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Home lifestyle Salma Hayek Breast Implant Rumors: A Comprehensive Analysis of Her Before & After Pics

Salma Hayek Breast Implant Rumors: A Comprehensive Analysis of Her Before & After Pics

Shrijan Published On Tue Dec 10 2019   Modified On Wed Dec 11 2019
Salma Hayek Breast Implant Rumors: A Comprehensive Analysis of Her Before & After Pics

Salma Hayek is an American actress of Mexican descent. One of the most recognizable faces in the industry, the veteran of Hollywood cinema has received numerous accolades, both for her acting talent, and her exotic good looks.

At age 53, Salma looks as stunning as ever, thanks to her rigorous workout regiment and strict diet. The subject of Salma Hayek's breasts has been a constant source of speculation and conjecture among fans since her early days in the industry.

Reports are as divisive as ever on whether she is naturally gifted, or she has had work done to enhance her assets. We are here to put the rumors to bed with our comprehensive look back at Salma Hayek's breasts.

Are Her Breasts Real, or Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Eagle-eyed fans of the exotic Mexican-American actress have noted an increase in the size of her bust from the time her career started gaining traction.

Following her rise to superstardom as part of Quentin Tarantino's 1996 horror movie, From Dusk Till Dawn, she was showing noticeably more cleavage, leading to rampant speculations that she had gone under the knife.

So, are the rumors true? Did she get breast implants? The short answer is YES!

Salma Hayek has indeed had plastic surgery done to augment her breasts. In a not-so-closely-guarded secret, Salma came under the knife to enhance her C-cups to Double D's.

At the time, one of the most expensive cosmetic surgeries, she reportedly got her augmented breasts for a whopping $10,000. 

Her surgery still holds up as one of the more expensive breast-jobs in Hollywood along with such actresses like Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and Denise Richards. 

Before and after shot of Salma Hayek
A photo Salma Hayek before and after her breast implant surgery
Before and after shot of Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek pre- and post-plastic surgery

Don't believe us? Take a look at the above before and after shots of the actress and judge for yourselves.

The pictures on the left, show a vintage shot of Salma pre-plastic surgery. She has noticeably smaller breasts, conspicuous be her lack of cleavage. The photos were taken before she rose to superstardom as a part of Quentin Tarantino's From Dusk Till Dawn

The pictures to the right show a noticeable increase in the amount of cleavage on display. Conspicuous by their size, her augmented breasts are indeed hard-to-miss, thereby putting to rest the rumor that Salma Hayek was naturally endowed.