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Party Of Five Actor Matthew Fox Career, Marriage, & Net Worth: Here Are Seven Interesting Facts About Him

Dahlia Published On Tue Feb 11 2020   Modified On Tue Feb 11 2020
Party Of Five Actor Matthew Fox Career, Marriage, & Net Worth: Here Are Seven Interesting Facts About Him

Matthew  Fox is best known for his roles as Charlie Salinger in teen and family drama Party of Five. Apart from that, he has been praised for his appearance in supernatural drama series Lost. 

Emmy award-nominated actor Fox has also performed in films like We Are Marshall, Vantage Point, Alex Cross, Emperor, and Bone Tomahawk. 

Here we will look at seven intriguing facts of the actor. 

7. He is A Private Pilot

Matthew has had a pilot's license for 12 years and is a private pilot. Fox owns a house on the outskirts of Oregon. 

A three-hour drive from his hometown leads him to Portland's good theatres and live music, but he felt like it would be much faster to reach by plane. So he recently bought a flight for family trips. He owns a Beechcraft Bonanza G36 aircraft and an Aviat Husky A-1C airplane. 

6. He is an Italian Descendent

Mathew's mother is of half-Italian, half-British and Irish ancestry while his father comes from a "very blue-blood" Pennsylvania family that is of English descent. 

Mathew's Italian ancestry comes from his maternal grandfather. Moreover, Mathew also has a distant Scottish and Swedish descent. 

5. He is Married to Margherita Ronchi Since 1992

Mathew Fox and Margherita Ronchi were both a undergraduate at Columbia, where they met each other.

Matthew Fox and Margherita Ronchi
Matthew Fox with his wife Margherita Ronchiin, the Golden Globe Awards. Source: Gossiprocks

Ronchi, who is a former Italian runway model, and Fox eventually started dating and married in 1992. They have been together for 27 years, sharing two children: Byron Fox and Kyle Fox

When talking with Emmy magazine, he spoke candidly about being together with his wife for such a long time.  

It just feels right. If I were to say I feel proud, it would imply that we have worked so hard to keep this together. But it feels much easier than it's supposed to be. Maybe it's that we fight well, and neither of us is people who hold things in

4. Has Net Worth of $20 Million

Mathew started his career as a model after being convinced by his girlfriend's mother, who was a modeling agent. His modeling career led him to television commercials, and Matthew eventually made his acting debut in an episode of television series Wings

After that, he appeared as Charlie Salinger in Party of Five alongside actors Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, Lacey Chabert, Scott Grimes, Paula Devicq, Michael Goorjian, Jeremy London, and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox snapped at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' Source: Zimbio 

Moreover, he also directed an episode called Taboo or Not Taboo from Party of Five. The series made him a internationally acclaimed star 53-years old has worked in numerous films like We Are Marshall, Vantage Point, Emperor, Extinction, World War Z. 

Matthew's successful career has helped him accumulate the net worth of $20 million. His appearance in Emmy Awarded show Lost can also be credited to the net worth of 20 million dollars. 

3. Matthew's Hobby Includes Photography

The Haunted actor is a avid photographer. As a matter of fact, there is a separate disc called The Complete First Series of Lost that includes The Art of Matthew Fox. In The Art of Matthew Fox, there is a compilation of black and white photographs and colored pictures he took of cast members of Lost

It has candid images taken during the making of the pilot. Evangeline Lilly is snapped while listening to music, Josh Holloway joking around with fellow cast members and J.J. Abrams rapt in concentration on set.

In the disc extras, Fox says he became inspired by actor Jeff Bridges who would shoot panoramic stills from every film he has been part of and give the photo books as gifts to cast and crew members. 

2. Matthew Has Been Out of the Spotlight for Some Years

In 2015, the 53-years old appeared in two movies: Extinction and Bone Tomahaw. Since then, he has been out of the spotlight for almost five years. Before Extinction, Fox also had a brief appearance in film World War Z alongside Brad Pitt

Recently, the series Party of Five reboot launched on January 8, 2020, starring actors like Brandon Larracuente, Niko Guardado, Emily Tosta, Elle Paris Legaspi, and many more. However, the 53-years old hasn't appeared in the show as of now, and there is no indication of him appearing in the show in the near future either. 

Matthew also has not been part of any television series since he appeared in the spinoff of Lost in 2008.

1. He Had a Centric Role in Lost 

Matthew played as Dr. Jack Shephard, a spinal surgeon in the ABC drama television series Lost. Though Fox's character was to die in the pilot, the writers of the show changed the plan, and the actor went on to take the primary spot. 

Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox at the "Extinction" photocall. Source: Zimbio

The 53-years old became nominated for numerous accolades, including Golden Globe Awards. Moreover, Fox also had tattoos in his body, which was to be covered by make-up. However, producers of the series decided to keep the tattoo as a part of the character and made it fit with the story of the show.