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7 Facts of Last Man Standing's Jordan Masterson: Siblings, Relationship with Dakota Johnson & Hilary Duff, Taking Over Nick Jonas' Role & Many More

Dahlia Published On Sun May 03 2020   Modified On Sun May 03 2020
7 Facts of Last Man Standing's Jordan Masterson: Siblings, Relationship with Dakota Johnson & Hilary Duff, Taking Over Nick Jonas' Role & Many More

American actor Jordan Masterson started his career as a child actor in television film Marilyn & Bobby: Her Final Affair and Star. 

Masterson is more prominent for his performance in the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin and television series Greek. He also has guest-appeared in numerous shows and currently co-stars in the sitcom Last Man Standing. Here are seven exciting facts of Jordan.

7. Where is Jordan Masterson from?

Masterson is from Long Island of southeastern New York State. He was born on April 9, 1986, and is 34 years old as of 2020. Moreover, he is 6 feet and 1 inch tall (1.85 m).

6. His father is a Former Rugby League Footballer

Jordan is the son of an Australian former rugby league footballer, Joseph Reaiche, collectively known as Joe Reaiche. He played professional rugby league in Australia for six years with the Sydney Roosters in the National Rugby League (NRL).

After completing the final year with the Sydney Roosters, Reaiche moved to North America. Like his father, Jordan had been active in sports like baseball, tennis, and snowboarding in his formative years. 

5. Jordan is a Scientologist Along with his Family

Masterson comes from a 'high-profile Scientology family,' according to the Daily Mail. Along with his siblings, Jordan received his education within the church. 

Jordan Masterson
Jordan Masterson at the FOX Summer TCA 2018 All-Star Party. Source: Zimbio 

His father, Joe, joined Scientology in 1978 and married Carol Masterson, in 1985, who is also a Scientologist and had three children of her own at the time. Carol and Joe has two children together: Jordan and daughter, Alanna Masterson. The couple divorced in 1995.

The former rugby league footballer left the church in 2005 and has since been outspoken in his criticism regarding the religion. After being ex-communicated from the church for 'defying the hierarchy,' Joe has been estranged from his children. He currently works in the insurance and health industry. 

Meanwhile, Masterson's mother is still active in the Church of Scientology, and both Jordan and his sister are members of the Church of Scientology.

4. Is Jordan Masterson related to Danny Masterson?

Jordan Masterson is the younger half brother of Danny Masterson. Jordan and Danny are maternal half-siblings. Danny is the son of Carol Masterson, a manager, and Peter Masterson, an insurance agent. He is prominent for his portrayal of Steven Hyde in the period sitcom That '70s Show. 

Jordan Masterson siblings
Jordan Masterson with sister, Alanna, and maternal half-siblings, Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson. Source: Dailybreak

Jordan is also a younger half-brother of Christopher Masterson, who played as the trouble-making Francis in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Interestingly, Jordan has made a guest-appearance in both of his half-brothers' well-known shows. 

The 34 years old appeared as Paperboy in episode four of season three in That '70s Show. Meanwhile, in Malcolm in the Middle, Jordan played as an unnamed student in the second episode, Humilithon, of the fourth season.

3. He Was in a Long-term Relationship with Dakota Johnson

Masterson and Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson had already attended several red carpet events together before tabloids started linking them in September 2013, hinting they had been in a relationship for a much longer time.

Dakota Johnson and Jordan Masterson
Jordan Masterson and Dakota Johnson at a party in Los Angeles. Source: Daily Mail

In conversation with Elle magazine, Dakota talked about the Christmas present she had received from Masterson, “He gave me double sinks! He did it himself. I think double sinks are the key to any relationship.” 

It's unclear when Masterson and Johnson broke up, but in July 2014, Johnson started dating musician Matthew Hitt, continuing the on-off relationship for almost two years until 2016.

2. A Brief Relationship With Hilary Duff

According to Popsugar, Masterson, and Hilary Duff briefly dated in 2004. Duff and Masterson ended their relationship after dating for three months because of the schedule conflicts, with Duff stating, 

"While Jordy is a special person to me and we're still friends, the timing was just off. My career has to come first right now. I have my priorities straight."

Nevertheless, Hilary and Jordan's sister Alanna Masterson have remained friends throughout, getting a matching "ride or die" ghost tattoos to celebrate Duff's musical comeback in 2014. Alanna is well-known for her role as Tara Chambler in AMC's The Walking Dead.

1. Nick Jonas Played Ryan Vogelson in Season One

James Masterson is the one who portrayed Ryan Vogelson in the sitcom Last Man Standing. However, in the first season of the show, singer-songwriter Nick Jonas was introduced as Ryan Vogelson. 

While Jonas is no longer part of the show, the character still exists and has been taken over by Masterson, who joined the show in season two as a recurring cast. 

Since season four, Masterson has been a series regular alongside Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Alexandra Krosney, Molly Ephraim, Kaitlyn Dever, Christoph Sanders, Héctor Elizondo, and Jonathan Adams.