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Paul Douglas-Shows, Height, Net Worth, Age, Kids, Wife, Family, Author, Meteorologist

tp-admin Published On Fri Dec 24 2021   Modified On Fri Dec 24 2021
Paul Douglas-Shows, Height, Net Worth, Age, Kids, Wife, Family, Author, Meteorologist


    Paul Douglas-Shows, Height, Net Worth, Age, Kids, Wife, Family, Author, Meteorologist

    How Much Is Paul Douglas' Net Worth In 2020?

    Paul Douglas is a meteorologist, entrepreneur, author, as well as a software expert who has contributed more than four decades in meteorology. He is famous for his weather forecasts for Twin Cities.

    The founder of Digital Cyclone (it specializes in creating weather applications) has a net worth of $50 million as of May 2020- thanks to the sales of Digital Cyclone for $45 million in 2007 to Garmin.

    Without a doubt, Douglas is one of the wealthiest meteorologists of all time.

    Journey To Million Dollar Fortune

    Paul Douglas, who has been in TV and radio broadcasting for 40 long years, started his career while at the Penn State University, where he broadcasted weather for the WNEP-TV weekly.

    Following this, he worked for the Satellite News Channel in Stamford, Connecticut. There, he used to give meteorological forecasts 21 times per day. Around this time, he became the second TV meteorologist in the USA to use Computer Graphics to show his forecasts.    

    In 1993, the man worked as the Cheif Meteorologist for KARE Television-he was there for over 11 years till 1994. While there, he formulated the "Backyard outdoor weather format," which is currently one of the most used formats to deliver weather forecasts. He also had his daily weather column in The Star Tribune. 

    In 1992/93, Paul published the book Prairie Skies, the Minnesota Weather Book, and also taught broadcast meteorology at Saint Cloud State University.  

    In 1989, five years prior to leaving KARE, he established his company, which was the first commercial 3-D weather visualization display system. The 3-d effects were not only used on TVs but also in movies such as Jurassic Park and Twister.             

    From May 1993 to Nov 1996, Douglas worked for WBBM. He worked as the Chief Meteorologist for WCCO-TV from 1997 to 2008. And during his time there, in 2005, he became Minnesota's first-ever Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.

     The same year, his book Restless Skies, the Ultimate Weather Book, was published. He also broadcasted for WCCO Radio till 2008, starting from 2004. 

    Around 2011, the meteorologist also co-founded yet another venture, WeatherNation TV, in Denver and Minneapolis. Similarly, he is also the co-founder and Chief Meteorologist at Aeris Weather

    Likewise, Paul also founded and became the Chief Meteorologist of Praedictix. The B2B business was around for almost four years now, with its start in June 2016.   

    Paul became the meteorologist for Twin Cities Public Television in April 1987 and for Star Tribune in May 1991. Similarly, he co-hosts alongside Jordana Green in his show at the WCCO Radio. He has also appeared on CNN and MSNBC to discuss extreme weather news.    

    At the moment, he takes his time doing volunteering work for charitable fundraisers. He is also a part of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team alongside 130+ climate scientists. 

    Back in 2002, he founded a company named Digital Cyclone. The main motto of the company was to forecast the weather. After five years of ownership, he sold it to the GPS device company, Garmin, for $45 million.

    House In Lake Minnetonka

    Paul and his wife Laurie have a house in Lake Minnetonka. They bought the property back in 2007 and started to build their dream home. It took them 10 to 11 months to build the house and further six months for the finishing touch.  

    Charlie & Co and Simning's contractors helped in the construction of the building. In 2019, the house was ranked in No.5 for its kitchen design. Back in 2018, it was listed as one of the most viewed homes in the Midwest on a housing design app, Houzz.   

    The average price of a house in and around Lake Minnetonka is $264,100.

    Married To Laurie Douglas & Fathers 2 Children

    61 years old, Paul Douglas is married to a professional architect, Laurie Douglas, who is 25 years younger than him.

    The pair shares two sons: Walt Douglas and Brett Douglas. Both of them have already chosen their profession - Walt is an entrepreneur as well as a musician who is currently serving at a high-tech company, and Brett graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, and currently serves as a helicopter pilot. 

    Currently, he and his wife reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


    Douglas Paul Kruhoeffe, who is famous for the name Paul Douglas was born on June 12, 1958. He changed his name after a high school station DJ told him his name was difficult to pronounce. 

    Regarding education, he completed his Bachelor's degree in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 1980.