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Luca Cruz Comrie

Rajesh Published On Wed Aug 23 2023   Modified On Wed Aug 23 2023
Luca Cruz Comrie


    Luca Cruz Comrie

    Luca Cruz Comrie is the child of actress and singer Hilary Duff and former ice hockey player Mike Comrie. He has an Instagram account, @lucaccomrie, run by his parents, sharing pictures of him and his family. He has a social media presence and has recently celebrated his 11th birthday.

    who Are Luca Cruz Comrie's Parents?

    The young child star Luca Cruz Comrie was born on March 20, 2012, in the USA. Right now, in 2023, he's 11 years old and is from America. He belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. According to his astrological chart, his zodiac sign is Pisces.

    Hilary Duff &  Mike Comrie before their divorce.
    Luca Cruz Comrie's Parents Hilary Duff &  Mike Comrie.
    SOURCE- Pinterest

    Luca's mother, Hilary Duff is a famous American actress and singer. You might recognize her from the Disney show Lizzie McGuire and movies like The Lizzie McGuire Movie, A Cinderella Story, and Cheaper by the Dozen. She's also a singer and has made a bunch of albums, selling more than 15 million copies worldwide.

    Luca's father, Mike Comrie is a guy from Canada who used to play professional ice hockey. He was in the National Hockey League (NHL) and played for teams like the Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Los Angeles Kings. But he stopped playing hockey in 2015.

    Know About Luca's parents: Hilary Duff &  Mike Comrie

    Comrie's mother Hilary Duff was born on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas. She's the second of two daughters in her family. Her dad, Robert Erhard Duff, owns a bunch of convenience stores, and her mom, Susan Colleen Duff. Hilary has an older sister named Haylie.

    Lucas mother Hilary Duff.
    Hilary Duff enjoying her breakfast.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @hilaryduff

    Comrie's father Mike Comrie was born on September 11, 1980, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His dad, Bill Comrie, is a successful businessman who helped start a popular Canadian store called The Brick. Mike has two older siblings, Cathy and Paul, and two younger half-brothers, Eric and Ty, from his dad's second marriage

    Luca's parents Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Are Divorce

    Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie used to be married but are not anymore. They announced their separation in 2014 and finalized the divorce in 2016. They met in 2007, got married in 2010, and were private about their relationship on social media.

    Luca's parents Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Are Divorce
    Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie dating while they were together.
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    In 2014, they announced the split in a friendly way, deciding together and focusing on co-parenting. Their divorce was settled in 2016 with shared custody and financial support for their son. After the divorce, Hilary married Matthew Koma and they have two daughters. While Mike hasn't remarried.

    They remain on good terms, attending their son's events and vacationing together. Both have spoken positively about each other in the media. Hilary emphasized their friendship in a 2015 interview, focused on raising their son. Their ability to co-parent and stay friendly is commendable.

    Hilary Duff Net Worth: How Rich is Luca Cruz Comrie?

    Luca Cruz has an estimated net worth of around $100,000 similar to Marcelia Figueroa. Meanwhile, his mother Hilary Duff has an estimated net worth of around $25 million. She got this money from being an actress, singer, and also doing business stuff. 

     Hilary Duff has an estimated net worth of around $25 million
    Hilary Duff's new spring collection for her online & in select stores.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @hilaryduff

    Mike Comrie has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He got this money from playing pro ice hockey and being good at it. Besides hockey, he's also going to inherit money from his family's furniture business. His dad, Bill Comrie has an estimated net worth of $500 million. He helped start a big store in Canada that sells furniture and appliances, called The Brick.

    Luca  Comrie has two Half-siblings

    Luca Cruz Comrie has two half-sisters from his mom's side. One is Banks Violet Bair was born on October 25, 2018. Banks is a fun-loving kid who enjoys singing, dancing, and being adventurous. She gets along well with Luca and likes spending time with him.

     Banks & Mae.
    Luca's two half-sisters Banks & Mae.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @hilaryduff

    The other half-sister is Mae James Blair was born on March 24, 2021. Mae is a cheerful and curious child who loves exploring her world and learning new things. She's close to both her older brother and sister and enjoys playing with them.

    All three kids are growing up together with their mom Hilary Duff and stepdad Matthew Koma. They're in a happy and supportive environment, and everyone is healthy and doing well. These kids have a promising and bright future ahead of them.

    Luca's Mother Hilary Duff: who is her Husband?

    Luca's mom, Hilary Duff, has a boyfriend named Matthew Koma. They got married in December 2019 and now have two daughters as we already mentioned above, Banks Violet Bair, and Mae James Blair. Hilary and Matthew met in 2017 and soon started dating. They got engaged in May 2019 and had their wedding in December of the same year.

    Hilary and Matthew got engaged in May 2019 and had their wedding in December of the same year.
    Hilary Duff with her husband  Matthew.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @hilaryduff

     Matthew is a singer and songwriter. He's worked with famous artists like Zedd, Ellie Goulding, and The Chainsmokers. He's also part of a music group called MOTi. Hilary and Matthew are happily married and they like to post pictures of their family on social media.

    Luca's Mother Hilary Duff Movies & Tv Shows

    Luca's Mother  Hilary Duff is a well-known American actress and singer who has been in lots of movies and TV shows. Here are some of the big ones she's been in: Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004): This show on Disney Channel made her really famous. She was the main character, a girl dealing with high school and growing up.

    Hilary Duff Movies & Tv Shows
    Hilary Duff enjoying her free time.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @hilaryduff

    The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003): They turned the show into a movie, and it did really well at the box office. Hilary played Lizzie, who goes on a trip to Europe with her friends. A Cinderella Story (2004): This romantic comedy was a hit. Hilary was the star, playing a girl in high school who falls in love with a rich guy.

    Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005): These funny family movies had Hilary as one of 12 siblings. Material Girls (2006): Hilary and her sister were in this comedy as rich sisters who lose their money and have to learn how to manage on their own.

    Younger (2015-2021): Hilary was in this TV series as a woman pretending to be younger to work at a fashion magazine. How I Met Your Father (2022-present): She's in a new comedy show where she tells her son about how she met his dad. Hilary Duff is really talented and has done well in both acting and singing in her career.

    Hilary Duff's Son Luca Girlfriend: Is he Dating?

    Luca Cruz Comrie is just an 11-year-old boy, so he's way too young to think about getting married or having a girlfriend. Right now, he's more focused on growing up and doing his own thing just like Harper Willow Grohl.

    Luca is young and single.
     Luca on his 11th birthday.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @hilaryduff

    But he has a good bond with his parents. He's having a normal kid's life in the USA and enjoying being a famous family's kid. If anything changes in the future, like if he starts dating someone, we'll know more about it later.

    Hilary Duff Social Media Appearances: Does Her son use Social Media?

    Hilary Duff really likes using social media. She has a bunch of people following her – more than 23 million on Instagram and over 10 million on Twitter. She puts up stuff about her life, work, and family.

    Luca does not use any kind of social media.
    Luca with his mother Hilary Duff.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @hilaryduff

    You can find her on different social media places:

    • Instagram: @hilaryduff
    • Twitter: @HilaryDuff
    • Facebook: @HilaryDuff
    • TikTok: @hilaryduff

    Her son, Comrie, is 11 years old and doesn't have any social media just like Kash Wilburn. Hilary wants to wait until he's older so he can choose if he wants to be on social media or not but for now, he enjoys his mother's fame and  He's having a normal kid's life being a famous family's kid.