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Marci Bowers Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Career, Married, Spouse, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

Published On Sun Apr 21 2019   Modified On Sun Apr 21 2019
Marci Bowers Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Career, Married, Spouse, Wife, Kids, Net Worth


    Marci Bowers Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Career, Married, Spouse, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

    Marci Lee Bowers is an American gynecologist and a very successful surgeon, known for his specializations in gender confirmation surgeries. She is the first out transgender woman to operate sex-change surgeries and is viewed as an innovator in gender confirmation surgery. She performed the surgery after eleven years of marriage to Ann Bowers.

    Marci Bowers’ Biography

    Marci Bowers was born Mark Bowers in California, United States of America, on January 18, 1958. As per her nationality, she is an American and belongs to the White ethnic group. She shares the star sign of Capricorn.

    She graduated in 1986 from the University of Minnesota Medical School. Later she trained under the guidance of Dr. Stanley Biber in sex assignment surgeries.


    Marci Bowers’ gender was different during her University years, even before the marriage. She was known as Mark Bowers, a male doctor with a thriving medical career in Seattle during those days.

    It was in 1998, that she went for a gender reassignment surgery for herself and became a woman. Now she is the first trans woman who performs transgender surgeries. She is given the title of rock star of transgender surgery.

    Marci Bowers’ Age & Body Structure

    • Age: Marci Bowers’ age is 61 years old.
    • Height: Her height is 5 feet 10 inches tall.
    • Weight: Her weight as of 2019 is not available.
    • Eye Color: She has light brown colored eyes.
    • Hair Color: The color of Marci’s hair is yellowish
    • Body Structure: Her body structure is of rectangle style.

    Marci Bowers’ Relationship History

    Marci Bowers married Ann Bowers in 1987. At the time of the marriage, Marci was Mark Bowers. The couple became parents to three children during their relationship years.

    She performed the Trans surgery in 1998, eleven years after her marriage with Ann Bowers.

    However, she remained married to her female spouse. Currently, the Bowers family lives happily together in Burlingame, California. She states that they are now closer like sisters.

    Marci Bowers’ Net Worth And Career

    Bowers’ net worth, as of 2019, is estimated to be in seven-digit figures. But her exact net worth is not available.

    Furthermore, according to Bowers, her surgeries help the hospital with an income of $1.6 million per year. She charges $25,000 to penile inversion vaginoplasty i.e. to change a male into a female by surgery.


    Marci Bowers began her practice at the polyclinic in Seattle. Later, she worked at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Swedish Medical Center.

    In 2003, she took over Biber’s position at Mt. San Rafael Hospital and since then has done more than 300 sexual reassignment surgeries. After a few years, she moved to Burlingame, California and continued her practice in her new location.

    Bowers also made an appearance in television series, film, and documentaries. She appeared in a few episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a series focused on transgender issues.

    She also appeared in Transgeneration, and  I Am Jazz. Moreover, in many documentaries related to transgender issues like Sex Change Hospital, and Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, she contributed a special part.

    Difficulties In The Career

    Dowers faced many difficulties in her profession from different sectors of society. Many times people filed a petition for the closure of her clinic. According to them, the surgery was not a proper cure for gender dysphoria. But she somehow corrected their statement against her profession.

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