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Melissa Heholt

Rajesh Published On Thu Aug 24 2023   Modified On Thu Aug 24 2023
Melissa Heholt


    Melissa Heholt

    Melissa Heholt is married to the rapper J. Cole. She plans events, manages things, and runs a non-profit called Dreamville Foundation, started by her husband. They've been a couple since the 2000s, meeting when they were both students at St. John's University in New York.

    Melissa Heholt is the wife of Rapper J. Cole

    Melissa Heholt was born in the USA on October 10, 1987. She's the oldest sister to her three siblings. She went to Archbishop Molly High School and then graduated from St. John's University in New York. She got a degree in health administration.

    Melissa with her husband J. Cole.
    Melissa Heholt is the wife of Rapper J. Cole
    SOURCE- Instagram- @jayhovahius

    Before becoming an event planner, she used to be a teacher. She started her own event planning business called Statice Events in 2014. Right now, she's the head of Dreamville Foundation, a non-profit started by her husband J. Cole.

    Heholt's husband J. Cole Early Life and Education

    J. Cole's real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole was born on January 28, 1985, in Frankfurt, West Germany. His dad had been in the army, while his mom was worked for the post office. His dad left when he was a baby, so he grew up with his mom and older brother.

    J. Cole Early Life and Education
    Heholt's husband J. Cole.
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    When he was really little, around eight months old, he moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina. In high school at Terry Sanford High, he played basketball and did track. That's also when he started rapping and making music.

    After he finished high school, he went to St. John's University in New York. He learned about communications and business there. While he was studying, he put out his first mixtape in 2007, called The Come Up.

    J. Cole Net Worth 2023: How Rich is Melissa Heholt? 

    Melissa Heholt has an estimated net worth of around $100,000 similar to Theodora Holmes. meanwhile her husband J. Cole's has an estimated net worth of $60 million. He got this money from his music career, like selling his albums, doing concerts, and selling his own stuff. He also made money from his record label, Dreamville Records, and other business things he's done.

    Heholt is boss of J. Cole Foundation
     J. Cole's has an estimated net worth of $60 million.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @jayhovahius

    J. Cole has his own stuff you can buy, like clothes, hats, and cool things to wear. He also started Dreamville Records with his friend Ibrahim Hamad. He's good at using his money smartly. He's put money into different businesses, like his own clothing line, his record label, and even a company that makes sneakers.

    Melissa Heholt Met Her Husband J. Cole In College 

    Heholt finished high school at Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens. Later, she went to St. John's University nearby. This is where she met her future husband, J. Cole. They both went to the same university in Queens, New York.

    Heholt Met Her Husband J. Cole In College
    Melissa and J. Cole Love story started from college.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @jayhovahius

    They became a couple during the early 2000s, and they've been together since then. J. Cole and Melissa really value their privacy and don't talk much about their personal stuff in public. But it's clear they're really in love and committed to each other.

    Melissa Heholt & J. Cole's Private Love Story and Wedding

    J. Cole and Melissa Heholt like to keep their relationship private, so not much is known about their love story or wedding. But a few things have come out. Though J. Cole and Heholt initially kept their 2015 wedding a secret.Know about Courtney Mazza husband and past relationships.

    In May 2018, J. Cole let it slip during an interview with Angie Martinez that he and Melissa got married. But they've never talked about the details like when or where it happened, and they haven't shared any wedding pictures either.

    Melissa Heholt Shares Two Children with J.Cole

    J. Cole and Melissa Heholt have two sons. The first one was born on December 8, 2016, and the second one came in 2019. We don't know their names yet because J. Cole keeps their info private. Even though he doesn't share many details, J. Cole talks about his kids in interviews.

    J. Cole calls them his best gifts. He said in a 2018 interview with GQ that he wants his kids to grow up like normal kids, away from all the fancy stuff in the entertainment world. He wants them to learn about hard work and trying their best. He believes they can achieve anything if they work hard and put their minds to it.

    Melissa Heholt is the Inspiration For J.Coles Lyrics

    J. Cole's wife, Melissa Heholt, is a big influence on his song lyrics. In his song "She's Mine, Pt. 1" from the album 4 Your Eyez Only (2016), he talks about how much he loves her and how she inspires him. In another song "Change" on the same album, he talks about how fame is hard and how she's always there for him. 

    Heholt  and J. Cole While they were dating.
    Heholt is the Inspiration For J.Coles Lyrics.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @jayhovahius

    J. Cole calls her his rock and the foundation of his life. J. Cole has talked about her in interviews too. He says she's his best friend and the love of his life. He believes she's the reason he's become the person he is today.

    J.Cole Music Albums 

    J. Cole is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter who's been nominated for Grammy Awards. He's known for his thoughtful lyrics and music that talks about important stuff. Among rappers of his time, he's really well-liked and respected.

    Here are the albums he's made, listed from the earliest to the latest:

    1. The Come Up (2007)
    2. Cole World: The Sideline Story (2011)
    3. Born Sinner (2013)
    4. 2014 Forest Hills Drive (2014)
    5. 4 Your Eyez Only (2016)
    6. KOD (2018)
    7. The Off-Season (2021)

    He also released some mixtapes:

    1. Friday Night Lights (2010)
    2. Truly Yours (2012)

    Apart from his own music, J. Cole is the one who started Dreamville Records. This label has signed really good artists like Bas, JID, and Ari Lennox. J. Cole is a super talented artist and has a big impact on hip-hop. He's likely to stay successful for a long time.

    Heholt Works at her husband's Dreamville Foundation 

    During an interview with Karla With A Kay, Melissa Heholt shared that she's the boss of the Dreamville Foundation. This is a group started by J. Cole in 2011 to help kids who need it. The foundation works with others and does things like programs and resources to support young people.

    In a news article from 2015, Heholt said that J. Cole really cares about helping the Fayetteville community, especially the young people. The foundation wants to help young people who might not have many chances. They work to make things better for them. In 2018, they even raised money to help people after a big storm called Hurricane Florence hit Fayetteville.

    J.Cole and heholt lives private life

    J. Cole and Melissa Heholt like to keep their lives private. They haven't told anyone when or where they got married, and they don't talk a lot about their relationship. They don't use social media either. Right from the start of their relationship.

    Melissa and her husband J. Cole lives private life.
    heholt with her husband J. Cole.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @jayhovahius

    They've kept their personal stuff separate from J. Cole's music career. Around 2016, they moved away from the public eye and went to live in North Carolina, near where J. Cole grew up. Maybe they wanted to be away from all the attention that comes with being famous. In an interview in 2018, J. Cole said that even though he's famous, the most important things to him are being a good dad and a husband.