social platforms. Patterson expressed his delight to People magazine, describing their contentment as a family of three. Nicholas is a source of immense joy and Patterson lauds him as an exceptional child. 

    Both Patterson and Saryan are deeply engaged in Nicholas's upbringing. They partake in sports events, outdoor excursions, and educational activities like nightly reading and homework assistance. likewise, know about Sheree Gustin's children and her family.

    Scott Patterson & Kristine Saryan's net worth

    Kristine Saryan's net worth is around $3 million which is largely attributed to her acting career and particularly her role in The Gilmore Girls. likewise, Saryan's husband, Scott Patterson has an estimated net worth of $15 million. 

    Scott Patterson performing "On My Way Home".
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    Patterson was mostly through his acting career, musician, and entrepreneur. Their combined net worth is around $18 million. Primarily driven by Scott's successful acting journey, the couple enjoys substantial financial standing, highlighting their significant assets.

    who is Vera Davich?

    Vera Davich who is an American individual gained recognition as the former spouse of actor Scott Patterson. Their marriage, lasting from 1983 to 1985, commenced during their shared time as students at Rutgers University. Despite their union, they did not have any children. 

    Davich abstains from engaging in social media platforms remaining a private figure. Information concerning her post-divorce life or career is hidden, and details about the nature of their relationship or the reasons for their separation remain unavailable. 

    Scott Patterson & Saryan's career 

    Kristine Saryan pursued acting and garnered recognition through minor roles in movies such as "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" and "Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story." However, her acting credits ceased around 2016, and she now focuses on her roles as a devoted wife and mother. 

    Scott Patterson's successful acting career.
    source- Instagram- @scottgordonpatterson

    Scott Patterson, renowned for portraying Luke Danes in the TV series "Gilmore Girls," has established himself as an actor with a notable presence in both movies and television. Before his acting career, he engaged in professional baseball in the minor league. 

    Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan ventured into the entertainment industry, Scott's acting endeavors serve as the primary contributor to their wealth. Presently, Saryan's focus lies on her role as a dedicated homemaker and mother, having taken a break from acting since around 2016.

    Saryan's Age, Height, And Physical Fitness

    Saryan is currently 38 years old. Standing 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall, she weighs approximately 53 kg (122 lbs). Saryan maintains a slim body type and has dedicated efforts to keep herself in a well-fitted shape from a young age.

    Kristine boasts dark brown hair, brown eyes, and her body measurements are 34-26-36 inches (86-66-91 centimeters). She passionately embraces fitness, frequently engaging in workouts during her leisure hours.

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