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Pauley Perrette-Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Personal Life, Actress, Car, Husband

tp-admin Published On Wed Dec 07 2022   Modified On Wed Dec 07 2022
Pauley Perrette-Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Personal Life, Actress, Car, Husband


    Pauley Perrette-Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Personal Life, Actress, Car, Husband

    What Is Pauley Perrette's Net Worth? 

    Pauley Perrette has a net worth of $22 million. She is an American actress, writer, singer, and entrepreneur best known for her role Abby Sciuto on TV series NCIS

    With more than 53 acting credits, she has earned huge fame and fortune throughout her active professional career. 

    So how much do you think is the net worth of Pauley Perrette? Here know all about her net worth, salary, income sources, earnings, endorsements, charity works, business ventures, assets, house, car, expenses, age, height, weight, husband, relationship status, married, engagement and personal details.  

    Pauley Perrette Is Worth $22 Million: Salary, Income Sources

    As of 2022, Pauley Perrette is estimated to have the net worth of around $22 million as per verified sources Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest. 

    Her primary income sources are her professional career as an American actress, author, singer and entrepreneur.

    American actress Pauley Perrette

    Pauley Perrette Net Worth Details, Salary, Income Sources 

    Before appearing in the entertainment industry, she worked as a bartender in New York. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles, California and started appearing in commercials and made small guest appearances in several TV shows and movies.

    Pauley appeared in TV series and movies like Murder One, Time of Your Life, 24, CSI, The Price of Kissing, A moment of Grave, Satan Hates You, The Ring, Almost famous, Brother Bear, My first Mister and many more.

    Although she appeared in this many movies and TV series, she is mostly known for her role Abby Sciuto, an eccentric forensic scientist on an American action police procedural series NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

    Her net worth can be compared to Cameron Johnson, Tyler Dikman, and Rashida Jones. 

    Interesting Fact: Pauley Perrette earned a master’s degree in criminology and wanted to become a police officer but fate had other plans for her.   

    How Much Pauley Perrette Was Paid For Her Appearance On NCIS?

    After regularly appearing in 15 seasons, she made $175,000 per episode which was later raised to $200,000 per episode. From her earnings per episode, we can say that she earned a whopping $8.5 million per season.

    Considering that she constantly appeared on the series in over 350 episodes, she surely made the jaw-dropping sum of money.

    Did You Know? In 2018, after she quit from NCIS, she revealed via Twitter that the main reason for quitting was she faced multiple physical assaults. She tweeted cryptically-‘He did it,’ but never revealed the identity of ‘He’.

    Why Did Pauley Perrette Quit NCIS?

    Once a prime character Abby Sciuto in NCIS, Pauley is no more the part of the show. In fact, her exit from the series is surrounded by huge controversy.

    Well, her exit from the show is the result of the feud between Pauley and the other lead Mark Harmon. 

    As claimed by Pauley, she was terrified by Mark and accused him of attacking her. She said that she was:

    Terrified of [former co-star Mark] Harmon and him attacking me.

    Pauley Perrette's Movies And It’s Earnings

    She has worked in the number of movies and TV series which earned her huge popularity and fortune. Here is the list of her movies, box office and it’s budget.

    MoviesBudgetBox Office Collection
    Almost Famous$60 million$47.7 million
    My First Mister$5.25 million$595 thousand
    The Ring $249 million
    Brother Bear$46 million$250 million
    Pride $16.7 million
    Superman Vs. The Elite$3.5 million$2.86 million


    A reliable source has estimated that her total earnings from her movies and television projects are approximately $6 million.

    Pauley Perrette Musical Career

    Perrette with keen interest of music took over the music world with stage name Pauley P. She was the lead singer of the Los Angeles all-female band Lo-Ball. She first debuted in the music industry through song Fear.

    Pauley also featured in The Unnamed Feeling musical video of heavy metal band Metallica. She also collaborated with hip-hop artist B. Taylor for the song Fire in Your Eyes.

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    Pauley Perrette Business Venture

    She co-owns a Bakery; Donna Bell’s Bake Shop with Matthew Sandusky. The shop’s name is named after Perrette’s beloved mother.

    The Bakery serves you with the delicious items including its famous savoury scratch biscuits, chicken dumplings, stack cakes, fresh banana puddings, giant chocolate chip cookies, soup, cupcakes, and scones.

    Pauley Perrette Instagram & YouTube Earnings And Endorsements Income

    Pauley also earns from her social media. From Instagram, she gets around $362.25 to $603.75 per post. As of early April 2019, she has 120k followers.

    Similarly, YouTube monthly pays her salary of around $2 to $24 for her self-named channel. Her estimated yearly earnings are in between $18 and $288.

    With her beauty and charming personality, Pauley Perrette has received various endorsement deals, promotional ads, and lucrative agreements. She is popular for endorsing sprite, Fanta, fashion nova, and many others.

    Pauley Perrette Charity Works

    The actress has worked in several cases with America’s Most Wanted to solve their cases. In 2004, she donated the fund of around $10,000 for finding out the killer of a resident in Prattville, Alabama.

    Eventually, in 2007, she contributed $10 thousand to Detroit law enforcement officials to find a missing seven years old child. 

    Moreover, she has supported various charity programs and companies including the Alzheimer’s Association, American Humane, Family Equality Council, The Thirst Project, and The Humane Society.

    Being an animal lover, she is currently working with her favorite charity, The Amanda Foundation based in Beverly Hills that rescues animals.

    Pauley Perrette Lifestyle, Assets, House, Car, Pets, Expenses

    As of 2019, Pauley Perrette is enjoying a lavish lifestyle. She is living in a $16 million Los Angeles House in Los Angeles, California. Her $16 million two-story house features well-furnished and decorated rooms, a parking lot, a big garden and a swimming pool.

    Pauley Perrette owns several expensive cars

    Pauley Perrette Lifestyle, Assets, House, Car, Expenses 

    She owns few of the best luxury cars in the world including Land Rover worth ($89,000 to $177,000) and Halley costing $70,000. Moreover, she owns a German shepherd which cost around $6,000 to $7,000 in the present market.

    Her list of expenses is quite average. She mostly spends her money on pampering herself. Her most expensive items include her designer dresses, jewelry and luxury items. As a matter of fact, her diamond necklace and bracelet is worth $40,000.

    Well, there is no information about her insurance and taxes.

    Pauley Perrette Personal life, Age, Height, Weight, Relationship Status, Married, Engagement

    Pauley Perrette aka Pauley P. was born on 27 March 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States. She was born to mother Donna Bell. Pauley holds an American Nationality and white ethnicity.  

    Marriage And Children

    Regarding her personal relationship, Pauley was previously married to Coyote Shivers (20 October 2000 to 1 February 2006). The reason for their divorce claimed by Pauley is that he used to sexually, emotionally and physically abuse her.

    'In love' Pauley Perrette and Thomas Arklie

    'In love' Pauley Perrette and Thomas Arklie 

    After that, she was engaged to her boyfriend cameraman Michael Bosman but were never married. In 2011, she publicly announced her engagement to the former British Royal Marine member Thomas Arklie.

    Age And Height

    As of 2022, she is 53 years old. The actress stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m) and height of 61 kg (134 pounds).