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Mikky Kiemeney

Niwa Published On Tue Dec 26 2023   Modified On Tue Dec 26 2023
Mikky Kiemeney


    Mikky Kiemeney

    Mikky Kiemeney, born April 17, 1998, in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands, is a Dutch social media influencer, entrepreneur, and former professional hockey athlete. Widely recognized for her vibrant online presence, Mikky owns the Mikkyki brand, showcasing her fashion sense.

    She has a substantial Instagram following, and also shares glimpses of her lifestyle and adventures, gaining prominence as the partner of Dutch footballer Frenkie de Jong. Today, Let's explore deeper about her and find out all the interesting information about her.

    About Mikky's Family

    Mikky Kiemeney was born in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands, to parents Marc and Barbara Kiemeney. She has a younger brother named Bing Kiemeney and an older sister named Billy Kiemeney. Mikky's family background has been relatively private, with the spotlight often focused on her high-profile relationship with Dutch footballer Frenkie de Jong.

    Mikky Kiemeney with her newborn baby,  Miles de Jong near the beach.      Source:- Instagram

    Despite the public attention, she maintains a balance between her personal life and her career as a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and former professional hockey athlete. 

    Mikky Kiemeney's Educational Background

    Mikky Kiemeney pursued her education in the Netherlands, attending Koning Willem II College after completing high school. The specifics of her academic journey beyond that point are not extensively documented. Mikky's focus shifted from her educational pursuits to a diverse career, transitioning from a promising professional hockey athlete to an entrepreneur and fashion designer.

    Despite the lack of detailed information on her educational background, Mikky's success in various ventures showcases her ability to excel in diverse fields. Although her early educational history isn't revealed yet, this portion of the article will be updated after more information on her is disclosed.

    About Her Current Relationship Status

    Mikky Kiemeney is currently engaged to Dutch footballer Frenkie de Jong. The couple's relationship began during their senior year of high school in 2014. After several years together, they officially tied the knot in July 2022. Their relationship has been widely followed by fans and the media, with Mikky often sharing moments from their life, travels, and adventures on her social media accounts. 

    Mikky Kiemeney with her partner, Frenkie de Jong.        Source:- Instagram

    The couple has recently confirmed pregnancy rumors, and as of the latest information, they brought a child now named Miles de Jong into the world on November 21, 2023. Speaking about her soon-to-be husband, Frenkie De Jong, let's dig deeper about him.

    Introduction to Mickky's Boyfriend, Frenkie De Jong

    Born in Gorinchem, Netherlands, on May 12, 1997, Frenkie de Jong is a well-liked professional football player from the Netherlands who is best known for his extraordinary midfield abilities. Playing for both the Netherlands national team and La Liga team Barcelona right now, De Jong's impact on the football globe has been enormous because of his amazing accomplishments and adaptable style of play.

    Frenkie de Jong playing a football match.        Source:- Onefootball

    In 2015, De Jong started his professional career at Willem II. A symbolic move to Ajax for €1 saw him leave the team. He made a name for himself as one of Europe's top young midfielders while playing for Ajax, helping the side win the domestic double and go to the UEFA Champions League semifinals in the historic 2018–19 campaign. His remarkable achievements earned him a high-profile transfer to Barcelona in July 2019, as the Catalan team paid €75 million to acquire his talents.

    Continuing In-Depth About Frenkie De Jong

    De Jong, who is well-known for his vision, passing, dribbling, defensive skills, and offensive ability, has succeeded not only at the club level but also at the international level for the Netherlands. In September 2018, he earned his senior international debut. He was instrumental in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Nations League, and UEFA Euro 2020.

    A post made my barcabuzz on Frenkie de Jong's 26th birthday.        Source:- Instagram

    De Jong is a native of Arkel, Netherlands, and began playing football at an early age. He honors his granddad by sporting the number 21 on his shirt. He proposed to Mikky Kiemeney, his high school love, in July 2022, and the two brought Miles de Jong into the world on November 21, 2023.

    About Mickky's Physical Traits

    Mikky Kiemeney possesses distinctive physical traits that contribute to her notable presence. Standing at a height of 5'7" (1.70m) and weighing around 50kg (110 lbs), Mikky maintains a slender and athletic figure.

    She has striking green eyes and blonde hair, enhancing her overall appearance. Known for her sense of style, Mikky often showcases her fashion choices on social media, further emphasizing her captivating and fashionable presence.

    Mikky's Activity In Her Social Media Accounts

    Mikky Kiemeney is an influential figure on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she engages with over 1.7 million followers. As a prominent Dutch social media influencer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer, Mikky shares various aspects of her life, including fashion, travel, and moments from her relationship with Frenkie de Jong. Her posts often feature collaborations with fashion and lifestyle brands, showcasing her influence in the industry. 

    Mikky Kiemeney with her friends, a post made by her on her official account.         Source:- Instagram

    However, Mikky's not actively present on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It seems she will stay on Instagram as most of her fans and followers are present there. Although there are accounts that seem to be Mikky without proper authentication, we can't be certain.

    The Net Worth of Mikky Kiemeney

    As of the latest available information, Mikky Kiemeney's net worth is estimated to be between $4 million-$5 million. Her wealth is attributed to her diverse career as a social media influencer, entrepreneur, former professional hockey athlete, and fashion designer. Mikky's successful brand, Mikkyki, and her collaborations with various sponsors and endorsements contribute to her financial success.

    It's important to note that net worth figures can fluctuate based on various factors, and the provided estimate is an approximation. However, if a piece of accurate information regarding her net worth is disclosed, this section will be updated.

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