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Roisin Waters

Rajesh Published On Mon Aug 14 2023   Modified On Mon Aug 14 2023
Roisin Waters


    Roisin Waters

    Roisin Waters is the offspring of the late Irish vocalist Sinead O’Connor and journalist John Waters who lives a discreet existence. While her details remain limited, she inherits her mother's musical prowess and her father's adept writing abilities.

    Roisin Waters' Parents: John Waters & Sinead O’Connor Are Irish Musicians 

    Floundering in the limelight due to her celebrity family. Yet, her upbringing unfolded in Ireland under the influence of her illustrious Irish parents. Roisin's father, Waters, stands as both an Irish wordsmith and musician, while her mother, Sinead, shines as a celebrated singer and songwriter.

    Within Ireland, both parents are acclaimed as the perfection of musical excellence. Roisin is graced with loving grandparents, namely John O'Connor and Marie O'Connor, with whom she cherishes spending quality time.

    Roisin Waters' Parents, Sinead & John: They Are Not Married

    Roisin Waters' parents never wed; they welcomed her during their dating days. They faced frequent conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to an inability to marry. the couple's 1995 romance ended in 1996 due to irreconcilable differences. 

    Sinead O'Connor was Irish Musician.
    Roisin's Mother Sinead O'Connor.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @oconnor.sinead

    Despite this, Sinead was already pregnant and chose to give birth to Roisin against family objections. Sinead's courage and unwavering love for her unborn child prevailed as she defied her family's wishes, allowing Waters to come into the world. Since then, mother and daughter have shared their journey together.

    Know about Sinead Daughter Roisin Waters

    Roisin Waters was born on March 6, 1996, in London, England, and raised in Ireland alongside her renowned parents, Sinead O'Connor and John Waters. She received her education at an Irish Catholic school, where she embraced her mother's musical gift by learning to play the guitar.

    Currently residing in Dublin, Ireland, Roisin Waters thrives as both a pastry chef and a vocalist. Despite her talents, she maintains a private existence, leaving much of her music career and personal life shrouded in mystery.

    Waters' Mother's Married history: Sinead Was Married Three times

    Roisin's mother, Sinead has experienced three marriages with different men, revealing a journey of ups and downs. Her initial union with record producer and musician John Reynolds took place in 1987 but dissolved after merely three years in 1991.

     Steve Cooney Ex-Wife Was Sinead O'Connor.
    Sinead O'Connor and her ex-husband Steve Cooney.

    Following her split from Reynolds, Sinead entered a brief relationship with Roisin's father, John, as earlier mentioned. This bond, however, lasted just one year. Opting for a single life post-breakup, Sinead remained unattached until encountering journalist Nicholas Sommerlad. 

    Their connection led to a 2001 marriage, but it concluded within three years, resulting in a less-than-amicable separation. Sinead's subsequent union was with Australian-Irish musician Steve Cooney in 2010. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived, ending in 2011. This series of marriages showcases a complex path of relationships for Roisin's mother.

    Waters Has Three Half-Siblings 

    Roisin Waters is graced with three adoring half-siblings through her mother's line. She shares her life with an elder brother named Jake Reynolds and two younger brothers named Shane Lunny and Yeshua Bonadio. Jake currently pursues a musical journey in Ireland. 

    Yeshua delights in the joys of childhood as the son of Sinead O'Connor and Frank Bonadio. Tragically, Shane was born to Sinead O'Connor, and Donal Lunny and is no longer with us, having been found dead on January 7, 2022, in Bray, Ireland. Police investigation revealed his passing as a result of suicide.

    Roisin Waters Net Worth 2023| Sinead O'Connor Net Worth

    Roisin Waters leads a life of wealth, benefiting from her parents' substantial wealth. Her upbringing has been honored, surrounded by luxury since birth. Her net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 just like Ken Gaulden.

    Rosin And Her Mother Sinead when Roisin was a baby.
    Sinead O’Connor Carrying Roisin While she was a baby.

    Sinead O'Connor, Roisin's mother, boasts a significant net worth of $500 thousand at the time of her death. while her father, John Waters, holds $100,000 in assets. Roisin clearly relishes the privileges afforded by her parents' prosperity. Observers often spot her adorned in luxury attire and cruising in lavish vehicles, reminiscent of Kortni Morton's lifestyle.

    Roisin Relationship History: Is She Single Or Married? 

    Roisin Waters is happily married to Leo O'Shea, just like Sasha Clements, sharing a bond that has spanned numerous years. Although their precise wedding date remains undisclosed, the couple's harmonious relationship is evident.

    The lovely couple has migrated to the United States, seeking enhanced opportunities for their livelihood, and they peacefully coexist there. However, these claims remain unverified and speculative. The status of whether they have children together or not also remains hidden.

    Sinead O'Connor & John O'Connor; Custody Battle for Roisin

    Brigidine Roisin Waters was to Sinead and John Waters, an Irish Times columnist and writer. Despite her parents' separation prior to her birth, John frequently visited Roisin at her mother's home. According to John, Roisin became a beacon of positivity in his life.

    Sinead made the difficult decision to entrust Roisin's custody
    Roisin's Mother Sinead O'Connor's Battle John for her Custody.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @oconnor.sinead

    In 1999, John made allegations of neglect against Sinead concerning their daughter, prompting an official investigation. However, Sinead vehemently refuted these claims.

    This accusation marked the latest episode in a series of disagreements between Sinead and John, who had been embroiled in a custody battle for Roisin since her infancy. In 2014, Sinead made the difficult decision to entrust Roisin's custody to her father following her own personal struggles.

    Physical Outlooks & Absence of Social 

    Physical Attributes: Height & Weight Roisin Waters stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and maintains a weight of approximately 58 kg (127 lbs), fitting well with her stature. Her slender frame complements her fair complexion.

    Roisin possesses captivating brown eyes and striking black hair.  She has chosen not to adorn herself with tattoos, a departure from her mother's style. Her elegant physique and beautiful countenance are greatly admired.

    Absence on Social Media Despite her famous family, Roisin has opted not to establish a presence on social media platforms. This deliberate choice suggests a preference for privacy over the spotlight, leaving her day-to-day activities shrouded in mystery for the public.

    her mother Sinead thrives as a social media sensation. With an Instagram following surpassing 42K and a Twitter account boasting over 72K followers, Sinead enjoys an actual online presence.

    Has Roisin Performed with Her Mother Sinead?

    Roisin leads a relatively private life, devoid of any presence on social media platforms. Yet, her talent shines when she shares the stage with her mother for musical performances. 

    During the Electric Picnic festival in 2014, she graced the main stage alongside Sinead, captivating the audience with renditions of "Take Me to Church" and "The Wolf is Getting Married."

    In a similar vein, at just 17 years old, Roisin made a surprise appearance on an Icelandic television show, joining her mother and John Grant to provide backing vocals for the hit song "Greatest Mother."

    Roisin's talents extend beyond singing. She showcased her writing skills with an article in the Independent, a source of pride for her journalist father, John, who had a distinguished career with the Irish Times from 1991 to 2014.