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Michele Gisoni

Dotel Published On Tue Aug 01 2023   Modified On Tue Aug 01 2023
Michele Gisoni


    Michele Gisoni

    Michele Gisoni is famous for being the sister of two famous American dancers and actresses, Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler.

    These young talents have captured the hearts of millions with their exceptional dance skills and performances. She has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

    Michele's Early Life and Background

    Michele Gisoni is born on January 31, 2007, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, at just 15 years old, has already made an indelible mark on the world with her vibrant personality.

    Michele smiling for a photoshoot.
    Michele smiling for a photoshoot.
    Source: Pinterest

    Michele has a Cancer zodiac sign. As an American by nationality and a part of the white ethnicity, she follows the Christian religion, which plays a significant role in shaping her values and outlook on life.

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    Family OF Michele Gisoni

    Michele Gisoni's father, Greg Gisoni, holds a major position as the nuclear vice president and project director at Westinghouse Energy Center. He comes from an Italian-Vietnamese family background. 

    On the other hand, details about her mother are not available at the moment. Michele's parents dissolved their marriage due to irreconcilable differences, but they have two children together, Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler, fostering a loving family environment.

    Michele Gisoni with her siblings and friends.
    Michele Gisoni with her siblings and friends.
    Source: Facebook @Melissa Gisoni

    Michele's stepmother, Melissa Gisoni, is a well-known television personality, particularly famous for her appearances in the series 'Dance Moms.' 

    Michele's stepmother got married to Greg in 2013, and the couple has maintained a stable and loving relationship since then.

    Mathew Gisoni is a brother of Michele Gisoni

    Mathew Gisoni is a mysterious figure who has managed to stay away from the public eye. He is the brother of Michele and his father, Greg Gisoni, is the Vice President of Nuclear Plants Engineering at Westinghouse Electric Company. 

    Mathew attended the University of Maryland and La Roche University and graduated in 2013. He is a Christian and was raised in the Pittsburgh area. His step-sisters Maddie and Mackenzie are both famous celebrities and have a large following on social media.

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    The Talented Half-Sisters Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler

    Maddie Ziegler, whose full name is Madison Nicole Ziegler, is a multi-talented American dancer, actress, and model. She gained widespread recognition for her appearance in the reality show 'Dance Moms" in 2011.

    Maddie Ziegler was born on 30 September 2002 in Pennsylvania. Ziegler has showcased her talents in modeling, television series, movies, and as a dance judge.

    Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler in one frame.
    Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler in one frame.
    Source: Pinterest

    Mackenzie Ziegler, also known as Mackenzie Frances Ziegler, follows in her sister's footsteps as a dancer, model, and actress. She made a mark in the entertainment industry at the young age of six through her participation in 'Dance Moms.'

    Mackenzie Ziegler was born on 4 June 2004 in Pennsylvania. Mackenzie has also appeared in various television shows, music videos, and more.

    Michele Gisoni Father Greg Gisoni Is Now Married To Melissa Gisoni

    Michele's father, Greg Gisoni is an American businessman and the second husband of Melissa Gisoni, a famous American reality star. The couple married in 2013 and have been living a happy married life ever since.

    Greg and Melissa met in 2011, shortly after Melissa's divorce from her first husband, Kurt Ziegler. From their relationship, the couple does not share any kids, but Melissa has two children from her previous marriage, Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler.

     Greg Gisoni Is the second husband of Melissa Gisoni
     Greg Gisoni Is the second husband of Melissa Gisoni.
    Source: Instagram @greggisoni

    The couple went to Vietnam for their honeymoon and have been living a happy married life since then. There have been no divorces or extramarital affairs between the couple. Melissa is a successful reality star.

    Greg Gisoni is a supportive and loving husband and has been a great father figure to Melissa's two children. He is a proud father and husband and is honored to be part of the hit show Dance Moms on Lifetime.

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    Michele's Step Mother Melissa Gisoni Was Married TO Kurt Ziegler

    Melissa Gisoni is a television personality, best known for her appearance on the series 'Dance Moms.' She was born on June 13, 1968. In 2013, she got married to Greg, and their marriage remains intact without any disturbances.

    Before her marriage to Greg, Melissa was previously married to Kurt Ziegler, and they got divorced in 2009. From her first marriage, Melissa has two daughters. She often shares photos of her daughters on her Instagram account. 


    It's great to see that Melissa Gisoni's marriage with Greg is going strong, and she continues to share precious moments with her daughters on social media.

    Net Worth of Michele Gisoni

    Michele Gisoni is a young American student who is best known for being the stepsister of Maddie Ziegler. Her exact salary and earnings are yet to be revealed, but her half-sisters are well-known figures in the community and make a lot of money.

    Maddie Ziegler has a net worth of around $5 million, earned from acting, modeling, dancing, and other jobs. She also earns money from sponsorships, which has helped her increase her fortune. Her annual salary is estimated to be in the range of over $500K.

    Michele's father, Greg Gisoni has accumulated a net worth estimated to be around $1 million. He is the interim Vice President of Westinghouse Energy Centre and earns an annual salary in the region of $110K-$163K

    Meanwhile, her stepsister Mackenzie Ziegler has also gained fame through "Dance Moms," where she showcased her exceptional dance skills and infectious energy. She has amassed a net worth of around $3 million.

    Michele's Path to Success

    At just thirteen years old, Michele had to make the difficult decision to drop out of school to help support her family. Instead of giving in to despair, she saw this as an opportunity to overcome her circumstances and create a better future. 

    With an unbeatable spirit, Michele started her own business, selling cosmetics door-to-door. Through light hard work and relentless determination, Michele's business thrived. 

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    Michele's unwavering commitment paid off, allowing her to move her family to a more prosperous neighborhood. This incredible success showcased her ability to transform challenges into stepping stones toward greatness.

    Physical Appearance OF Michele Gisoni 

    Michele's youthful exuberance radiates through her physical appearance, which is complemented by her dark brown eyes and hair. Standing tall at approximately 5 feet, Michele is a picture of elegance and charm.

    Michele turned 15 years on January 31, 2023.
    Michele turned 15 years on January 31, 2023.
    Source: Instagram

    Despite her exposure to the limelight, she has chosen to remain true to herself. She has been restrained from cosmetic surgery or tattoos, embracing her natural beauty.

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