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7 Facts of Money Heist actor Pedro Alonso: Relationship Status, Children, Penchant for Painting & Writing, and Filmography

Dahlia Published On Mon Apr 13 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 14 2020
7 Facts of Money Heist actor Pedro Alonso: Relationship Status, Children, Penchant for Painting & Writing, and Filmography

Netflix's critically acclaimed series Money Heist has given us some fantastic characters, each diverse and equally capable of keeping the audience glued to the screen for a good two hours or more!

Among such characters, Andres "Berlin" de Fonollosa, portrayed by Pedro Alonso, is definitely one to be at the top of the list. Though his character's wickedness inevitably comes as a turn-off, Pedro Alonso's performance prompts one to overlook any crime his character commits. After all, it's okay to feel a twinge of guilt sometimes. In this article, let's look at seven exciting facts of Pedro Alonso. 

7. Pedro Alonso Age 

Pedro Alonso was born on June 21, 1971, which makes him 48 years old as of now. Alonso stands 5 feet and 11¼ inches tall (1.81 m). 

6. He Is Quite Popular on Instagram 

The 48 years old actor made his first post on January 25, 2017, after he had joined the cast of Money Heist

Currently, 6.6 million people follow him on Instagram. You too can be part of Alonso's 6.6 million Instagram family; his Instagram username is @pedroalonsoochoro

Alonso is not active on Twitter; the reason he stated, "because I'm scared of the things people say. In addition, it requires a lot of energy." 

5. Is Proficient in Catalan 

Alonso had filmed in Catalonia, and over time, he ended up 'understanding Catalan perfectly.' Catalan is a Western Romance language that is native to Spain, Andorra, France, and Italy.

Pedro Alonso
Pedro Alonso at the premiere of 'Traicion.' Source: Pinterest

As a matter of fact, Pedro Alonso comes from Vigo city, a town on Spain's northwestern coast, right near Portugal. 

4. He is a Painter and Writer 

If one takes a look at Alonso's Instagram, it becomes pretty apparent that painting is a fundamental part of his life. Alonso usually posts abstract art along with the portrait of his characters to blend his artistic passions with work, as he puts it. 

 In an interview with the newspaper, El Periódico de Catalunya, Alonso spoke about his love for painting, 

"I paint on top of the scripts to study the sequences, but when I don't have to study, I also do it, because I discovered that it was good for me, that instead of turning the work into something intellectual, I took it to another place and that was much better. In the last nine years, painting has become an absolutely decisive presence and has differentiated my way of undertaking work and concentrating."

Pedro Alonso
 Pedro Alonso at the FesTVal 2017. Source: Facebook

Besides, he is also a writer and has been planning to publish a book titled 'La Historia de Filipo.' In an interview with the La Gazette de Monaco magazine, he expressed his desire to make a movie out of his penned works, 

"La Historia de Filipo tells the story of a soldier, a Roman spy who makes the shocking encounter of a rebel soldier. This book is not the first one I wrote, but it will be the first to be published and who knows, maybe we could make a film. Besides, my girlfriend and I have made paintings that will illustrate the book, and we will certainly do an exhibition later. ”

3. Signed with Buffalo 8 Management

In late 2018, Pedro Alonso signed with Buffalo 8 Management, where manager-producer Steven Adams would represent him, according to Variety. 

The company will be on a lookout for movie and television opportunities for Alonso throughout America. It would also be seeking co-productions for Alonso in Latin America. The same year, the 48 years old actor also became chosen as 'International Star of the Year' by GQ Turkey magazine.

2. Is Pedro Alonso Single?

Pedro is in a relationship with Tixie Jambass, who is a hypnotherapist. It is unclear where they met or started dating; nevertheless, both share a love for painting, and perhaps that is what connects them. Jambass often appears in several mesmerizing videos and photos of Alonso's Instagram. 

Pedro Alonso and Tixie Jambass
Pedro Alonso and his partner Tixie Jambass at 58th Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Source: Closer

In an interview with La Nación, Pedro talked about how he likes to keep his private life away from prying eyes of the media. 

Pedro Alonso and Tixie Jambass
Pedro Alonso calls Tixie as Tatiana Djordjevic and Mrs. Bird in a Instagram post. Source: Instagram 

However, when asked about his Paris trip, Pedro revealed a bit about Jambass, whose real name, it seems is Tatiana Djordjevic

"I am writing something four-handed with a wonderful person. She is a very talented and talented Frenchwoman, who writes very well. We are making The Timeless Story of Mrs. Bird and Mr. Fish in English."

Pedro has a daughter, Uriel Pedro, who was born in 1998. 

1. Active in Entertainment Industry Since Two Decades 

After graduating from Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art in 1992, Alonso made his debut in the year 1996 with three films: Paranoia dixital, Alma Gitana, and Tengo una casa. Next year, he appeared in the television series, All men are equal.

Pedro worked in the highly successful series Rías Baixas from 2003 to 2005. After working the in the series Padre Casares, Pedro garnered significant recognition after portraying as Diego Murquía/Adrián Vera Celande in Gran Hotel series 

Currently, he plays as Berlin in the Netflix's Money Heist for which he won the Award of the Spanish Actors Union. Along with Alonso, the series features actors as Ursula CorberoAlvaro MorteAlba Flores, Miguel HerranJaime LorenteEsther Acebo, Maria Pedraza, and many more.