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Stephanie Beatriz Extravagant Wedding & Career: Here Are Seven Facts About Her

Hendrix Published On Thu Jan 30 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
Stephanie Beatriz Extravagant Wedding & Career: Here Are Seven Facts About Her

Stephanie Beatriz is a household name for her equal portions gritty and equal portions loving character Detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On the show she is incredibly tough and a harder than nails persona but she is a vastly different person in real life. 

Beatriz is as interesting as her character on the show and most people are unaware of her real-life persona. Brush up on her facts by reading the list below

Seven Interesting Facts About Stephanie Beatriz 

7. Beatriz Had A Recurring Role On The Hit Comedy Show Modern Family

Before landing the role of Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine she played the role of “Sonia”, the sister of Gloria. She plays the role excellently and the episodes with her are especially entertaining. 

Beatriz acting on Modern Family
Source: YouTube

In one episode she even tries to steal Jay from Gloria. She also made an appearance on episode 3 of season 11 (the last season of Modern Family). 

After this, she got role as Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine where she shined along with a star cast consisting of Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero

6. She Is Also A Proficient Voice Over Artist 

Beatriz has done some voice over work for some shows like Bob’s Burgers and on the Ice Age: Collision Course. 

The star has a knack for such roles and can alter her voice incredibly for various roles. 

5.Her Voice In Real Life Is Different To That Of Rosa Diaz 

Talking about voice, on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she plays Rosa Diaz with a gruff voice befitting her tough character but in real life, her voice is very high. She speaks with a very high tone and her voice is pitchy. 

Beatriz's real life voice is incredibly different to Rosa Diaz
Source: YouTube 

Most people are shocked the first time they hear her real voice. This just shows how dedicated she is to the role that she changes her real voice for the show. 

4. Beatriz Has A Scar On Her Eyebrows And Not An Eyebrow Slit

When Stephanie was just a child, around 10 years old she fell on a Lego and got a scar on her eyebrow. While most people think that it is an eyebrow slit that is all the rage right now, it isn’t. 

3. Stephanie Beatriz Was Born In Argentina

Stephanie is a native of Argentina. She was born and raised there but moved to the US with her family when she was 3 years old. 

Beatriz’s family moved to Webster, Texas at the time. The leading lady moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. 

2. The Star Married Brad Hoss in L.A.-Inspired Wedding

Stephanie Beatriz married Brad Hoss in an elaborate event in front of 300 people. Stephanie said that she was not the least bit stressed as she was marrying an “awesome person”. 

Stephanie Beatriz married Brad Hoss in 2018
Source: The Knot

Her costars as well as her family and close friends were all present at the event. The pair tied the knot in an LA styled wedding, they decided on the theme because it was close to both their hearts. 

1. Stephanie Beatriz Is Bise*ual Like Her Character On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In the episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where Rosa Diaz comes out  as bise*ual, a line goes, ““Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place” — Holt. 

This is true in the real world as well and it seems Beatriz is a follower of the message as well. 

The on screen cop is bise*ual and is proud of it, many fans have also cited that her pride in being who she is has helped them with coming to terms with who they are. 

She truly has made the world a more interesting and better place by stepping up and being proud of who she is.