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Norma Gibson

Nirsmi Published On Thu Jun 01 2023   Modified On Thu Jun 01 2023
Norma Gibson


    Norma Gibson

    Norma Gibson is the former spouse of an iconic American singer-songwriter. Her notable acting career includes unforgettable roles in blockbuster hits like the "Fast and the Furious" series, "Transformers," and "Four Brothers," showcasing her versatility and talent on the silver screen. Norma gained attention through their custody battle over their daughter Shayla.

    Early Life and Background

    Norma Gibson, whose full name is Norma Mitchell, was born in London, England on March 1, 1981. However, specific details about her early life and background are not readily available in the provided information.

    While details about Norma's personal and professional life before her marriage to Tyrese are limited, it is known that in February 2008, she and Tyrese made their first red-carpet appearance together at the Ebony Magazine Pre-Oscar Celebration in Los Angeles.

    Norma's life took a turn when she filed a lawsuit in 2009 seeking changes in their custody arrangement and spousal and child support. She alleged that Tyrese was an absentee father, leading to a highly publicized custody battle between the two. In October 2020, a judge ruled in favor of joint custody, granting Tyrese 50/50 custody of their daughter.

    Professional Career

    Norma Gibson's professional career remains relatively unknown, but she gained recognition as the former wife of Tyrese Gibson, a prominent American actor, and singer. In 2018, a report surfaced regarding a court-ordered child support arrangement between Norma and Tyrese, which mandated Norma secure employment. However, documents allegedly submitted by Norma's lawyers in court revealed her refusal to pursue a job. They argued that her dedicated seven hours of childcare support provided to their daughter should be considered as her actively engaging in a busy and fulfilling life.

    According to Norma's statement, she claimed to be working on various aspects of her life, including writing a book and managing personal matters. She maintained that she was occupied with productive activities, including running errands from the comfort of her home.

    While details about Norma's professional endeavors beyond her association with Tyrese remain elusive, it is clear that she has faced scrutiny regarding her compliance with the court's child support arrangement. Norma's statements suggest that she perceives her current pursuits and responsibilities as fulfilling and meaningful, though the specifics of her activities and achievements remain undisclosed.

    Married life of Norma Gibson

    Norma Gibson's married life primarily revolved around her relationship with Tyrese Gibson, the actor and singer. The couple married in July 2007, and their union lasted until 2009, spanning two years. During their marriage, Norma and Tyrese welcomed their daughter, Shayla Gibson, in July 2007.

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    However, their marriage was not without its challenges. Following their separation, Norma and Tyrese engaged in a highly publicized custody battle over their daughter. In 2009, Norma filed a lawsuit seeking modifications to their custody arrangement, as well as changes in spousal and child support. She claimed that Tyrese was an absentee father.

    The custody battle continued for several years, with both parties making various claims and requests in court. In October 2020, a judge ultimately awarded Tyrese 50/50 joint custody of their daughter, denying Norma's request for a permanent restraining order.

    While their married life was relatively brief, the legal disputes and custody battle created significant tension and public attention. Following their divorce, Norma and Tyrese's interactions centered primarily on co-parenting their daughter and adhering to the court's custody arrangement.

    Net worth and Earnings

    According to available information, Norma Gibson's estimated net worth in 2022 falls within the range of $20,000 to $50,000. While this estimation suggests a relatively modest net worth, it is important to note that specific details about her financial situation and assets are limited. Norma's net worth is likely influenced by various factors, including her divorce settlement with Tyrese Gibson and any personal ventures she may have pursued.

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    It's worth mentioning that net worth can fluctuate over time due to various financial circumstances and investments. The provided range indicates an approximate value based on available information, but it may not reflect the entirety of Norma Gibson's financial portfolio.