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home Biography Who is Liz Wheeler Married To? Know Her Age, Height, Weight, Married, Wedding Picture, Net Worth

Who is Liz Wheeler Married To? Know Her Age, Height, Weight, Married, Wedding Picture, Net Worth

Crix Published On Wed Dec 12 2018   Modified On Wed Mar 13 2019
Who is Liz Wheeler Married To? Know Her Age, Height, Weight, Married, Wedding Picture, Net Worth


    Who is Liz Wheeler Married To? Know Her Age, Height, Weight, Married, Wedding Picture, Net Worth

    In this age of technology and media, everything is connected, due to this fact social media and its use have become one of the most powerful tools in the world. Liz Wheeler was a social media manager for the RecruitMilitary. Later she hosted a show on T.V on One America News Network.

    Liz Wheeler’s Biography

    Liz was born on 12th July 1989 in the modest yet developed and historic town of Sharonville, Ohio in the U.S.A. Her birth name is Elizabeth Wheeler. She is American by nationality and is a Caucasian by race. According to her birth date, her star sign is Cancer.

    For her education, she studied at Penn State University and graduated with a degree in Political Science. We do not have information regarding her early education and high school studies.

    Liz Wheeler’s Body Statistics and Age

    • Age: As of 2019, she is 30 years old.
    • Height: Sometimes the limelight and media attention fails to pry out the actual information about a person. In this case, we have been unable to get any exact figures of Liz’s height.
    • Body Measurements: As we have mentioned above Liz has been very secretive about her measurements but from her photos, we can see that she has a great body with a great figure that resembles an hourglass.
    • Tattoos: From her photos and posts on social media we cannot see any tattoos on her body.
    • Eye Color: Her eyes are very beautiful and they twinkle in the light. She has brown eyes.
    • Hair Color: She is of Caucasian heritage so naturally her hair is blonde in color.
    • Political Affiliation: Liz is one of the most outspoken Conservatives out there. She is passionate about her Right Wing politics and has been called anti-LGBT by some.

    Liz Wheeler’s Relationship History

    We do not know much about her relationships prior to her marriage. However, she has been very vocal about her marriage with her husband. As in many aspects of her life, she has been a bit secretive here as well and hasn’t revealed the identity of her husband yet.

    We know that he is a military man and from his uniform, we can guess that he serves in the U.S Navy but his real identity has been kept a secret by the bride and groom.

    Instagram: Liz Wheeler’s Wedding Picture

    His identity has been the subject of widespread speculation for the media. According to some tabloid sources he is her longtime boyfriend and the pair got engaged in August of 2017 according to her Instagram posts. Apart from this, her relationships have not been publicized and are secrets to us.

    Wheeler showing off her engagement rock.

    Liz Wheeler’s Career And Net Worth

    Wheeler is a famous T.V show host and a social media personality. Both of these jobs are quite good at paying jobs. During August of 2011, she was working for RecruitMilitary, an employee organization that deals with the recruitment of cadets into various branches of the military. There, she worked as a social media manager. Later she got her own show on One America News Network.

    According to some sources, T.V hosts like her earn as such as $56,000 per year. As per her net worth, she is valued at $1 million as per 2018.

    Liz Wheeler’s Interesting Facts

    • She is a passionate Right-Wing supporter, which means she believes in conservative political ideals.
    • Her husband is the graduate of US Navy Bootcamp and is at least an Apprentice Seaman.
    • She is a Trump supporter.

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