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Daughter of Bill Gates’ Phoebe Adele Gates’ Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Parents!

awash adhikari Published On Fri Aug 10 2018   Modified On Fri Mar 15 2019
Daughter of Bill Gates’ Phoebe Adele Gates’ Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Parents!


    Daughter of Bill Gates’ Phoebe Adele Gates’ Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Parents!

    Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest daughter of the American entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman, and billionaire Bill Gates. Phoebe is argued in arts and is continuing her interest as an artist with support from her family. Once Phoebe Adele Gates was listed in the ‘World’s Ten Most Powerful Kids’ as the daughter of the billionaire Bill Gates where she trapped the tenth position. 

    Phoebe Adele Gates’ Biography

    Phoebe Adele Gates was born on September 14, 2002, in the United States and raised along with her two older siblings; Jennifer Katharine Gates and Rory John Gates. She belongs to an Irish and German ethnic background and holds an American nationality.

    Talking about her educational achievements, Gates attends art classes at American Ballet, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. Additionally, she also attended The Julliard School, Lincoln Center-set. Furthermore, she attends her school at Professional Children’s School, New York at the present time.

    Phoebe Adele Gates’ Parents

    Phoebe Adele Gates caught the limelight as the daughter of an American billionaire, Bill Gates. Her father, Bill Gates was born in the year 1995 in Seattle, Washington. The business personality showed his interest in computer programming at the age of thirteen.

    His passion and interest in the computer have made famous as he is founded the world’s largest computer software company, Microsoft. And in today’s generation, he is mostly known as one of the wealthy people in the world.

    Her mother, Melinda Gates is the American businesswoman as well as a famous philanthropist. But she is famously known as a Bill Gates’ wife. Bill Gates met Melinda in his own company when she came there as an employee.

    Phoebe Adele Gates’ Body Statistics and Age

    • Body Measurements: Younger daughter of a billionaire has a slim body built with a perfect curved shaped however the actual measurement is missing.
    • Height: She stands tall height of 5 feet and 10 inches (1.77m)
    • Hair Color: She has a blonde hair color.
    • Eyes Color: Her brown eyes has described her personality as the mysterious type of person.
    • Age: As of 2019, Phoebe is 16 years old.

    Phoebe Adele Gates’ Relationship History

    Phoebe Adele Gates is currently sixteen years old and is too young to get involved in any relationships. She has always managed to keep her personal life away from the media. Her father has been quite careful when it comes to his children personal life.

    Phoebe is currently single and is not dating anyone. Maybe she is concentrating on her education to emerge a career and be successful like her father sooner than developing a romance at her tender age.

    How Much Is Phoebe Adele Gates’ Net Worth?

    16 years old Phoebe Adele Gates hasn’t started her career yet. Recently she is studying and has not disclosed anything regarding her professional career and work life.

    Though Phoebe Adele Gates’ net worth hasn’t been revealed yet, she is definitely living a lavish lifestyle as her father is the second wealthiest person in the world. Phoebe Adele Gates father has the net worth of $98.3 billion till today. Phoebe Adele Gates is not working anywhere so she doesn’t have a salary as well.

    The active contributor has made it clear to all his children that he would not be giving all of his property to them but that most of his wealth will be going to charity. In case, it is stated that all his three children including Phoebe would only get $10 Million worth of money.

    Currently, Phoebe lives with her parents in $120 million Gates’ mansion.

    Phoebe Adele Gates’ Career

    Gates follows her passion from an early age and currently living with her family in the Gates residence near Lake Washington in Mendia.

    Phoebe Adele Gates started her education life by attending “American Ballet, Lincoln Center“. She has studied arts from the college. Phoebe has also attended The Juilliard School. She has personally put her life and career away from mainstream media attention. She has not been involved in any notable controversies in her career. At present, there is no news regarding her personal life and career.

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