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Maria Franca Fissolo-Age, Kids, Business, Husband, Films, Bio, Height, Net Worth

tp-admin Published On Wed Feb 16 2022   Modified On Wed Feb 16 2022
Maria Franca Fissolo-Age, Kids, Business, Husband, Films, Bio, Height, Net Worth


    Body and Relation Status of Maria Franca Fissolo-Age, Kids, Business, Husband, Films, Bio, Height, Net Worth

    How Rich Is Maria Franca Fissolo? 

    Maria Franca Fissolo is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 billion as per Forbes, whereas other sources claim her net worth to be more than $3 billion. 

    Well, most of her fortune came from Europe's second-largest sweets company, Ferrero SpA, and the inheritance of her late husband's name. 

    Net Worth Throughout The Years

    Years Net Worth 
    2015 $23.4 billion 
    2016 $22.1 billion 
    2017 $25.2 billion 
    2018$2.2 billion 
    March of 2019 $1.9 billion

    Maria Franca Fissolo attained jaw-dropping wealth after the death of her husband Michele Ferrero in February 2015.

    Her late husband left behind the majority shares of the business to her and their children; Giovanni and his brother, Pietro. 

    Trivia: Maria Franca Fissolo's oldest son Giovanni Ferrero is the richest man in Italy followed by Leonardo Del Vecchio, Stefano Pessina, and Giorgio Armani. 

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    After she inherited the riches from her deceased Italy's chocolate magnet, Michele Ferrero, she was ranked the 4th richest woman in the world as well as one of the top 30 wealthiest people on the planet. 

    Moreover, the widow of Michele was announced as the richest woman in Italy. On 20 March 2017, Fissolo also became the world's oldest billionaire alive at the age of 99.

    She was named one after the death of David Rockefeller at the age of 101.  

    Ferrero SpA

    Ferrero SpA is a private Italian chocolate factory founded by Pietro Ferrero in 1946. 

    Eventually, the company saw a period of tremendous growth and success. Pietro and Piera's son Michele Ferrero expanded the pastry shop turned the chocolate factory outside Italy, Germany, then France and now all over the world.  

    As of 2021, the company makes an annual revenue of more than $13 billion per year. 

    According to the financial report of 2014 - 2015, the factory's operating income was €889 million ($990 million), maintaining approximately $33 thousand employees. 

    In 2019, the confectionery manufacturing firm is heading 38 trading companies, 18 factories, and more than 40 thousand employees. 

    Although the business venture operates only one subsidiary, Ferrara Candy Company, they now produce around 365 tonnes of products each year with world-famous brands and products like Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Raffaello, Tic Tac, Kinder Eggs, Kinder surprise, and many others. 

    Did You Know? The actual “Nutella” product was its final rich creamy form was out about only in 1963. The secret behind it was later said to be adding vegetable oil to the traditional “Gianduja” Paste to make Nutella Hazelnut spread. 

    Maria Franca Fissolo Charity

    Maria Franca Fissolo is a philanthropist. In 1983, she and her beloved husband opened the Ferrero Foundation in Alba, Piedmont.  

    The charitable institution provides social and health assistance to Ferrero Seniors or retired employees for at least 25 years. They also organize several seminars, conventions, and exhibitions to promote activities in art, history, science, art, and literature. 

    Fissolo also actively takes part in various charitable works and programs associated with the Catholic Church. 

    Short Biography Of Maria Franca Fissolo

    Maria Franca Fissolo was born in 1918. She was born in Savigliano, in the Piedmont Region of Northern Italy, and held Italian citizenship. She is a graduate from the Carlo Bo University in Milan. Fissolo has a degree in Foreign languages and can fluently speak Italian, English, French, and German. 

    Fissolo and Michele married in 1962. Her husband died on 14 February 2015, leaving behind Fissolo and their two sons, Pietro and Giovanni.

    Unfortunately, her younger son Pietro died in 2011 as the result of a bike accident. 

    Her only son is the sole owner of Ferrero SpA after she stepped down from the chairs of the company. 

    How Old Is The Oldest Billionaire Now? 

    The oldest billionaire Maria Franca Fissolo is 101 years old as of 2019. 

    She is 173 cm (5 feet 6 inches) in height and weighs around 81 kg (178.5 pounds).