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Ron White-Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Personal Life, Car, Comedian, Wife, Bio

tp-admin Published On Sat Dec 10 2022   Modified On Sat Dec 10 2022
Ron White-Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Personal Life, Car, Comedian,  Wife, Bio


    Ron White-Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Personal Life, Car, Comedian, Wife, Bio

    How Much Is The Net Worth Of Ron White?  

    Ron White has a net worth of $40 million. He is an American comedian is famous for his smoking-drinking trademark during the act. 

    Professional since 1985, the 65-year old stand-up comedian and actor has blessed himself with massive fame and fortune.

    Famed as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, White went solo since 2003 and is still active in his career. Get details on Ron White's net worth, asset, salary, lifestyle, and personal life.

    What Is The Source Of His $40 Million Fortune?

    Surely it is one of the best feelings in the world when can make people laugh and if you can make money from that then it is cherry on the top. The case seems no different for the prominent comedian Ron White. 

    White's fame skyrocketed, so did his earnings after he joined the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (2000-2003) alongside Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy.

    As of December 2022, Ron White owns the estimated net worth of $40 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. Well, The Richest claims that Ron's fortune in 2017 was $30 million.

    As per Forbes, White ranked #10 among the Top-Earning Comedians of 2013 and amassed the overall worth of $10 million. 

    Still, now, the American-stand-up comedian is active in his career, so the million-dollars shower seems to have barely stopped. Henceforth, Ron's net worth is likely to increase as his career continues.

    Net Worth Comparison

    As reported, Ron White shares the equal net worth figure with Bill Engvall, i.e. $40 million, though owns low in comparison of Larry The Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy.

    1. Larry The Cable Guy- Owns $80 million ( 2 times more than of Ron White)
    2. Jeff Foxworthy- Has $100 million fortune ( $60 million more than that of White)

    Further his net worth can be compared to the comedians like Katt Williams, Bob Saget, and Tammy Pescatelli. 

    From US Navy To Millionaire Comedian: Sales & Salary? 

    Initially serving as a US Navy at the age of 17, Ron White later transited to comedy career. Well, he came to fame after touring with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy as part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

    Sources report that while in the tour in 90 cities from January 2000 through March 2003, they grossed the total of $15 million.

    Later in 2003, Ron went solo in his career and has released many stand-up comedy albums such as: Drunk in Public (2003), You Can't Fix Stupid (2006), and Behavioral Problems (2009)

    Ron White has a trademark of smoking and drinking during the act

    Ron White has a trademark of smoking and drinking during the act 

    For a fact, White's Drunk in Public has been certified gold by the RIAA which sold over 500,000 units, making $500,000 from sales. However, Ron is yet to disclose his current salary and earning detail. 

    As reported, Ron's earning in 2013 was $10 million, so he's earning probably is in the million-dollar figure.

    Well, the average salary of a Stand-up Comedian in the United State is around $33,500.

    Business, Instagram & YouTube Earnings

    Alongside comedy career, Ron White seems to have prominence in the business venture as well. He is the founder of the handcrafted liquor online store Number Juan Tequila alongside Alex Reymundo.

    Moreover, White probably earns via his various endorsement details. As per Influencer Marketing Hub, he can sum up to $430-$717 per sponsored Instagram post, where his followers are over 144K as of March 2019.

    Besides this, Ron also earns thousands of dollars from his YouTube channel with over 28K followers.

    Asset, Lifestyle & Expenses

    Owning such a massive multi-million net worth, Ron White lives a lavish lifestyle and often shares the post of his travels in many places.

    Currently, White resides in his mansion in Suwanee, Georgia. In May 2017, the American comedian put his 9,476 sq. ft. Georgia house for sale with the asking price of $2.395 million, but couldn't pull out buyers.

    Also, the same property was listed in the market in 2003 for $3.495 million. Ron White's Suwanee home features 6-bedrooms, 6 and a half bathrooms and 10 fireplaces throughout the house.

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    Ron White's house in Suwanee, Georgia

    Ron White's house in Suwanee, Georgia 

    In August 2014, White put his Montecito in the market for $4.475 million. Built in 1973, the house spread on 3.25 acre, the property cost Ron a whopping $3.75 million when he bought it in 2006.

    However, the sales details of the mansion never became out.

    Sources report that Ron White's asset collection also includes a Mercedes, Maserati, Chevrolet and many more, of his hundred thousand dollars worth car-collection.

    In addition to that, he reportedly owns millions of dollars worth private jet.

    Moreover, the dog person Ron owns 2 French Bulldogs (each costs $1,500-$3,000).

    Tax Payments

    Apart from the expenses on cigarette/cigar or alcohol, Ron White does have a bulk of list on his tax payments: property and income tax.

    As per, his Suwanee house seeks 1.311% of the total assessed value as property tax, that is accompanied by $900-$1,100 insurance premium.

    Also, he has to follow the massive income tax policy. For instance, upon the $10 million annual income of Ron White, the comedian will pay $4.5 million as income tax, inclusive of 36.61% Federal tax, 2.41% FICA and 5.99% State tax.

    Charity Works

    Alike his active comedy show ups, Ron White is also active in charity works. Well, in March 2009, he was awarded Armed Forces Foundation's Patriot Award after he raised money to help wounded soldiers. 

    Associated with Red Cross, White also did many fundraising shows for to support the Hurricane Katrina victims.

    Ron White's Personal Details: Age, Family, Education, Married Life & Wife

    Born as Ronald Dee White on December 18, 1956, in Fritch, Texas, the U.S., Ron is an American by nationality. He is the son of Charles Don White and Barbara Joan Craig and belongs from a Christian family.

    The Deer Park High School graduate was fond of comedy career since an early age. White started his career through the US Navy but soon turned in for the comedy career.

    Marriages, Divorces, And  Children

    Well, he has been married thrice in his life, but all of them failed with divorce. Ron White first married Lori Brice (m. August 1, 1981 - div, December 29, 1992) and shared a son named Marshall.

    Then, Ron was married to Barbara Dobbs (m. June 2004 - div. 2008) and Margo Rey (m. October 13, 2013- div. 2017). He filed for divorce with Margo Rey after 4 years of marriage but is yet to be final.

    For a fact, White never shared any children from his second and third marriage.

    Note: Nicknamed as Tatar Salad and famous for smoking and drinking trademark while doing the acts.

    Age And Height

    As of December 2022, Ron's age is 65 and has a height of 6 ft 2 inches.

    Ron Was Arrested For Marijuana Possession

    While at one hand, Ron is known for his accomplishments, he is also famous for a little bit of his intoxication and criminal records.

    The stand-up comedian was arrested for the possession of marijuana by the police in Vero Beach, Florida, in his private plane. The police reported that they found a gram of marijuana and Paraphernalia.