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Nick Barrotta

Rajesh Published On Sat Aug 26 2023   Modified On Sat Aug 26 2023
Nick Barrotta


    Nick Barrotta

    Nick Barrotta is an actor known for his work on the television series "Tyler Perry's The Oval." he is a talented individual known for his diverse skills and accomplishments. From his creative endeavors to his professional pursuits, Nick has made a significant impact in various fields.

    Nick Barrotta as Allan in the TV series "The Oval" 

    In the show, Barrotta took on the role of Allan, a staff member at the White House facing a troublesome situation. Allan is dedicated to his job and shows loyalty, but his ambition leads him down a questionable path.

    Nick  Barrotta as Allan in the TV series "The Oval"
     Barrotta promoting his new shoe brand.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nickbarrotta

     As the story unfolds, he becomes entangled in a web of lies, causing harm to those around him. Barrotta's portrayal of Allan received high praise from critics. His performance in depicting a multi-dimensional character, with conflicting morals, was commended.

    Cast Member of "The Oval"

    "The Oval" is a political drama TV series created by Tyler Perry, first airing on BET on October 23, 2019. The show revolves around the lives of the United States' first family as they navigate the complexities and power dynamics within the White House.

    The main cast of "The Oval" consists of actors such as Ed Quinn (playing Hunter Franklin), Kron Moore (portraying Victoria Franklin), Ptosha Storey (as Nancy Hallsen), Paige Hurd (depicting Gayle Franklin), Javon Johnson (in the role of Richard Hallsen), Taja V. Simpson (playing Priscilla Owens), and others.

    Please note that this list may not cover all cast members, including those in recurring or guest roles. The series has received praise for its suspenseful storyline and realistic depiction of political scenarios. However, it has also faced criticism for its melodramatic moments at times.

    Nick Barrotta's net worth and earning

    Nick Barrotta's estimated net worth is around $1 million similar to Melanie Shatner. He earns this income from his roles as an actor and reality TV personality. Besides acting, he has also collaborated with various media outlets like Celebuzz, The Wrap, and Entertainment Tonight, where he has conducted interviews with some of Hollywood's notable figures.

    Nick Barrotta's estimated net worth is around $1 million
    Nick enjoying his vacation.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nickbarrotta

    While Nick is relatively new to acting and hasn't taken on many lead roles, he has been part of successful TV shows like The Oval and The Heist. Although he hasn't accumulated substantial earnings yet, his income likely falls in the thousands of dollars range.

    Nick Barrotta: What Is He Best Know For?

    Nick Barrotta is an American TV personality recognized for his standout role as Allan in Tyler Perry's series "The Oval." He also made appearances as the bailiff on seasons 20 and 21 of "Divorce Court." Barrotta was born on October 26, 1990, in Los Angeles, California.

    Nick Barrotta is an American TV personality
    Barrotta with Chris hemsworth.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nickbarrotta

    Nick grew up alongside his three brothers - Jake, Zack, and Michael - in Long Island, New York. After completing his high school education at Walt Whitman High School, he pursued a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism from Hofstra University.

    Nick Barrotta Is married to Elizabeth

    Nick Barrotta and Elizabeth Barrotta are a couple who have been in a relationship since they were kids. They got married in July 2021. Nick and Elizabeth have known each other since childhood. They both went to Walt Whitman High School on Long Island and later attended Hofstra University. 

    Nick Barrotta Is married to Elizabeth in July 2021
     Barrotta and Elizabeth Barrotta on their wedding day.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nickbarrotta

    Nick earned his Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism in 2012. Their journey together has seen challenges, but their bond has only grown stronger. They are now happily raising their daughter and are excited about what lies ahead in their future together.

    Barrotta and his wife, Elizabeth: Welcomed their first baby in 2023

    Nick Barrotta and Elizabeth Barrotta, known from Tyler Perry's The Oval, have welcomed a new addition to their family. Barrotta and Elizabeth are now parents to their daughter, Mila Elizabeth Barrotta. Elizabeth gave birth to Mila on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, weighing 7 lbs., 13 oz. 

    Barrotta and his wife, Elizabeth: Welcomed their first baby in 2023
    Barrotta and his wife, Elizabeth newly born baby.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nickbarrotta

    Nick exclusively shared this news with PEOPLE magazine.

    “I am overwhelmed and overjoyed to welcome our baby girl Mila into this world. Just when so many incredible things are happening for me professionally, nothing compares to the achievement of witnessing the birth of our daughter,” Nick said.

    “I’m inspired by how bright the future looks for me, my wife, and our growing family.”

    Their daughter's arrival comes five months after they announced the pregnancy on Instagram. In a joint post, they shared a photo of themselves in matching black outfits, holding ultrasound photos, and captioned it,

     “Baby Barrotta loading….”

    "The Oval " Actor Nick Barrotta's career

    Nick Barrotta is a skilled actor hailing from New Zealand, and he has been active in the entertainment industry since 2014. His most notable role is portraying Allan in the TV series "The Oval." Nick's depiction of Allan earned widespread acclaim.

    Actor Nick Barrotta's career
    Nick playing basketball.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nickbarrotta

    Let's take a look at Nick  Barrotta's career highlights:


    • The Oval (2020-present)
    • The Heist (2021)
    • FBI: Most Wanted (2022)
    • The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2023)


    • The Devil's Light (2022)

    Barrotta possesses remarkable acting talents, with his portrayal of a multi-dimensional and morally complex character drawing praise. Notably, he received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. 

    Nick Barrotta Social media presence

    Nick Barrotta has established a noteworthy presence on social media, showcasing his talents as an actor and reality TV personality. His online influence extends across different platforms: LinkedIn: With 10,000+ connections, Nick leverages LinkedIn to connect with potential employers, clients, and peers.

    Nick Barrotta has established a noteworthy presence on social media
    Nick with his wife Elizabeth.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nickbarrotta

    Twitter & Medium: On Twitter (5,000+ followers) and Medium, Nick shares insights on business, technology, and entrepreneurship, as well as personal stories. Through his active engagement, Barrotta makes his mark in the entertainment industry and beyond.

    Nick Barrotta Age, Height, & Physical Presence

    At 33 years of age, Nick Barrotta boasts an imposing height. Although specific figures regarding his height, weight, shoe size, and clothing size are not provided, he upholds a sleek physique with appealing body proportions. His captivating and captivating eyes contribute to his distinct allure.

    Similarly, you can learn about Zeppelin Bram Ackles's Father Jensen Ackles's Height, Age,  and current endeavors. Jensen Ackles who is a renowned actor is 45 years old and standing tall at 6'1" with captivating blue eyes. Jensen gained fame for his role as Dean Winchester in the hit TV series Supernatural