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Seven Interesting Facts Surrounding Bella Thorne's Career, Lifestyle, & Se*uality

Dahlia Published On Thu Jan 02 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
Seven Interesting Facts Surrounding Bella Thorne's Career, Lifestyle, & Se*uality

CeCe Jones, a character played by Bella Thorne in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up gave her the prominence every other artist wishes to achieve.

But with the kind of ballyhoo and initial success with Disney, enough to be labeled as a Disney star, only a few can make a name for themselves.

Well, Annabella Avery Thorne, staying true to her personality, has earned an identity for herself, also as a singer and director and not just a Disney star.

A tabloid darling Bella has undoubtedly been scrutinized for everything she does, the obvious downside of popularity. Still, her candidness is what we admire, and that is what we have summed up in this article, so let's begin.

7. Bella has Done More Than 40 Commercials

No stranger to the lens of the camera, Thorne's modeling career started from when she was six weeks old. 

Eventually, she began to appear in the advertisement for various products, most significantly the skincare product of Neutrogena and the technology company called Texas Instruments. 

Furthermore, Bella served as a spokesperson of the Texas Instruments for two years, citing it as the biggest break in an interview with Seventeen Magazine. 

6. She is a Cannabis Entrepreneur

It seems the actress-turned-musician-turned best selling author accomplishments list never ceases; Thorne added another tag to her achievement, an entrepreneur.

In October of 2019, the Midnight Sun actress collaborated with Glass House Group and launched a cannabis brand named 'Forbidden Flower.' 

Bella Thorne Cannabis Brand 'Forbidden Flowers'
Bella Thorne Cannabis Brand 'Forbidden Flowers' Souce:Instagram

So far, the venture to the business world is promising for the 22-year old actress, with an ambition of starting a Cannabidiol brand in the year 2020.

5. Spanish is Bella's First Language

Despite Florida being her birthplace, the Teen Choice Awards nominee is unblushing to tell the world her origin; she is a Latino. 

Bella's father was a Cuban, and Spanish became her first language. But, she dropped the use of Spanish because of dyslexia.

Nevertheless, Thorne has fiercely backed up the claim of her origin. "To me, being Latin is about more than your looks—it's how you're brought up. I was raised in a very Latin family", she said in an online women's magazine-Glamour.

4. She Wants to Date Kristen Stewart & Marry Quentin Tarantino

What sets Bella apart is her ability to connect with her fans, from being open about her dyslexia to revealing her se*ual orientation, falling in between the line of candid and brazen.

In the photoshoot with Complex, You Get Me actress casually remarked her inner monologue whenever she runs into Quentin Tarantino, filmmaker, actor, film programmer, and a cinema owner. 

Bella Thorne and Quentin Tarantino
With her Favorite Quentin Tarantino Source: Twitter

The monologue "I would marry you. I literally would marry Quentin Tarantino. Like I love you, dude.", she jocularly tells in the shoot.

And, she definitely would love to date the Twilight actress Kristen Stewart, she confessed to Harper's Bazaar.

3. She Became Panse*ual From Bise*ual

The Shake It Up actress came out as biseual back in 2016, revealing the preference in an unusual way. Bella replied to the question about bise*uality to a Twitter fan with a Yes. 

In June of 2019, the actress changed the preference to panseual in the Good Morning America interview, saying she realized she was a panse*ual when she learned the meaning of the term.

2. Bella's Agency Did Not Recommend the Horror Genre

A transition from Disney series to horror movies like Amityville is mostly not preferred for a budding actress.

The Life of a Wannabe Mogul author was expected to work in romantic-comedy movies. However, the rebellious actress' interest rested in the darker things, exclaiming that this kind of genre is what represents her.

Her unfiltered conversation with Vogue goes on to present more of Bella's interest and her reasons behind the choices of movies.

1. Halloween Make-up Raised Controversy

In October of 2019, Thorne posted a Halloween-based make-up picture on Instagram, and she immediately got reprimanded for the post.

Bella Thorne Halloween Make-Up
Source: Instagram

The public dressing-down was indeed the concern and worrying of her fans for glamorizing domestic abuse.

Either way, the talented actress has come far from Disney days transmuting like a chameleon in the years and is basking in the glory of fame.