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Lady Bird Actress Beanie Feldstein: Seven Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Shrijan Published On Thu Dec 05 2019   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
Lady Bird Actress Beanie Feldstein: Seven Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Beanie Feldstein was born originally as Elizabeth Feldstein. While she would be overshadowed by her slightly more famous older brother, it would be a travesty to call her irrelevant. With acclaimed performances in movies like Lady Bird and Booksmart, the 26-year-old's career is one to keep an eye on. 

Well, here is list of 7 facts about the actress that can be an that define her the best on both the personal and professional front.

1. She Was Born Into a Family of Talented Individuals

If talent were genetically inherited, it is hard not to see where she gets her acting chops from. The Los Angeles-native, Beanie was born into a family of creative individuals. Her father, Richard Feldstein worked as the tour accountant for the ‘80s rock and roll band, Guns N’ Roses and her mother, Sharon Lyn Chalkin was a fashion designer. 

2. Rise to Stardom of one Brother, Death of Another

On keeping with the subject of creative people in Beanie’s family, her older brother is the actor and comedian, Jonah Hill. Most people do not know the two are related because of to their differing surnames, but an eye opener for many, Jonah Hill’s full name is Jonah Hill Feldstein. 

Jonah has been a staple of the movies with acting credits in such titles as Superbad, Knocked Up, 21 Jump Street, This Is the End, 22 Jump Street, and his Academy Award-nominated role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Jonah has, by all accounts, a very loving relationship with Beanie, even getting a tattoo on his right arm, engraved with “Hello, Beanie!" as a means to show his love towards his younger sister. 

Beanie’s other brother, Jordan Feldstein, was a music manager and managed the band Maroon 5. He was climbing the ranks as a music manager but unfortunately, his life was cut short from a blood clot blocking an artery in his lungs. He suffered a heart attack and passed away on December 22, 2017, at age 40. 

He left behind his fortune, reportedly worth $5 million, for his two sons. 

3. She is Openly G*y

Beanie struggled with her se*uality in her teens. She seemed oddly icy towards her male flings, to the point that brother Jonah designated her the “Dexter of relationships”, a reference to the serial-killer, Dexter. 

She found love with Bonnie Chance Roberts, though Beanie insists the fact that Bonnie is a woman is secondary to her and that she fell in love with the person.

4. She is Reportedly Worth $18 Millions

Continuing with the tradition of talented individuals in her family, Beanie is a gifted actor and comedian. With her acclaimed roles in movies like 2017’s breakout comedy-drama, Ladybird and the 2019 comedy-drama, Booksmart, she turned heads for her versatility in performing comedy and drama. 

Having a dual career as an actress and comedian has its benefits, and it is reported that Beanie is worth $18 million. 

5. She Has Performed on Broadway

Before making it big on the silver screens, Beanie had a stint working for Broadway. She co-starred alongside Bette Middler in the musical, Hello, Dolly! 

She made her debut as Minnie Faye in the musical which starred Middler in the titular role Dolly Gallagher Levi. 

6. She Counts Actor Ben Patt Among Her Closest Friends

It seems Beanie and Ben were destined to be friends. The two met at a Bar Mitzvah in their teens, attended the same high school and became inseparable since ninth grade. 

They went to their school’s prom together, and they started on Broadway together: Beanie in Hello, Dolly! and Ben in Dear Evan Hansen. 

7. Her Brother From Another Mother, Adam Levine

Beanie re-connected with Maroon 5 front-man Adam Levine while her older brother Jordan was still managing the band. Even before that, Beanie’s mom Sharon Feldstein and Adam’s mom Patsy Noah had been friends since their teenage years. 

The children of both families grew up together as familial as they could get without actually being blood-related. They have a deep bond stemming from their childhood together so much so that Adam even recommended Beanie for Maroon 5’s music video for the song "Girls Like You". 

Beanie truly considers Adam her brother from another mother.