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Peyton Manning-Player, Series, Net Worth, Media, Girlfriend, Awards, Kids, Family

tp-admin Published On Wed Jul 21 2021   Modified On Wed Jul 21 2021
Peyton Manning-Player, Series, Net Worth, Media, Girlfriend, Awards, Kids, Family


    Peyton Manning-Player, Series, Net Worth, Media, Girlfriend, Awards, Kids, Family

    How Much Is The Net Worth of Peyton Manning?

    Peyton Manning is estimated to have a net worth of $200 million as of 2020. He gathered his net worth from his professional career as an American NFL quarterback. 

    With successful 18 NFL seasons, the now-retired quarterback Manning is #2 on the highest-earning NFL players of all time with single-season earnings of $35 million & while NFL contract revenue totals $248.732 million.

    Career Highlights & Earnings

    Considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Peyton Manning started his professional career in 1998, after the Indianapolis Colts drafted him as the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft

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    He played for the team from 1998 to 2011, & was released from the contract on 7 March 2012. The same year, he made his regular-season debut as a Denver Broncos' quarterback. He was with them for around three years till 2015. 

    Here take a look at his salary throughout his 18 years of eminent career: 

    Year TeamsBase Salary Bonuses Total Earnings
    1998Indianapolis Colts$144 thousand$2.9 million$3.07 million
    1999Indianapolis Colts$1.43 million $1.93 million$3.36 million
    2000Indianapolis Colts$2.6 million$4.03 million$6.69 million
    2001Indianapolis Colts$4.4 million$4.03 million$8.48 million
    2002Indianapolis Colts$6.29 million$4.03 million$10.3 million
    2003Indianapolis Colts$9.8 million$5.53 million$15.3 million
    2004Indianapolis Colts$535 thousand$5.75 million$6.28 million
    2005Indianapolis Colts$665 thousand$5.75 million$6.41 million
    2006Indianapolis Colts$1 million$7.55 million$8.55 million
    2007Indianapolis Colts$1 million$9.21 million$10.2 million
    2008Indianapolis Colts$11.5 million$9.21 million$20.7 million
    2009Indianapolis Colts$14 million$9.2 million$23.2 million
    2010Indianapolis Colts$15.8million$3.46 million$19.2 million
    2011Indianapolis Colts$3.4 million$12.6 million$16 million
    2012 Denver Broncos$18 million-$18 million
    2013Denver Broncos$15 million$2.5 million$17.5 million 
    2014Denver Broncos$15 million$2.5 million$17.5 million 
    2015Denver Broncos$15 million$2.5 million$17.5 million 

    Peyton Manning retired from the grounds on 7 March 2016. In his retirement speech, he said: I've fought a good fight. I've finished my football race, and after 18 years, it's time. God bless all of you, and God bless football.

    According to the NFL's official site, the 6 feet 5.5 inches (197 cm) tall two times Super Bowl champion's career stats at the time of his retirement was: 

    • Passing attempts: 9,380
    • Passing completions: 6,125
    • Completion percentage: 65.3
    • TD–INT: 539–251
    • Passing yards: 71,940
    • Passer rating: 96.5

    Similarly, some of his notable records and accolades lists: 

    1. 14× Pro Bowl
    2. 2× Super Bowl champion
    3. 7× First-team All-Pro
    4. Super Bowl MVP
    5. 5× NFL MVP
    6. 2012 NFL Comeback Player of the Year

    As per Bleacher Report, Peyton Manning made the total on-field earnings of around $248 million. 

    Net Worth Throughout The Years

    Year Net Worth
    1998$2.09 million
    1999$4.5 million 
    2000$9.6 million
    2001$11.5 million
    2002$19.7 million
    2003$32.1 million
    2004$39.6 million
    2005$48.1 million
    2006$58.6 million
    2007$71.4 million
    2008$71.4 million
    2009$92.7 million
    2010$111 million
    2011$135.2 million
    2012 $160.6 million
    2013$188.6 million
    2014$219.4 million
    2015$219.8 million

    Besides his football career, Manning also adds a reasonable sum of money from his brief career in the entertainment industry. So far, he has appeared in Matt Groening's The Simpsons, Modern Family, and Ferdinand.

    Other Income Sources

    Peyton is a savvy investor and endorser. He has boosted more than half of his net worth from his multi-million worth endorsements deals and investments.

    Manning has endorsed brands and companies like Reebok, Sony, Gatorade, Buick, Nike, Papa John’s International, Nationwide Insurance, Sprint, and ESPN.

    YearEarnings From EndorsementsIncome from Investments
    1998$2.1 million-
    1999$2.3 million$209  thousand
    2000$4.5 million $459 thousand 
    2001$5.8 million$3.8 million 
    2002$7 million $1.1 million
    2003$10.5 million $1.9 million
    2004$4.3 million $3.2 million
    2005$4.3 million $3.9 million
    2006$5.8 million $4.8 million
    2007$7 million$5.8 million
    2008$14.2 million$7.1 million 
    2009$15.9 million$7.1 million
    2010$13.2 million$9.1 million
    2011$10.9 million$11.1 million 
    2012$12.3 million$13.5 million 
    2013$12 million$16 million 
    2014$12 million$18.8 million
    2015$12 million-

    NFL's five times MVP, Peyton Manning, made enormous total earnings of more than $400 million from both on and off the field career. 

    Where Is Peyton Manning House? Lavish Lifestyle: Mansion And Car

    Peyton Manning owns several properties across the world. He has houses in places including Denver, Colorado ($4.575 million), Englewood, and  Harrison, Tennessee ($800 thousand). 

    Coming to his car collection, his garage showcases automobiles like Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevy Suburban, Ranger Rover Sport, and Buick Verano. 


    According to a reliable source, former NFL star is in around 40% federal tax bracket as well as under 5% state and local tax. 

    The same sited that at the start of his career, he was liable to pay around $2 million tax bill, which increases to over $15 million at the time of his retirement. 

    Moreover, at the peak period of his professional career, he paid over $20 million in taxes and revenues. 

    Charity Works 

    Regarded as one of the most charitable players in the NFL, Manning's charity folio includes PeyBack Foundation, Red Cross, the Peyton Manning Scholarship, and many others. 

    Through the PeyBack foundation, he has contributed more than $6 million to youth clubs and campaigns organized in Indiana, Tennessee, and Colorado. He and his wife founded the charitable firm in 1999 to help underprivileged kids in the aforementioned areas. 

    Did You Know? On 6 September 2007, an Indianapolis hospital St. Vincent Hospital renamed it's children's hospital to "Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent.”

    Short Biography

    Peyton Manning was born on 24 March 1976 in New Orleans to Olivia and Archie Manning. He grew up with his brothers, Cooper Manning and two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning. 

    Forty-three years old, Peyton married Ashley Thompson on 17 March 2001. The duo is blessed with two children, son Marshall Williams Manning, and daughter Mosley Thompson Manning.