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home Biography Marty Allen Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Children, Wife, Death

Marty Allen Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Children, Wife, Death

Suman Adhikari Published On Sun Nov 11 2018   Modified On Tue Nov 13 2018
Marty Allen Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Children, Wife, Death


    Marty Allen Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Children, Wife, Death

    Morton David Alpern popularly known as Marty Allen was a beloved American actor and comedian. He did a lot of charitable work during his time because of this people called him the ‘Darling of Daytime T.V’.

    Marty Allen Bio

    Marty was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States on 23rd March 1922. His parents were Jewish and made a living by operating a restaurant. His father was Louis Alpern and his mother was Elsie Moss.

    He went to Taylor Allerdice High School in Pittsburgh for schooling. He graduated in 1940 from high school. After this, he joined the U.S Army Air Corps.

    The army stationed him in Italy where he performed a heroic act by stopping a fire when a plane was being refueled. He earned the Soldier’s Medal for it. He drove the truck that was refueling the plane and returned on foot. Then he stopped the fire by rolling in his uniform.

    After this, he got a full dress parade in addition to the Soldier’s Medal.

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    Marty Allen Age(2018)

    Marty Allen who was born in the year 1992 passed away on February 12 in 2018. He was 95 years of age at the time. According to his birthday, he was an Aries.

    Marty Allen Height and Physical Features

    Marty Allen was a relatively short man standing at 5 feet 4 inches. He sometimes used his small stature in his comedy. His weight was 74 kgs before his death.

    Marty Allen Net Worth(2018)

    Marty worked in different T.V shows and films during his career. He also did stand-up comedy in nightclubs. This was the main source of his income. As of 2018, his net worth was estimated to be around $64.7 million.

    Marty Allen Career

    Marty worked in different fields during his careers such as T.V, movies, and comedy. He has starred in movies such as The Naked Face and Night Gallery. Marty debuted on Broadway in 1961.

    He also performed in different clubs as a stand-up comedian and has released many video shorts.

    His most memorable roles include his contribution in the animated series of the popular video game Mario called ‘The Super Smash Bros. Super Show.’

    Considered a veteran comedian now and respected by many as one of the greats, Allen started humbly as a door to door salesman during his early career years. He gradually worked his fingers to the bone to earn his status.

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    Marty Allen Personal Life

    Marty was married two times during his lifetime. At first, he got married to Lorraine Trydelle. She passed away in 1976.

    likewise, Allen remarried in 1984 with Karen Blackwell. They were married until Marty’s death in 2018. Information about his kids is not available.

    Marty Allen Death

    On February 12 of 2018, Marty passed away because of complications caused by his pneumonia. His wife was present by his side. He died in Las Vegas away from his childhood home.

    His last rites were performed in accordance with his religion in Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, California.

    During his lifetime he did a lot of charity work. He also established himself as a war hero during World War II.