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Seven Facts Of James Cosmo: His Net Worth, Appearance In Chernobyl, His Dark Materials, And Relationship With His Wife Annie Harris

Dahlia Published On Tue Mar 10 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 10 2020
Seven Facts Of James Cosmo: His Net Worth, Appearance In Chernobyl, His Dark Materials, And Relationship With His Wife Annie Harris

Scottish actor James Ronald Gordon Copeland, professionally known as James Cosmo, is prominent for his performance in movies like Highlander, Braveheart, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Wonder Woman.                

Cosmo, who stands 6 feet two inches, is often seen playing a tough character because of his formidable appearance. In addition to the movies, he has also appeared on television series like Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, and, more recently, His Dark Materials. Here we will learn seven exciting facts about the actor. 

7. Where Was James Cosmo Born?

James Cosmo was born in Clydebank town of West Dunbartonshire in Scotland. Just six years before the birth of James Cosmo, Clydebank town had suffered destruction from Luftwaffe bombing raids of World War II, which claimed 1,200 people.              

James Cosmo
James Cosmo is the son of actor James Copeland. 

Source: Time 

Cosmo nevertheless grew up between Highgate, north London, and Clydebank, Scotland, with his father James Copeland and mother, Helen Copeland. Interestingly, Cosmo's father was a Scottish actor and has appeared in various movies and television series as The Seekers, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Are You Being Served?

6. Where Does He Live Now?

At the age of 11, James moved to Glasgow and spent a brief period in the Dalmuir area of Glasgow.  

Currently, the 72 years old actor living in London, England. But in the near future, he has a plan to move to Perthshire, Scotland. Previously, he had lived in Twickenham, suburban town in south-west London, England, but moved to Chertsey town of Surrey, in the 90s.                    

5. Cosmo Was In Chernobyl

James Cosmo portrayed the character of a miner in the Golden Globe awarded mini-series Chernobyl. He appeared in episode three Open Wide, O Earth of season one aired on May 20, 2019. 

In an interview with Scottish Sun, the 72-years old actor talked about his character in Chernobyl, 

"In Chernobyl I play a miner who is sent in to dig out the radioactive waste.It makes you think about how brave those men were because they all knew there was not going to be a good outcome. No one knows how many people died worldwide because of that disaster. It is simply impossible to quantify." 

Nevertheless, he enjoyed shooting in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, as he had never been to Chernobyl before and spoke about the hard-working and friendly natives he met while on the shoot. 

He shared the screen with Adam Nagaitis, Jessie Buckley, Paul Ritter, Jared Harris, and Emily Watson to name a few. 

4. He Was Skeptical About Game Of Thrones Success

George R. R. Martin novel based television series Game of Thrones went on to be the voguish show leading obscure actors to meteoric success. However, when James Cosmo first appeared on the show, he never thought the series would make such a tremendous impact. 

James Cosmo
James Cosmo at the set of Games of Thrones. 

Source: Fanpop

With The Scottish Sun, Cosmo stated,  

“Game Of Thrones was groundbreaking. But I remember when we were doing the first season we were not even sure if we would get a second season. No one could have dreamt of the worldwide success it’s had. You always hope it goes well but you never know."

Cosmo played as Jeor Mormont, the Old Bear from season one to season three.

The actor first appeared in the episode Lord Snow, the third episode of season one. His last appeared on the Season three episode four, And Now His Watch Is Ended. 

Moreover, Cosmo also lent his voice for the role of Jeor Mormont in the Game of Thrones role-playing computer game. 

3. Net Worth Of James Cosmo

The 72-years old actor started his career with the television series Dr. Finlay's Casebook back in 1965. Since then, he has gone on to work in dozens of television series and films. His breakthrough role happens to be Campbell in the movie Braveheart alongside Mel Gibson. 

Moreover, besides acting, Cosmo has also appeared in the reality television game show Celebrity Big Brother where he became a finalist and a third runner up. All of these have helped the 72-years old actor in amassing the net worth of $8 million.

2. Has Two Children With, Annie Harris

James Cosmo is married to wife Annie Harris since May 24, 2000. They have two sons, Findlay Harris and Ethan Harris.

James Cosmo and Annie Harris
James Cosmo, with his wife Annie Harris and two sons at the premiere of "The Chronicles Of Narnia." 

Source: Express 

When Cosmo appeared in the Celebrity Big Brother, he talked about his violent behavior before marriage which his wife helped him suppress over time, stating, 

"The majority of my life, before I met my wife, I was not in a good place. I was not a good man. I have been violent in the past. When I met my wife that changed, and when my son came along that changed everything, because I understood what I was here for." 

1. Plays Farder Coram In His Dark Materials

In the fantasy drama television series His Dark Materials, the 72-years old plays as Farder Coram, an elderly Gyptian. He is also seen as the former lover of Serafina Pekkala, a witch and a member of a coven at Lake Enero, played by Ruta Gedmintas

Along with Cosmo and Gedmintas, actors like Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, Anne-Marie Duff, Clarke Peters, Ariyon Bakare, Will Keen, Lucian Msamati, Gary Lewis, Lewin Lloyd, James McAvoy, Georgina Campbell, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Lia Williams have prominent roles in the show.