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7 Facts of Money Heist Actress Esther Acebo: Nationality, Age, Height, Social Media Appearance, Filmography

Dahlia Published On Sun Apr 12 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 14 2020
7 Facts of Money Heist Actress Esther Acebo: Nationality, Age, Height, Social Media Appearance, Filmography

The curly-haired beauty queen, Esther Acebo, rose to stardom with the television series Money Heist. 

Such spectacular performance has made her a fan-favorite, and people are dying to know more about her. Money Heist is Acebo's most significant role to date, and given the impact she has made with her acting chops, it surely won't be her last.

7. Esther Acebo Age

Esther's date of birth is cited as January 19, 1983, which makes her 37 years old as of 2020. 

6. How tall is Esther Acebo? 

The 37 years old actress stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall (1.73m) and weighs 52 kg. 

5. Her Birthplace & Nationality

Esther Acebo was born and raised in Spain's central capital, Madrid. Artistically rich, Madrid, has been home to her co-stars as well. 

Esther Acebo
Esther Acebo at Source: Listal

Having been born in Spain, Esther Acebo holds a Spanish nationality. 

4. Studied Sports Science at University 

Esther has a degree in physical activity and sport sciences from the University of Castilla–La Mancha. 

With a penchant in acting, the 37 years old actress combined her studies with acting training classes as well.

3. Worked as the Host of Children Program 

If there is one thing that defines Esther, it's her versatility. Before she stole the heart of millions, ironically, as a part of a on-screen robbery gang, she was prominent among the young audience as an energetic and voluble presenter of the Movistar+'s Non Stop People.

Esther Acebo
Esther Acebo at the photocall of the Money Heist. Source: Pinterest

She would talk about music, movies, and cultural activities in the show. In an interview with the Unagi Magazine, Esther spoke about her role in the show, 

"With Kosmi Club it was more playing and acting and at COSMO I was more of a reporter. Here instead it is something new, because I was from Monday to Friday in a newsroom, surrounded by journalists and communicators. I did the part of cinema, theater and also some little crazy things that he proposed and that accepted me. I gave myself a lot of learning, because there was a lot of work, everything went very fast."

Before the Non Stop People, the 37 years old actress worked as a reporter for the COSMO channel. She also worked as a host of Castilla la Mancha Television's children's program, Kosmi Club, for four years. 

2. You Can Find her in Instagram 

Esther Acebo is active in social media site as Instagram and Twitter. She has 4.6m followers on Instagram and 36.3k followers on Twitter.

Esther Acebo
Esther Acebo on her trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Source: Instagram 

You can be part of Esther's Instagram and Twitter family and be up-to-date with her upcoming projects and take a glimpse of her life. Her Instagram username is @estheracebo, and her Twitter handle is @ EstherAcebo

1. Plays as One of the Primary Cast of Money Heist

Acebo plays as Monica Gaztambide/Stockholm in Netflix's heist crime drama series Money Heist. 

She is seen as a hostage of the initial robbery and the mistress of Arturo Roman. During the first series, Esther's character falls in love with Denver, played by Jaime Lorente, and she then becomes an accomplice of the robbery team. 
The series stars an ensemble cast as Ursula Corbero, Itziar Ituno, Alvaro Morte, Paco Tous, Pedro Alonso, Alba Flores, Miguel Herran, Enrique Arce, and many more.