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Mitch Grassi Age, Height, Married, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Weight Loss

San PD Published On Thu Aug 16 2018   Modified On Wed Mar 13 2019
Mitch Grassi Age, Height, Married, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Weight Loss


    Mitch Grassi Age, Height, Married, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Weight Loss

    Mitch Grassi is a well known American singer, songwriter and also Youtuber, who is counted as one of the main singers and the youngest member of the band Pentatonix. He is an open member of LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) who previously dated his Pentatonix fellow, Scott Hoying.

    Mitch Grassi’s Biography

    Mitch Grassi was born as Mitchell Coby Michael “Mitch” Grassi on July 24, 1992, in Arlington, Texas. He grew up along with his sister, Melissa Grassi. The name of his father is Mike Grassi, and mother name is, Nel Grassi.

    He enrolled at the Martin High School for his graduation. The famous singer and bandmate of Pentatonix operates a popular YouTube channel called sup3rfruit.

    Mitch Grassi’s Body Statistics and Age

    • Age: As of 2019, he is 26 years old.
    • Body Measurements: The 26 years, Mitch Grassi has maintained his body physically fit as he has a muscular body. The actual measurement of his body is 38-13-31 inches.
    • Height: He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall i.e 178 cm.
    • Weight: His body weight is around 73 kg or 161 lbs.
    • Hair Color: The singer who used to dye his hair in different color has a natural brown hair color.
    • Eyes Color: He has a brown eyes color which has defined his personality to be a mysterious type of person.

    Mitch Grassi’s Weight Loss

    Grassi has lost lots of weight and has inspired many people with his weight loss. He lost his weight in a short period of time without using medicine like pills or any surgery. In fact, he took a challenging step for himself to maintain his body and used natural tips.

    To maintain his weight, Mitch is involved in the gluten-free diet and also take help from professional. At first, he maintains his diet routine and practices physical exercise daily.

    Mitch Grassi before and after loss
    Mitch Grassi before and after a loss

    There were lots of rumors of him losing his weight for his ex0 Travis Wright as he uses to force him, a lot for losing weight. But later Mitch cleared all of his fans and followers curiosity by saying that he has nothing to do with his lost weight.

    Mitch Grassi’s Tattoos

    The Distinctive Features of Mitch Grassi is supposed as his tattoo. He has several tattoos in his body including chest, left & right arm.

    • Chest– He has inked deadmau5 logo and written Janet in the center of his chest. And also written collarbone on his collarbone.
    • Left Arm– Struwwelpeter, blocky wave (above the elbow), Aphex Twin logo, a crystal and many other.
    • Right Arm– In his right arm he has designed Sandy Cheeks, Gary The Snail, Mr. Krabs, Spongebob Squarepants, Squidward Tentacles, Mermaid Man and so on.

    Apart from all these, he has an also made an eye on the back of the neck, skull on the middle finger on left hand, safety pin on left outer wrist.

    Mitch Grassi’s Net Worth and Career

    Mitch Grassi has a successful career with his band Pentatonix and with Superfruit. From his career, he has collected a net worth of $8 million, whereas, his band’s income is $60 million.

    The American Cappella (Vocal music without instruments) group, Pentatonix consists of five members – Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kristin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Mitch Grassi.

    Mitch along with his teammate has won the Grammy Awards thrice. Their youtube channel, PTXofficial has over 12 million subscribers, 2 billion views and is continuously growing.

    Mitch Grassi’s Married & Boyfriend

    We have already mentioned above that, Mitch Grassi is gay. Up to date, he has gone through a couple of relationship and affairs however he didn’t have any girlfriend. He was first rumored to be in a relationship with his fellow singer, Scott Hoying after they were seen kissing each other.

    Later on, Mitch said that he was just trying to experiment with a person having the same sex. Once they also posted the video, “Are We Dating?” on YouTube Channel.

    Again in 2013, one of the Twitter posts of Mitch has shocked all of his fans as he has said that he got married to Scott Hoying.

    Later on, they revealed that the post was just for fun and moreover he said that people with the same sex have crushes and doing some experiment doesn’t mean that they are homosexual.

    In 2017, he rumored to be in a relationship with Beau Sloane. And their relationship has been confirmed n September 2018, after Mitch shared the picture of him kissing a mysterious guy with a caption “Happy 1-year baby I love you with all of my heart”.

    Mitch Grassi’s Quick Facts

    • Once he worked at the theatre camp for the kids as an intern.
    • He loves Japanese Cuisine.