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7 Facts About Kaley Cuoco: Fame After The Big Bang Theory, Two Marriages, And Net Worth

Shrijan Published On Mon Feb 17 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
7 Facts About Kaley Cuoco: Fame After The Big Bang Theory, Two Marriages, And Net Worth

Kaley Cuoco is a headline-grabber no matter what she does in life. Whether that was wowing audiences as Penny in The Big Bang Theory; or getting married, then divorced, then married again; or having controversial opinions on feminism, Cuoco certainly knows how to be the center of attention.

The 34-year-old California native loves the camera and the camera reciprocates. She was one #2 in the list of the wealthiest TV actresses in 2017 according to Forbes, she has millions of Instagram followers, and she is married to the heir of a billion-dollar empire. 

Kaley is living her best life, and in this list, we look at seven facts about the Cali stunner.    

7. Played Penny in The Big Bang Theory

While you may not have heard of the person behind the character, Kaley Cuoco, it is an impossibility that you haven't heard of Penny from The Big Bang Theory- she is only one of the most popular television characters in history!

Kaley Cuoco is one of the ensemble cast members of The Big Bang Theory
Kaley Cuoco is one of the ensemble cast members of The Big Bang Theory

Cuoco was, at one point, one of the highest-paid actresses in TV history, courtesy of her turn as Penny in The Big Bang Theory; she along with the main cast were raking in $1 million per episode by the sitcom's final season.

Cuoco's character, Penny, contrasted the geekdom of the men in the show with her Nebraskan brawn and added an innocent charm that offset the brilliant lunacy of her men counterparts.

6. She has been Married Twice  

Cuoco is in her second marriage after a string of whirlwind romances with the likes of Henry Cavill, Paul Blackthorne, Bret Bollinger, and Josh Henderson, engagement with Josh Resnik, and two previous marriages.

Relationship with Co-star Johnny Galecki   

Cuoco's character in The Big Bang Theory, Penny, was in a relationship with Johnny Galecki's character, Leonard Hofstadter. While their relationship blossomed on-screen, so did it off-screen, They dated privately for two years, and the tabloids only caught wind of their relationship when they called it quits in December 2009. They were still together on the show, which made their break-up awkward, but by all accounts, their separation was amicable, and they remain friends. Galecki even attended Cuoco's wedding and was all smiles.

Galecki opened up about their breakup in an interview with CBS Watch! magazine in November 2013:

"We’re dear friends, still. Kaley’s not just an ex, she’s a part of my life. It was a wonderful relationship, but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together.”        

Divorce from Ryan Sweeting

Kaley was briefly engaged to an addiction specialist, Josh Resnik, from October 2011, but their engagement was called off in March 2012.

Cuoco with ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting
Cuoco with ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting

Cuoco's first marriage came with the pro tennis player, Ryan Sweeting. They got engaged in September 2013 after dating for three months. Kaley walked down the aisle as Sweeting's bride-to-be on December 31, 2013. 

Their marriage ended as swiftly as it started, and by September 25, 2015, they were announcing their separation. The divorce would be finalized on May 9, 2016.   

Married to Karl Cook 

Second time's the charm apparently, as it seems Cuoco has found "the one" this time around in equestrian Karl Cook. Cuoco has been married to the heir to the billion-dollar Cook empire since June 30, 2018.

Kaley Cuoco with her husband, Karl Cook
Kaley Cuoco with her husband, Karl Cook
Source: The Blast

They began dating in late 2016, and when Karl got down on one knee to propose marriage to Cuoco during her 32nd birthday on November 30, 2017, she responded with a resounding "yes!"

5. Mainstream Breakthrough Role in Charmed

Kaley broke through in the entertainment industry in 2005 despite working relentlessly since 1992 and it was all thanks to Charmed. She first made an appearance as Billie Jenkins in season 8 of the fantasy drama show.

Her 22-episode stint as the telekinetic Billie was a favorite with the audiences and heralded her prolific career.  

4. Voice of Harley Quinn in Animated TV Show 

Since 2019, Cuoco has been the voice of the titular character in the animated superhero show, Harley Quinn. She also pulls double duty as the executive producer on the show.   

The show premiered its first season on the DC Universe video-on-demand service on November 29, 2019. 

3. Her Massive Instagram Following

There is a reason Kaley Cuoco plays the beautiful blonde in movies and on television. Cuoco is one of the most beautiful actresses and is in top contention for se*iest women in television in magazines such as Maxim and FHM. Some of her attributes might be surgically enhanced, but there is no denying that Kaley is stunning regardless.

Kaley Cuoco enjoying marital bliss with her husband, as seen on her Instagram
Kaley Cuoco enjoying marital bliss with her husband, as seen on her Instagram
Source: Instagram @kaleycuoco

On her Instagram, Cuoco has racked up an impressive following of over 5 million followers under her handle @kaleycuoco. Not one to shy away from her God-given attributes, Cuoco remains one of the strongest presences on Instagram.

2. Played Katey Sagal's Daughter in Two Sitcoms

When we say that Kaley is not a one-hit-wonder, we reference her starring role as Bridget Hennessy in the ABC sitcom, 8 Simple Rules. 

Cuoco also holds the distinct privilege of playing Golden Globe Award-winning actress Katey Sagal's daughter in two sitcoms. She first played Cuoco's mother in 8 Simple Rules and brought things full circle when she again played her mother in The Big Bang Theory.          

1. Her Net Worth is $100 Million

As of February 2020, Kaley Cuoco's net worth is reported to be $100 million. 

While it would be blasphemous to call Kaley Cuoco a one-hit-wonder, almost all of her whopping $100 million net worth can be attributed to her stint as Penny in The Big Bang Theory

Penny is one of the most beloved characters in TV history and as Penny, Kaley was one of the highest-paid actresses in TV history. Initially working for a not-so-measly sum of $45,000 per episode, that figure would skyrocket after fans and critics took a liking to the show and Cuoco's character on the show.  

For seasons 2 to 4, Cuoco's per-episode earning was boosted to $200,000. Her income would further be bolstered by the meteoric rise in popularity of the show and by the time the show was in its fifth season, her earning-per-episode was $350,000. 

By the eighth season, Cuoco was earning $850,000 per episode and for the final two seasons, she was earning $1 million per episode.