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home Biography Laticia Rolle, Fiancee of NBA Shaquille O’Neal: Know Her Relationship, Net Worth, Career, Children, Affairs

Laticia Rolle, Fiancee of NBA Shaquille O’Neal: Know Her Relationship, Net Worth, Career, Children, Affairs

Sam R Published On Wed Feb 06 2019   Modified On Wed Feb 06 2019
Laticia Rolle, Fiancee of NBA Shaquille O’Neal: Know Her Relationship, Net Worth, Career, Children, Affairs


    Laticia Rolle, Fiancee of NBA Shaquille O’Neal: Know Her Relationship, Net Worth, Career, Children, Affairs

    Laticia Rolle is a popular model who is also famous as a blogger of the website, Bluhazl. She is also gaining limelight because of her relationship with her fiance, Shaquille O’Neal. If you are curious to know about her professional and private life scroll and continue reading the article.  

    Laticia Rolle’s Relationship History

    Laticia Rolle is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend turned fiance, Shaquille O’Neal. The couple met for the very first time when Rolle used to work as a hostess at Ceviche Tapas Bar in Tampa, Florida. The pair started dating in the year 2014.

    They were spotted in a Paris Night Club, where the former player, O’Neal tried to kiss her on June 21, 2017. In 2017, June 23 the couple was watching the Wimbledon game. Later, there were rumors of the duo’s engagement after having an affair for about two years.

    Laticia Rolle with her fiance, Shaquille O'Neal
    Laticia Rolle with her fiance, Shaquille O’Neal

    The adorable lovers officially announced the news of their engagement in 2017, October 19, via Laticia’s Instagram account, along with the caption, “About a week ago”.

    Also, she showed her valuable diamond ring and posted a cozy picture along with her fiancee on her Instagram account. After that, there was news that pair called off their engagement, however, the rumor is yet not confirmed by both the couple.

    Rolle is not married yet and does not share any children with Shaquille. But O’Neal has a daughter named Taahirah O’Neal from his previous relationship with his girlfriend, Arnetta Yarbourgh. He was also in an affair with Nicole Alexander.

    Laticia Rolle’s Net Worth & Career

    Laticia Rolle collects a net worth in thousands of dollars, which she earned throughout her career. She started her career as a model. She works for Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. Rolle has blog website officially popular as Bluhazl assisted by her sibling, D’ana. This is the most important part of her earning which adds more amount for her net worth.

    The blogs contain much information about culture & getaways, health & nutrition diet, fashion tips, and much more. She maintains her modeling career in a low keyword. She might earn a salary of $49,200 at an average. Well, she also enjoys a net worth of $400 million of her fiance, Shaquille.

    Laticia Rolle’s Body Measurements

    • Height & Weight: Laticia Rolle stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm which is similar to the Tik Tok star, Paul Zimmer while her weight is unavailable.
    • Body Measurements: Being a model, she maintains a slim body figure nut her measurements are yet under review.
    • Hair Color: Her natural hair color was black but she later colored it blonde.
    • Eyes Color: She has blue eyes.

    Laticia Rolle Birth Date & Age

    Laticia Rolle was born in 1988, February 11. As of 2019, she has reached the age of 32.

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    to all my little sisters, WE REALLY THE REALEST ONES. i remember growing up, i wanted nothing more than to be just like both of my big sisters. basketball phenoms. hometown hero’s. the coolest +most talented chicks i knew on and off the court. my favorite movie was love +basketball because of Laticia. my favorite genre of music was r&b +hiphop because of Gisemi. i would borrow clothes without asking. i would sneak the cd player +listen to Aaliyah without asking. she’s still in my top5top5top5. TY SAJ. my sisters. my idols. what they did, i did. i played basketball and dang near every other sport they played. i was talented like them, but as a little sister i felt like i had to 〰️ live up to 〰️ to the greatness that came before me. big shoes to fill. as a young girl, i couldnt quite decipher why i was always being compared to them because i wasn’t anything quite like them. 🐞 i think it was in middle school when i began to realize as much as i loved +adored my older sisters, i wanted to be D’Ana. i respectfully welcomed my quirky, loud, and unique-self with open arms. i took a knitting class in 8th grade and it was by far one of my dopest decisions. i discovered eyeliner far before my sisters even thought about wearing makeup. SRY DAD. i took a ceramics class freshman year of high school and then took a jewelry welding class junior year. i was into scrapbooking. i watched soap operas. i yearned to learn more about nutrition. i soon realized there was nothing wrong with sharing similar interests as my sisters, but being D’Ana is magical. 🌈⭐️ i say this because as little sisters i think we get a little caught up in wanting to follow in the footsteps of our older siblings so much so that we some way some how along the way forget that we are our own individual. we have our own path to pave. we have our own talents to develop. we have our own interests +creativity to pursue. my sisters inspire me to be GR8 every dang day, but now they look to me in many ways. the cycle of life is more beautiful than ever. i keep them young +hip +give D’Ana advice. i also make them laugh like no ones business. LITTLE SISTERS, we been through it. i see you. i admire you. ILY. 🥇 xo, D

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    Laticia Rolle’s Quick Facts

    • Laticia was a basket player in college.
    • She was born in the year of Dragon as of the Chinese zodiac.

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