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Kate del Castillo's Love Life, Profession, Finance: Check Out Seven Facts About Her

Shrijan Published On Mon Dec 30 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 30 2019
Kate del Castillo's Love Life, Profession, Finance: Check Out Seven Facts About Her

From playing a drug crime lord on the screen to being alleged in a relationship with one, Kate del Castillo has enjoyed fame and notoriety in equal measure.

Kate del Castillo, 47, is a Mexican actress who became a star in her native country following her role in Muchachitas and an international star following her role in La Reina del Sur and Ingobernable.

She also starred in the 2007 movie Under the Same Moon, which is the highest-grossing Spanish-language movie to be released in the US. 

Her personal life, however, is not as straightforward. She got embroiled with the Mexican crime-lord El Chapo and was alleged to have been romantically involved with him. 

The allegations have not been proven, but it has put a mainstream spotlight on her that her career could not.

We look at seven facts about Kate del Castillo.

7. She Plays a Female Drug Lord in La Reina del Sur

La Reina del Sur translates to The Queen of the South and is a 2011 Spanish telenovela based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte's eponymous books. 

The series follows a young Mexican woman named Teresa Mendoza (played by Kate del Castillo) and her ascension to the top of the Spanish drug trafficking network.

Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza in La Reina del Sur
Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza in La Reina del Sur
Source: The Cinemaholic

The second season of La Reina del Sur premiered on 22 April 2019. 

6. Married and Divorced Multiple Times

Kate del Castillo was blessed with good genes that make men fall head over heels in love with her. She has been in relationships with several high-profile men and has been divorced numerous times.

Her first public relationship was with Mexican entrepreneur Emilio Azcarraga Jean. She then dated the Mexican footballer Luis García. They got married on February 3, 2001, and divorced on September 1, 2004.

She then dated Mexican-American actor Aarón Díaz. They married in a ceremony in Las Vegas in August 2009 and divorced on July 26, 2011. 

She has been rumored to have had relationships with actor Sean Penn and the Mexican crime kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, although both romances have been highly debated.

5. Relationship with Mafia Boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera

One of the most notorious aspects of Kate del Castillo's life is her alleged relationship with the Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera. 

On January 9, 2012, Castillo played with fire when she addressed the drug lord directly in a tweet discussing social problems in Mexico. 

The most controversial part of the tweet reads:

"Today I believe more in Chapo Guzmán than in the government that hides painful truths from me, that hides the cure for cancer, AIDS, etc., for their own benefit and wealth."

Castillo was already in the drug lord's crosshairs as El Chapo was infatuated with Castillo following her performance in La Reina del Sur. Her tweet only fueled Chapo's infatuation further.

Castillo was in talks with El Chapo's lawyers to start work on a biographical documentary/movie based on El Chapo's life. She also brokered a meeting with El Chapo and actor Sean Penn. 

Sean Penn, El Chapo and Kate del Castillo
Sean Penn, El Chapo, and Kate del Castillo
Source: ABC News

She became a target of the investigation on El Chapo due to her supposed close-natured relationship with the crime lord.

Things went from bad to worse when Castillo was alleged to have been romantically involved with El Chapo. The allegations have not yet been proven, but the damage had already been done. In an interview, Castillo revealed how the rumor nearly bankrupted her. 

Castillo and her relationship with El Chapo were covered extensively in the Netflix docu-series The Day I Met El Chapo.

4. Has a Line of Signature Tequila

Castillo has a brand of signature tequila to her name. The brand, labeled Honor del Castillo, was manufactured in collaboration with the Vivanco Family on November 20, 2015. She is a brand spokesperson and the ambassador for the brand.

Castillo's line of tequila, Honor del Castillo
Castillo's line of tequila, Honor del Castillo
Source: Yelp!

Before her run-in with the law over her relationship with Guzman, she was under investigation for money laundering over her tequila line. The research was dropped as no evidence warranted an indictment. 

3. She was the Spokesperson for Ford and L'Oréal Paris

Castillo, blessed with good genes and a stunning exotic look, was fast-tracked into international stardom being the official US spokesperson for the beauty brand L'Oréal Paris. 

She was also recruited by the American automobile juggernaut Ford to serve as the spokesperson for their brand. She starred in their TV and radio ads. 

She was also the spokesperson for the History Channel's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in 2007. 

Apart from her modeling career, she is also a philanthropist and uses her platform to promote causes dear to her heart.

Castillo was named the Ambassador for the Mexican Commission on Human Rights in 2009. She was instrumental in the launching of the Blue Heart Campaign, which raised awareness and funds against human trafficking. 

2. Set to appear in Bad Boys for Life

Proving her stature as an international superstar, she was offered a role in Michael Bay's highly anticipated 2020 movie, Bad Boys for Life. 

The action-comedy movie is the third movie in the Bad Boys saga. The film is led by Will Smith as Detective Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence as Detective Marcus Burnett. 

A look at Castillo in Bad Boys for Life
A look at Castillo in Bad Boys for Life
Source: IMDb

The plot follows the two police detectives as they survive an onslaught by Albanian mercenary(Armando Armas) seeking vengeance against the two protagonists for killing his brother. 

Castillo's role has not been disclosed as of yet, but it is speculated that she has a significant role in the movie.

1. Owns a Net Worth of $10 Million

Despite having her roots in Mexico, Castillo's work did not go unnoticed, and she soon became a worldwide icon. Coupled with a sizzling controversy, Castillo was skyrocketed into fame and quickly became one of the biggest actors- Mexican or otherwise- in the world.

For someone of Castillo's stature, it is unsurprising that her net worth is $10 million. 

Since her debut in 1991 in the Spanish telenovela Muchachitas, she has 63 acting credits to her name, including national and international movies and TV shows.

Even in 2019, her career is still on the ascent, with the telenovela 2011 La Reina del Sur being picked up for its second season in 2019, and projects lined up for 2020, including a role in the highly anticipated Michael Bay action flick Bad Boys for Life.