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Mel McLaughlin

Rimina Published On Tue May 16 2023   Modified On Tue May 16 2023
Mel McLaughlin


    Mel McLaughlin

    Mel McLaughlin is a highly regarded Australian sports journalist and television presenter.  McLaughlin has an extensive background in hosting various shows such as the Indian Super League, Big Bash League, Kick Off, Fox Sports FC, and Fox Sports News.

    With her exceptional talent and engaging style, she has made a significant impact in the field of sports journalism. McLaughlin has covered a wide range of sports and has been a familiar face during major sporting events. 

    Age and Early Life

    Mel McLaughlin, a renowned sports presenter, and journalist,  her early life and educational journey. Born on November 3, 1979, in Australia, McLaughlin developed a passion for sports from a young age. Growing up, she excelled in various athletic activities and demonstrated a keen interest in the world of sports.

    For her education, McLaughlin attended a local high school in Sydney, where she actively participated in sports, particularly netball, and athletics. Her dedication and talent in these disciplines earned her recognition within the school and local sporting community.

    After completing high school, McLaughlin pursued higher education at the University of Canberra, where she enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in journalism. During her time at the university, she further honed her skills in sports reporting and journalism, exhibiting exceptional talent and enthusiasm in her chosen field.

    While studying, McLaughlin gained valuable practical experience by working with various media organizations, including Channel 7 and Fox Sports, covering a range of sporting events. Her dedication and ability to deliver engaging sports coverage propelled her career forward, and she quickly gained recognition within the industry.

    With a solid foundation in education and a passion for sports journalism, Mel McLaughlin embarked on a successful career that has seen her become one of Australia's most respected sports presenters, known for her professionalism and expertise in the field.

    Career in Sports Broadcasting

    Mel McLaughlin's illustrious career in sports broadcasting began in 2007 when she joined the Fox Sports Network. It was there that her immense contributions as a sports broadcaster became evident, particularly in the realm of football. 

    With her deep understanding of the game, McLaughlin expertly handled various football matches, including Kick-Off, Indian Super League, and Fox Sports FC. Her talent and professionalism did not go unnoticed, and she was soon entrusted with the role of a general games examiner and moderator at Fox Sports News, solidifying her position as a respected figure in the industry.

    Mel McLaughlin gracefully strikes a pose, poised for a captivating photoshoot

          Mel McLaughlin is in Photoshoot.

             Source: Instagram @mel_mclaughlin

    In 2014, McLaughlin embarked on an exciting new chapter as she joined Network Ten. With a desire to expand the reach of the Big Bash League, she showcased her versatility by taking on a multitude of notable events. From the "Winter Olympics 2014" to the "Republic Games," "The Thursday Night Sports Show," and the "Australian F1 Grand Prix," McLaughlin's presence added depth and excitement to each broadcast. 

    As her career continued to flourish, McLaughlin joined the Seven News Sydney team as a weeknight game moderator. Furthermore, she had the privilege of covering prestigious events such as the "2016 Summer Olympic Games," "The Australian Open," and "the 2017 Rugby League World Cup" on the Seven Network. 

    Mel Mclaughlin Partner

    Mel McLaughlin was in a relationship with former soccer star Mark Bosnich, which reportedly began in 2009. Their appearances together at events such as the Football Federation Australia's award ceremony in June 2009 sparked speculation about their romance.However, specific details about the duration and intricacies of their relationship have remained undisclosed. 

    Following her split from Bosnich, Mel McLaughlin found love with audio technician Luke Panic in 2010. Their paths crossed through mutual friends, leading to a connection that eventually led to their marriage in 2012.


    Mel McLaughlin enjoying a delightful day outdoors with her faithful canine companion

             Mel McLaughlin Outing with her Dog.

              Source: Instagram @Mel Mclaughlin

     Unfortunately, the demands of Mel's career as a presenter, which often required her to be away from home, strained their relationship. Ultimately, Mel and Luke officially divorced in 2014, marking the end of their four-year union.

    In more recent times, Mel McLaughlin has embarked on a new romantic journey with British former footballer Ashley Westwood. Mel's evolving romance with Ashley suggests that she has found comfort and companionship following the challenges of her previous relationships.

    Net Worth of Mel Mclaughlin

    Mel McLaughlin, a prominent Australian sports presenter, according to source her estimated net worth $3.5 million.

    Mel McLaughlin with Golden Eagle trophy. 

    Source: Instagram @Mel Mclaughlin

    This remarkable financial achievement far surpasses the average income of sports presenters in Australia, which stands at around $85,000. Mel's prosperous career has contributed to her substantial wealth, making her a prominent figure in the field of sports journalism.

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    Height and Body Appearances

    Mel has a perfect height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs around 59kg. Her figure is Body measurement of 37-27-36 inches, complemented by a 34C brassiere size. 

     Mel McLaughlin supporting Australia Test Team.

         Source: Instagram @Mel Mclaughlin

    In terms of clothing, she comfortably wears a size 6 (US) dress and a shoe size 8.5 (US). Mel's captivating appearance is accentuated by her lustrous black hair and enchanting hazel eyes. Her unique physical attributes make her truly remarkable.

    Presence on Social Media

    She maintains an active presence on various social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On Instagram, she has garnered around63.4Kfollowers, while on Twitter, she boasts approximately 

    102.2K followers. Additionally, her Facebook page has gathered approximately 1.8K followers. Her engagement on these platforms contributes to a significant online following.

    Mel McLaughlin Controversy

    In 2016, McLaughlin became embroiled in a controversy when cricketer Chris Gayle made inappropriate comments towards her during a live discussion while she was working as a sideline reporter for Network Ten's coverage of the Big Bash League. The incident received general media attention.