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KSI-Net Worth, Movies, Personal Life, Albums, Wife, Age, Children, Height

tp-admin Published On Tue May 10 2022   Modified On Tue May 10 2022
KSI-Net Worth, Movies, Personal Life, Albums, Wife, Age, Children, Height


    Body and Relation Status of KSI-Net Worth, Movies, Personal Life, Albums, Wife, Age, Children, Height

    English YouTuber KSI Has a Net Worth of $7 Million 

    KSI is an English YouTube personality, actor, comedian, rapper, author, and amateur boxer. As of 2022, he successfully has accumulated a net worth of $7 million. 

    In 2015, he was announced as number one on the list of the UK’s most influential YouTube creators by Tubular Labs. Moreover, he appeared in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition in 2013.

    His YouTube channel ‘KSI’ has subscribers of over 20 million and viewers of over 4.9 billion as of August 2019. 

    In addition, he won an NME Award in the Vlogger of the Year category in 2016. He released his debut extended play record, Keep Up which ranked at the top on the UK R&B Album Chart.

    How did KSI make money? Income Sources, YouTube, Books, And Boxing

    KSI began his YouTube career with the channel "JideJunior" on April 24, 2008. After 15 months, he opened his current YouTube channel KSI. 

    Initially, he made the video about FIFA video games franchise and occasionally uploaded the video of other games like GTA.

    In February 2013, he appeared in the video “KSI VS FIFA // The Record Slam” where he broke the previous world record for the most goals scored against computers, scoring 190 goals. Moreover. He signed a contract with a network called Polaris in October 2013.

    In 2015, Forbes listed him on the “Top 10 Earning Content Creators” when he earned an annual income of $4.5 million. According to a few online sources, he makes around $852 to $13.64k per day through views and ads. 

    In addition, his other YouTube channel "KSIOlajidebtHD" has the subscribers over 7 million and around 1.15 billion views. This channel has revenue from $13.68k to $218.88k per year. 

    KSI along with his other YouTube fellows formed a group, Sidemen for the Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto Online on October 19, 2013. 

    Later, he published a book, KSI: I Am a Bellend, called KSI: I Am a Tool in UK on September 24, 2015. 

    Popularity On Instagram

    KSI is also widely popular on Instagram with over 6.5 million followers. With such huge number of followers, he makes a salary of around $13 thousand to $21 thousand per sponsored as well as endorsements post.   

    Like his youTube channel, KSI also collects a huge revenue from his Instagram, generally coming from his sponsored posts.

    KSI Versus Logan Paul

    Moreover, KSI and a few YouTubers such as Joe Weller and Logan Paul participated in amateur boxing. He won the match against Joe by technical knockout.

    In the fight between KSI and Logan Paul alongside their brothers; Jake Paul and Deji Olatunji, ended up drawing and collected an estimated wealth of $50 million from streaming.

    Movie Debut

    Furthermore, KSI made his film debut in Laid in America in 2016. He played the role of Duncan in the movie. Later he made a documentary titled, Can’t Lose in 2018.

    Music Is Also a Part of His Income: Songs

    KSI began his music career as a rapper alongside YouTuber Randolph and released a rap song, Heskey Time about footballer Emile Heskey on iTunes before Christmas in 2011. 

    He released his debut album New Age on April 12, 2019. The album ranked at the top on the UK albums chart.

    Here are some of the extended play records along with the details:

    TitleUK RankingRelease Date
    Keep Up13January 8, 2016
    Jump Around-October 28, 2016
    Space-June 30, 2017
    Distracktions31September 29, 2017

    Moreover, some of his songs include Lamborghini (2015), Friends with Benefits (2016), Two Birds One Stone (2017), Red Alert (2018), and many more.

    How Much Does He Pay on Tax? 

    KSI is an English millionaire celebrity and enjoys a lavish life. With the earnings, he also pays a high amount of tax to the government of England. During the calculation with Money Saving Expert, he pays the annual tax of 2,231,786.

    Likewise, he submits a huge amount of 104,813 for the insurance to the National Insurance.

    Charity Works

    KSI is a charitable person and organized many fundraising programs through Twitter and other online sites. His gaming group Sideman raised a fund of $87,476 through a soccer match for the charity in 2018.

    Assets: House and Cars

    One of the KSI’s gaming group, Sidemen reside in a house in South East London. The group moved on the house on February 16, 2014. They did not officially buy the house but rented. The group paid the monthly rent of £5500.

    KSI owns a Lamborghini Aventador worth $299,593 to $605,553 which was originally orange in color, but later changed to purple. Moreover, he posted a picture of Porsche on his Facebook. 

    KSI is a big fan of Dragon Ball Z character Beerus. His obsession led him to buy a custom-made Beerus diamond pendant. According to per sources, his chain is worth somewhere around $50 thousand.  

    He even made the song in honor of his necklace. Here is the video:

    He also owns other handcrafted chains and necklaces. One of his necklace lengths is 45 cm with the sterling silver 925, matte and rough finished with the fine layer of 24 karat gold plate. As per KSI, he owns around 10 similar pendants.    

    KSI’s Early Life, Parents, And Education

    KSI was born as Olajide William Olatunji on June 19, 1993, in London, England. He was born to father Jide Olatunji and mother Yinka Olantunji. Both of his parents are of Nigerian descent. As for siblings, he has a younger brother named Deji Olatunji

    KSI belongs to English nationality and Black by ethnicity. As for his academic qualifications, he studied at Berkhamsted School.

    Personal Life: Who Is His Girlfriend?

    KSI is possibly single as of August 2019. With their soaring popularity, he has quite a number of fans but is not currently associated in any kind of relationship.   

    KSI was previously in an intimate relationship with YouTube personality Seana Cuthbert. The couple started dating in 2012 for two years. 

    They were seen together on the video of KSI and were madly in love with each other. However, the relationship did not last long until they broke up in 2014.

    According to a few online sources, he had a romantic relationship with a woman called Lois Sharpe, however, no further information is available.

    Age & Height

    Age: As of 2022, KSI is 28-year-old.

    Height: He stands 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm.