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home Biography Philip Anschutz Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, House, Married, Wife, Children, Family

Philip Anschutz Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, House, Married, Wife, Children, Family

Published On Thu Apr 18 2019   Modified On Thu Apr 18 2019
Philip Anschutz Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, House, Married, Wife, Children, Family


    Philip Anschutz Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, House, Married, Wife, Children, Family

    Philip Frederick Anschutz, known as Philip Anschutz is a multi-billionaire American businessman. He is associated with many businesses such as railroads, real estate, entertainment, energy, and sports. He is married to Nancy Anschutz and has three children.

    Philip Anschutz’s Biography

    Philip Anschutz was born in Russell, Kansas, the U.S.  on December 28, 1939, to Marian Anschutz and Frederick Benjamin Anschutz. As per his nationality, Philip is an American and is of Mixed ethnicity.

    Multi-billionaire Philip was born under the star sign of Capricorn. His father’s business was related to oil and investment in land. He has an elder sister named Sue Anschutz-Rodgers.

    Philip Anschutz completed his school level education from Wichita High School East in 1957. Soon afterward he joined the University of Kansas and earned a bachelor’s degree in business in 1961. While in his University, he was associated with the Sigma Chi Fraternity as a member.

    Philip Anschutz’s Age & Body Statistics

    • Age: Philip Anschutz’s age is 79 years old.
    • Height: His height is not mentioned but it should be nearly 6 feet tall.
    • Weight: His current weight as of 2019 is not available.
    • Eye Color: Philip has ocean color light blue eyes.
    • Hair Color: The color of Philip’s hair is Grey.
    • Body Structure: He has a well maintained, rectangle style of body structure.

    Philip Anschutz’s Relationship History

    Philip married Nancy in 1955 and he was only 16 years old when he first met her. The detailed information about his wife Nancy is not available. There is only a few information regarding her.

    Moreover, the couple has three children, two daughters named Elizabeth and Sarah, and a son named Christian.

    Philip Anschutz and his wife Nancy
    Philip Anschutz and his wife Nancy

    Sarah Anschutz born in 1971 is currently married to Christopher William Hunt. Elizabeth born in 1974 is the couple’s second child. Currently, she is involved in a non-profit organization which was founded by her parents.

    Christian Anschutz, the only son of the Anschutz’s couple is currently a Managing Director at his father’s corporation Western Development Group.

    Philip Anschutz’s Net Worth And Career

    Philip Anschutz’s net worth as of 2019 amounts to $11.3 billion. He made his fortune from railroads, telecom, real estate, entertainment, and oil businesses.

    He is the owner of the ice hockey league NHL’s Kings and also owns one-third of the basketball team LakersAnschutz Entertainment Group is a very popular sporting and music events managing company of Philip.

    Philip Anschutz also owns 300,000 acres land in Wyoming, Anschutz in which he plans to build the world’s biggest wind farm.

    Anschutz began his career with the investment in land. He bought the 250,000-acre farm in Liberal, Kansas in 1970 for $10 million. Shortly afterward, he was the owner of 9 million acres of land at the Utah-Wyoming border.

    Later, in 1980, he became the owner of the oil producing company. He then stepped into the railroad business with the purchase railroad’s holding company the Rio Grande, and Rio Grande Industries.

    Anschutz also ventured in the entertainment business. His company Anschutz Entertainment Group presents live music and entertainment events. He also founded many sports teams like Major League Soccer, Los Angeles Galaxy, Chicago Fire, New York/ New Jersey MetroStars and many more.

    Philip Anschutz’s Philanthropy works

    Philip Anschutz has helped different people and different sectors financially in times of need. He along with his wife has contributed more than $100 million to the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

    The University changed its name to  Anschutz Medical Campus in the family’s honor. Furthermore, he had also donated a good amount to the University of Kansas for the development works.

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