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Oliver Coopersmith-Net Worth 2022, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Height, Relationship, House

tp-admin Published On Mon Oct 31 2022   Modified On Mon Oct 31 2022
Oliver Coopersmith-Net Worth 2022, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Height, Relationship, House


    Oliver Coopersmith-Net Worth 2022, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Height, Relationship, House

    Famed as one of the rising TV stars, Oliver Coopersmith is an English TV actor who has amassed massive fame and earnings despite few acting credits. Coopersmith is famous for his appearance as Simon Whitney in the crime drama series Tin Star.

    Professional since 2008, the 26-year-old actor currently has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. Curious about the details on Oliver’s earnings, salary, income source, net worth, assets, and personal life? Scroll down.  

    Oliver Coopersmith’s Net Worth: Income Source & Earnings

    Ever since Oliver Coopersmith earned his acting debut in 2008 in It’s Alive, a 2009 horror film, it seems the career success has sided with the actor. With over the professional career of a decade, Coopersmith has earned him a place in the list of millionaire TV actors.

    As of October 2022, Oliver’s actual figure of his net worth is not out, though sources report that his fortune lies within the range of $1-$1.2 million.

    The main source of Coopersmith’s income is his acting career, and the acting prominence has earned him a hefty sum despite a few movies and TV appearances.

    Most notably, Oliver’s acting credit includes the British-Canadian TV crime drama series Tin Star. There, he plays Shaun Whitney Brown since the series aired on September 17, 2017, alongside the co-stars like Tom Roth, Christina Hendricks, and Abigail Lawrie.

    Net Worth Comparison & Salary

    Having appeared in Dickensian (2015-2016), Galavant (2015), LoveSick and Holby City, Oliver Coopersmith currently stars in Tin Star. His acting career has earned him massive fame and thousands of dollars salary, though the exact figure is not out.

    Well, the average salary of a TV actor in the United Kingdom is around $40,700. And Coopersmith probably earns way more than the average payroll for good.

    English actor Oliver Coopersmith

    English actor Oliver Coopersmith 

    In comparison, Oliver’s worth is relatively low to his Tin Star co-stars Tom Roth (amassing $7 million net worth and $275,000 per episode) and Christina Hendricks ($10 million net worth).

    But, the young actor still has a long way to go and is likely to grab the hands on the enormous million-dollars offers in the future.

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    Endorsements, Instagram Earnings & Business

    For now, it seems Oliver is not involved in any endorsement deals. However, if he does, the Influencer Marketing Hub cites that Coopersmith’s Instagram with over 4.1K followers can earn him $51-$85 per sponsored post.

    Even if Oliver Coopersmith is yet to have sponsorship deals, he does have the side business of his own. Alongside his girlfriend Katherine, Oliver started the business named OkGranola which supplies breakfast food and snack food, a vegan and gluten-free granola.

    Asset, Expenses & Lifestyle

    As reported, Oliver currently lives in East London in his house worth hundreds of thousand dollars. However, the detail on his house purchase and value is not out for now.

    Further information on the actor’s car collection and assets is undisclosed, but he does live a luxurious lifestyle. Alongside expenses in trendy clothing and daily life, Coopersmith also travels to different places.

    Also, Oliver’s Instagram post depicts his interest in daring works like scuba diving and bungee jump. Well, the price for a bungee jump in England is around $78-$97 while scuba diving costs around $220.

    Tax & Insurance

    Sure, Oliver does own a massive fortune but is liable to the tax payment policy of England too.

    Online sources report that an individual owning a property worth between $163,100 to $326,300 (£125,000-£250,000) has to pay 2% of the asset value in property tax, accompanying the $213 (£163.38) house insurance cost.

    In addition to that, anyone with over $100,000 annual revenue (£76,500) will have to pay $23,630 as income tax and $7,100 as national insurance. Henceforth, the net income after the tax becomes $69,000.

    Oliver Coopersmith’s Personal Details: Age, Wiki, Family & Relationship Status

    Oliver was born on March 2, 1996, in Essex, England to British parents. His father owns a business while his mother is a family therapist. Raised in Essex alongside his 2 brothers and a sister, Oliver Coopersmith currently lives in East London.

    As of March 2019, Coppersmith’s age is 22. His birth sign is Pisces.

    Well, meanwhile Oliver is not married but is dating his girlfriend Katherine Rose Morley, an actress from Liverpool. The couple is reported to be in the relationship for a long time but is yet to open up about their courtship.

    They have not talked about their marriage plans and also are yet to share children.