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What Led The End Of Carlos Mencía's Comedy Career: Seven Facts You Need To Know About Him

Shrijan Published On Wed Dec 18 2019   Modified On Wed Dec 18 2019
What Led The End Of Carlos Mencía's Comedy Career: Seven Facts You Need To Know About Him

Carlos Mencía is a Honduran-born American comedian, writer, and actor. At one point, one of the most talked-about comedians working, he now wallows in obscurity.    

In this list, we take a look at seven facts that you may not have known about the disgraced comedian and how one of the brightest comedians in the world could fall so deep into irrelevance.

7. Carlos Is The 17th Child Among 18 Children

Carlos was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to Roberto Holness and Magdelena Mencía. Born on October 22, 1967, he was the 17th kid out of 18 children.  

6. Carlos' Birth Name Is Ned

Carlos was born Ned Arnel Mencia. When Carlos's comedy career began gaining traction, the owner of The Comedy Store, Mitzi Shore, suggested a name change to siphon more Mexican viewers.

Ned adopted the name Carlos soon after that. Coupled with his mother's last name, the world became acquainted with Carlos Mencia.

5. He Moved Back To Honduras To Avoid Being Recruited By A Gang  

Carlos was sent to live in Los Angeles, California, with his aunt and uncle when he was three months old by his parents. Upon turning into a teenager, his parents insisted he returns to Honduras to avoid being recruited by a gang in East Los Angeles. 

His parents' efforts seemed futile in the end when, as a 19-year-old, Carlos dealt with drugs and burglarized a house upon his move back to LA.  

4. He Was Once A Comedian, Actor, And Singer In His Heyday

You wouldn't know it by his current standing (or lack thereof), but Carlos once had a successful comedy career. Starting in an amateur hour at the comedy club, Laugh Factory, Carlos was able to carve out a career for himself on the comedy circuit. He was soon making the rounds of comedy clubs in LA and all over the country, including a regular gig at The Comedy Store. 

Carlos Mencia performing on-stage
Carlos Mencia performing on-stage

Source: Wikipedia

After the talent show Buscando Estrellas named him the "International Comedy Grand Champion," he became a household name appearing on such shows as "In Living Color," "The Arsenio Hall Show," "Moesha," and "An Evening at the Improv." 

The multi-faceted Carlos also made movie appearances in such a movie as 29 Palms, Farce of the PenguinsThe Heartbreak Kid, and Our Family Wedding

He has also released several albums, including Take a Joke America, America Rules, Unmerciful, and Spanglish, among others.

3. Carlos' Reputation As A Notorious Joke Stealer

Carlos was firing on all cylinders and looking to be one of the biggest things to come out of Honduras, but his time in the spotlight was rather short-lived.

He started gaining infamy within the comedy circle as a joke stealer. Joe Rogan was the most outspoken about this, lampooning Carlos with accusations of stealing material from the likes of George Lopez, Bob Levy, Bobby Lee, and Ari Shaffir.

His joke stealing was so talked about that it was parodied in the April 8, 2009 episode of South Park, titled "Fishsticks."

2. On-stage Confrontation With Joe Rogan

The bad blood between Carlos and Joe Rogan boiled over when Joe confronted Mencia during his live set on February 10, 2007. Carlos was performing in The Comedy Store when Joe rushed on-stage and had a heated altercation with Carlos, where they shared verbal barbs.

Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia's on-stage altercation
Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia's on-stage altercation

Source: Laist

Carlos came out of the argument looking worst, and his career effectively ended over the accusations.

1. Carlos Is Reportedly Worth $20 Million

In his heyday, Carlos was so successful that despite his career crawling to a halt in the mid-2000s, he is reported to be worth $20 million.

Once a successful comedian, actor, and singer, Carlos became a household name. 

Carlos Mencia with his wife, Amy
Carlos with his wife, Amy

Source: Taddlr

Despite surfacing intermittently to perform at clubs, Carlos' career in 2019 is a ghost of what it had been in his glory days. Presently, he lives a quiet life in Los Angeles with his wife, Amy, and his son Lucas Pablo Mencia.