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7 Facts of Money Heist actor Miguel Herran: Relationship Status, Parents, & His Journey From Troubled Teen to Award-Winning Actor

Dahlia Published On Mon Apr 13 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 14 2020
7 Facts of Money Heist actor Miguel Herran: Relationship Status, Parents, & His Journey From Troubled Teen to Award-Winning Actor

Now, if we say Rio does that tickles your mind and makes you think of the charming Aníbal "Río" Cortes? If yes, then you're definitely in the right place. 

And, not much of a problem either, if you are unaware of Anibal "Río" Cortes, portrayed by Miguel Herran, these seven exciting facts will surely make you familiar with the sensational actor. 

7. How tall is Miguel Herrán?

Miguel Herran stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall, according to online sources. 

Miguel's date of birth is April 25, 1996, which makes him 23 years old as of now. Herran's 24th birthday is just a few days away!

6. Where is Miguel Herran from?

Herran was born in Malaga, capital of the Province of Malaga. However, he moved to Madrid city as a child along with his mother and resided in the traditional neighborhood of Chamberí.

4. His Mother is his Everything

Miguel's mother's name is Belen De La-Herran, who owned a pet shop in Madrid. Miguel's father, Manuel Herran, is from Alhaurín el Grande while his mother is from Madrid. Belen moved to Malaga to open a pet shop when she was a teenager. 

Miguel Herran and Belen De La-Herran
A childhood picture of Miguel with his mother, Belen De La-Herran. Source: Instagram 

According to Surinenglish, Miguel's parents were in a live-in relationship and later drifted apart. To his knowledge, he has two half-siblings.“I go to Malaga every summer and whenever I have more than three days off because I love the city,” he proclaimed. 

Miguel is very close to his mother, to whom he dedicated his debut award and has been upfront about the hardship his mother faced when he was a child. 

5. He Wanted to be Mechanic 

Herran wasn't much of a bookish growing up. He would rather spend his time playing in the street with his friends than attend the lectures in the class. 

In an interview with a Malaga newspaper, the 23 years old actor exclaimed, 

“I thought I was destined to die before I was 30, of course. I would never have dreamed of going over 30. In the best of my dreams I would see myself in a mechanic's workshop, and that if I had studied, of course!"

According to the Spanish online newspaper, El Español, Miguel repeated sixth grade three times and another fourth of ESO. He stated, 

“I didn't even bother copying anymore, I peeled it off. If I went to class it was to do whatever I wanted, to hit myself, to be a cocoon and give the grade, although most of the time I did not go."

4. Returned to Study Acting 

The 23 years old star had no plans to follow acting as a full-time profession; however, everything changed a fine Tuesday morning when he had a chance encounter with actor and director Daniel Guzman.

While the encounter wasn't in his best form since he was wandering the streets of Malaga with some friends and a liter of beer in hand, he nevertheless fit the description of young actors Guzman was on the hunt for. 

Miguel Herran
Miguel Herran after winning the award Goya Cinema Awards for a best new actor. Source: Zimbio

Herran went on to play the main protagonist of Nothing in Return, winning Spain's main national annual film awards, Goya Awards for Best New Actor. His speech made everyone emotional, inspiring many young audiences through his complicated past. 

The same year, he returned to study, this time at the drama school, Central de Cine, and performing arts theater, William Layton Theater Laboratory. He wants to take a dramaturgy course to direct a film about his mother's life. 

3. Is Crazy for Two-Wheeler

Miguel has an inborn inclination for two-wheeler. He has always been fascinated by cycling. Among his many hobbies, he counts Enduro, a kind of motocross, as one. 

He received his driving license a little over a year before he signed his debut film. Herran has a quad and two motorcycles and is often seen taking a trip to the mountains. While conversing with the GQ, he exclaimed, 

"I run away every weekend: Las Navas del Marques, in Avila."

Besides, the 23 years old actor is also a great athlete. His fondness for bodybuilding had earned him a nickname 'Conan of Barbarian.' 

2. Is Miguel Herran single?

No doubt, Herran speaks straight from the shoulder when it comes to his past and professional life, but, it seems, he likes to maintain a mysterious aura regarding his relationship status. 

Miguel Herran
 Miguel Herran at the 20th Malaga Film Festival. Source: Pinterest

It is unclear if Miguel has a girlfriend or is single at the moment. Taking a deep-dive into his Instagram, The Nomeolvides actor is often seen goofing around with his adorable dog or climbing 'a mountain with my bike on my shoulder and jump as if there is no tomorrow.' 

1. Has a Main Role in Money Heist 

Miguel Herran plays as Aníbal Cortés/Rio in the critically acclaimed heist crime drama series Money Heist. His character is seen as a hacker and the love-interest of Tokyo, portrayed by actress Ursula Corbero.

Falling in love with Corbero and Herran on-screen chemistry, many fans speculated that both might be in a relationship. However, Herran and Corbero are not dating; Corbero has been in a relationship with actor Chino Darín since 2016. 

On July 26, 2019, Miguel posted a picture with Corbero, with the caption, "In this photo, you can clearly see my relationship with @ursulolita a very fun and enriching friendship..that you have always helped me and taught me much more than I will ever be able to give back.."

Miguel Herran and Ursula Corbero
Miguel and Ursula have been a good friend ever since they met on the set of Money Heist. Source: Instagram

Along with Corbero and Herran, the series features actors as Alvaro Morte, Paco Tous, Pedro Alonso, Alba Flores, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, María Pedraza, and many more.