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Queer Actor Amandla Stenberg Identifies As Non-Binary: 7 Facts About Her Including Career, Net Worth, And Instagram

Shrijan Published On Tue Mar 10 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
Queer Actor Amandla Stenberg Identifies As Non-Binary: 7 Facts About Her Including Career, Net Worth, And Instagram

Amandla Stenberg captured the hearts of fans as Rue from The Hunger Games and kept their attention as an outspoken right and equality activist and political commentator. The 21-year-old queer icon is also an LGBTQ rights activist, and herself identifies as non-binary.  

She joins the main cast of visionary filmmaker Damien Chazelle's musical-drama miniseries, The Eddy. Set to premiere for Netflix soon, anticipation has never been higher for the show.

Here are seven facts about Amandla Stenberg:   

7. Part Of The Main Cast Of The Eddy

The Eddy is visionary filmmaker Damien Chazelle's foray into the small screen. The youngest director to win the Academy and the Golden Globe Award for Best Director for La La Land, Chazelle's résumé also boasts Whiplash and First Man.

He directs the musical-drama series, The Eddy. Set to premiere soon on Netflix, the eight-episode miniseries stars André Holland, Joanna Kulig, Tahar Rahim, and Leïla Bekhti in the main cast with Amandla Stenberg playing Julie.        

6. She Identifies As Non-Binary

While most people would rather their se*uality and se*ual preference be private, Stenberg has, on the other hand, been outspoken about her se*uality.       

Amandla came out of closet Via her Instagram
Amandla coming out as g*y on her Instagram

Source: Instagram @amandlasponsored

She has identified as bise*ual and panse*ual, but in 2018, she came out as g*y on her Instagram.                  

In the October/November cover story of Seventeen Magazine, Stenberg went in-depth on her se*uality, body positivity, and acceptance. She reiterated her se*uality, saying:   

“Gender and se*uality are so fluid—it’s okay to change your mind a million times and figure out what works for you. It’s okay to take your time… I’d been out as bise*ual, and people have known I’m queer for a long time." 

5. Amandla Stenberg And King Princess Were In A Relationship

2018 was a true coming-out for Stenberg as she not only came out as g*y but revealed her relationship with the queer singer King Princess.   

Amandla Stenberg and King Princess 
Amandla Stenberg and King Princess 

Source: MTV

News about their relationship came out in early 2018, but by late 2018, they had already separated.       

4. Millions Of Instagram Followers

Not only is Amandla an accomplished actress, but she is also a noted activist on such issues as gender equality, feminism, and LGBTQ issues. She has been hailed as a queer icon and a generational icon.

As such, her popularity on Instagram has also skyrocketed. Under the handle @amandlasponsored, she has amassed 2.4 million followers.   

3. Played Rue In The Hunger Games

Amandla's first high-profile role came in the 2012 action-fantasy movie, The Hunger Games. 

Amandla as Rue in The Hunger Games
Amandla as Rue in The Hunger Games

Source: The New Yorker

The movie - which saw Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson in the lead roles - also saw Amandla play Rue. As the sympathetic child who tragically gets killed during The Hunger Games, she was able to gain acclaim and recognition.      

2. Appeared In Movies Like Colombiana, Everything, Everything, And The Hate U Give

Stenberg made her on-screen debut as the younger Cataleya in Colombiana - the adult version of whom was played by Zoe Saldana.               

Since then, she has appeared on numerous movies, and TV shows, most notable of which are movies like  Lemonade; Everything, Everything; and The Hate U Give.

She has also appeared in TV shows like Sleepy Hollow,  Mr. Robinson, and Drunk History.

1. Her Net Worth Is $2 Million

As of March 2020, Amandla Stenberg's net worth is $2 million. Her wealth comes from her prolific career at the movies and on the television. One of the featured stars of such movies as Colombiana, The Hunger Games, and The Hate U Give, her net worth is reflective of her acumen as an actress.      

She is one of the main cast of Damien Chazelle's Netflix musical-drama miniseries, The Eddy.