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Ricko Dewilde

Rajesh Published On Wed Aug 09 2023   Modified On Wed Aug 09 2023
Ricko Dewilde


    Ricko Dewilde

    Ricko DeWilde is a tough outdoors expert on a TV show called Life Below Zero. He's from a family of Native Alaskans called Koyukon Athabascans. They have their own special ways of hunting and fishing that they learned from their elders for a really long time.

    Ricko DeWilde Early Life, Family & Background

    Ricko DeWilde was born on June 7, 1975, which makes him a Gemini. He's from the United States. Ricko is the third youngest of fourteen children born to his parents Lloyd and Amelia DeWilde

    DeWilde in Alaska woods.
    source- Instagram- @reeky_reeks

    During his first 18 years of life, Ricko grew up with 13 brothers and sisters. Together, they lived near the Koyukuk and Yukon rivers, where they did a lot of hunting, trapping, and fishing. Ricko and his siblings learned at home Instead of going to a regular school. He only went to a regular school when he was in his mid-teens.

    Ricko DeWilde's Cast "Life Below Zero"

    "Life Below Zero" is a TV show about tough people living in wild Alaska. Let me introduce you to some of the main folks on the show: Sue Aikens is a tough lady living in a cabin in the wild. She's super independent and strong. Chip and Agnes Hailstone have a big family and live in the wild too. They do things in an old-fashioned way.

    Cast members of  "Life Below Zero"
    source- Instagram- @officialalaskastatefair

    Andy Bassich lives alone with his dogs by a river. He's really good at hunting and fishing. Jessie Holmes is a young guy with a team of dogs. He loves adventures and knows how to use his dogs.

    Erik and Martha Mae Salitan are a young couple who are good at living off the land. Ricko DeWilde is all about keeping his native Alaskan ways alive. Glenn Villeneuve lives by himself and is great at hunting and fishing. 

    Sabrina Renno loves adventures and has her own team of dogs. Jenna Busch lives with her family and is strong in tough conditions. Terry Neese knows a lot about surviving in the wild with his family.

    Ricko Career: What is Life Below Zero?

    "Life Below Zero" is a TV show that follows people who hunt to survive in wild Alaska. It's made by BBC Studios and is shown on the National Geographic channel. The show has been on since 2013 and has had 20 seasons.

    Life Below Zero has been nominated for a 2023 Emmy
    source- Instagram- @zachvincent_

    The show is about folks and families who live in remote parts of Alaska. They use their skills to stay alive in the tough environment. Ricko DeWilde is one of the people on the show. He's really good at surviving – hunting, trapping, and making things. 

    Ricko's story on the show talks about how he went from having problems with drugs and being in jail to having a family life in Fairbanks, Alaska. He's a dad too. The show talks about his life in the wild areas of Alaska, where he's great at hunting and keeping his traditions alive.

    DeWilde's Wife, Rona: Dating History & Wedding

    Ricko DeWilde and Rona Vent are married? it's not clear whether they are married or not but are surely partners. They have five children together though they haven't stated if they're officially married. 

    DeWilde with his wife  Rona Vent and their children.
    source- Facebook

    Ricko and Rona have been together for a long time for at least twenty years because their oldest daughter is around that age. Even though the couple isn't married, they are more committed and better suited than some married couples.

    Rona knows about living in super cold weather and the wilds of Alaska, just like Ricko. She's skilled at hunting and keeps her traditions alive.  She likes to keep her life private and doesn't share much with the public. 

    Ricko & His Wife, Vent Shares 5 Children

    Ricko DeWilde has five kids with his partner Rona Vent. Simone DeWilde is the oldest and was born on June 5, 2004. She's 18 years old now and finished high school. Skyler Blue DeWilde is the second oldest and was born on June 15, 2011

    Ricko Children's celebrating Christmas.
    source- Instagram- @reeky_reeks

    Skyler is 12 years old and sometimes goes hunting with his dad. He's also a part-time model for his dad's clothing brand. Skarlett Haze DeWilde & Keenan Nulitna DeWilde are the third oldest and the youngest boy. 

    We don't know their exact age yet, but they are learning to hunt and shoot like her siblings. Maya DeWilde is the youngest and was born on January 10, 2017. She's 6 years old now and Ricko is teaching her how to survive in the wild like the rest of the family. 

    Ricko DeWilde Net Worth: How rich is Ricko? 

    Ricko DeWilde's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He started a clothing brand called HYDZ Gear. He got most of his money from being on TV and selling his clothes. 

    DeWilde Hunting with his bro Binka.
    source- Instagram- @reeky_reeks

    He gets paid for being on the show, but we don't know exactly how much. People say he might get $200,000 for each episode he's in. His clothes, HYDZ Gear, have cool designs with feathers and stuff that show off Native American beauty. 

    Ricko Now 2023 Status: What is DeWilde currently Doing?

    DeWilde is part of a show called Life Below Zero on National Geographic. He's really busy with different things like hunting, selling his clothes, and supporting Native Americans.

    DeWilde's Some of the last winters catch fresh from the tannery. 
    source- Instagram- @reeky_reeks

    He tries to find a balance between his old way of life and the new one he's in. He's always moving and thinking of new ideas. He's lucky because he has better tools than his ancestors.

    like snow machines instead of just snowshoes, and rifles instead of knives. He's teaching his kids the same skills, to care for the Earth and be ready for anything. 

    Ricko DeWilde Age, height, & Social media presence 

    Ricko DeWilde is 48 years old and is pretty tall at 6 feet 2 inches (1.85 meters). He's into social media too, with around 18.9k people following him on Instagram and about 4.9k on Facebook.

    Rickois teaching how to shoot to his daughter.
    source- Instagram- @reeky_reeks

    DeWilde likes sharing pictures and videos of his hunting, survival stuff, and even family moments. He also has a YouTube channel where he shows videos about hunting, fishing, and how to survive in the wild.