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Matthew Nable

Nirsmi Published On Mon May 08 2023   Modified On Tue May 09 2023
Matthew Nable


    Matthew Nable

    Matthew Nable is an Australian actor, writer, and former professional rugby league footballer. He is known for his roles in TV shows like "Arrow," "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," and "Harrow," as well as films like "Riddick" and "The Dry." He has also written several novels and screenplays.

    Early life of Matthew Nable 

    Matthew Nable was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 8, 1972, and grew up in the Western Sydney suburb of Liverpool. He attended St. Dominic's College, where he was a standout student and athlete, excelling in academics and sports.

    Nable was a talented rugby player and received a scholarship to play rugby for the Australian Rugby Union, where he played professionally for several years. Despite his success in sports, he also had a keen interest in acting and began taking acting classes in his free time.

    After retiring from rugby, Nable decided to pursue his passion for acting full-time and moved to Los Angeles to study at the esteemed Actors Studio. His early life highlights his diverse range of talents and passions, from excelling in sports to pursuing his love for the arts, setting the stage for his successful career in acting, writing, and other endeavors.

    The Career of Matthew Nable

    Matthew Nable began his career as a professional rugby league footballer, playing for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, and the South Queensland Crushers in the Australian Rugby League. He then transitioned to a career in acting and writing.

    Nable's acting career started with small roles in TV shows and films, but he gained recognition for his performance in the Australian TV series "Underbelly: Badness" in 2012. He went on to star in the science fiction film "Riddick" and the TV series "Arrow" in 2013. Nable's portrayal of the villain Ra's al Ghul in "Arrow" received critical acclaim.

                  Matthew Nable Training for Knuckle.

                     Image sources: Facebook @Matthew Nable 

    He continued to appear in high-profile TV shows like "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," "Harrow," and "Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms," as well as films like "Killer Elite" and "The Dry." In addition to acting, Nable is also a writer and has authored several novels and screenplays, including "We Don't Live Here Anymore" and "Ghosts of the Past."

    Nable's versatility as an actor and writer has earned him a loyal fan base and critical acclaim in both fields. He continues to be a prominent figure in the Australian and international entertainment industry.

    Net Worth

    Matthew Nable's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. His successful career in both professional sports and entertainment has contributed to his financial success.

     As a professional rugby league player, he earned a decent income, and his acting roles in various TV shows and films have earned him considerable wealth. In addition to his acting career, Nable has also authored several novels and screenplays, which have likely contributed to his net worth. 

                        Image sources: thefordhamcompany

    Overall, his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft have made him a respected figure in the entertainment industry and have also brought him financial success.

    Matthew Nable's Personal Life

    Matthew Nable is an Australian actor, writer, and former professional rugby player. He was born on March 8, 1972, in Sydney, Australia.

    In his personal life, Matthew Nable is married to Cassandra Nable,in 2000. and they have one child together. He has been open about his struggles with alcohol addiction in the past and has since become an advocate for sobriety.

                 Matthew Nable and Cassandra Nable attend the AACTA Award  

    Image sources: whosdatedwho


    Overall, Matthew Nable's personal life is marked by his commitment to his family, his dedication to living a healthy and sober lifestyle, and his passion for giving back to his community through charitable endeavors.

    Interest and Hobbies

    Nable is also known for his passion for fitness and staying in shape. He regularly shares workout routines and healthy living tips on his social media accounts, inspiring many of his fans to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    Aside from his interests, Nable is also a passionate supporter of various charitable causes. He is a vocal advocate for the fight against cancer and has participated in several fundraising events to support cancer research.


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