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Lisa Joy's Career As a Director, Writer, & Her Love Life In Seven Interesting Facts

Dahlia Published On Tue Jan 07 2020   Modified On Fri Jan 17 2020
Lisa Joy's Career As a Director, Writer, & Her Love Life In Seven Interesting Facts

A screenwriter, television producer, and director, Lisa Joy made her venture into film direction with the American science fiction series Westworld

She is also directing an upcoming fictional thriller film called Reminiscence. As a matter of fact, Lisa is also a writer and producer of the film.

Here we will find out seven exciting facts of the writer-turned-producer-turned director. Let's begin.

7. Lisa is a Chinese Descendant

While Lisa was raised in suburban New Jersey, her parents did not grow up in America. Lisa's father is from England, and her mother is from Taiwan. 

Lisa Joy
Lisa Joy at the Unforgettable Gala 2018 Source: Zimbio

Nevertheless, Lisa has been grateful of her biracial background and growing up in a "culturally very Chinese" home. Infact, this is what prompted Lisa to study English and Chinese at Stanford and be fluent in the Chinese language. 

6. She Thought She Would be a Lawyer

Lisa's parents sold belts for a living and to give a first-rate education to Joy and her younger sister. 

With a hard working parent, Lisa was raised to go for a career that would provide stability above all. Because of this, Lisa went to Harvard Law School to major in law. 

But her interest rested on a career in writing. By the time she was a teenager, she had made writing as her passion. Her admissions essay to Stanford was a poem. No wonder she is a writer now. 

5. Joy Had a Tremendous College Debt

Lisa had taken English as a major and Chinese as a minor at Stanford University. 

Like any other person who gets admitted to Stanford, the acceptance letter from Stanford left Lisa exhilarated. She exclaimed, 

Getting into Stanford was the first time that I felt like the vast expansiveness of the world might be something I could touch a tiny corner of.

But getting into ivy league college has its own pros and cons. Joy had a substantial college debt stating that it was difficult for her to go to University as expensive as Stanford. There was no financial net to pay off her student loan. 

Still, she says, she followed her passions, even after being aware they would not make money out of a gate.

4. Lisa is 'Deeply Introvert' Person

There is no doubt that Joy radiates friendliness and confidence with her personality. However, Lisa describes herself as a profoundly introverted person, further claiming that this kind of nature makes her the topic of media portraying her as enigmatic.

In addition to this, Lisa has also professed that she avoids her own press and counts on her husband to tell her about media mentions.

Either way, Joy has remained modest about her popularity. 

3. She Filmed Westworld in Pregnancy

Joy has two children with her husband, Jonathan Nolan: a daughter and a son. While filming the television pilot for critically acclaimed American science-fiction television series called Westworld, Lisa was pregnant with her first child. 

In fact, Westworld is created by Lisa in combination with her husband, Jonathan. The series has been garnering positive reviews and has multiple well-renowned stars, most notably, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Luke Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, and many more.

Moreover, during this pregnancy, she also wrote the series Reminiscence, which she calls "an updated noir."

Reminiscence also has a high-profile celebrity in the leading role, namely, Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson

Further, Lisa wrote most of the episodes of the second season of Westworld when she was pregnant with her son, Lisa's second child with Jonathan.

After the birth of her children, she says, her career has flourished, though at times it gets hard for her to balance both career and family.

2. Lengthy Mail Writing Behavior Matched up with Future Husband

Lisa met her husband, Jonathan, in the year 2000 at the premiere of the film Memento

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan
Lisa Joy with her husband Jonathan Nolan at the 70th Emmy Awards Source: Zimbio

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Lisa jokingly told that she and Jonathan were introduced to each other by a mutual friend because they both had a penchant for writing lengthy gushing mail like "three-page long pontification."

At this time around, Joy was working at Universal Studios while Jonathan traveled the world and had gained some success as a writer.

The couple kept up their friendship, with the exchange of letters with one another, which eventually led to their wedding

1. Lisa's script was on the Blacklist

Even though Lisa's venture into writing came after spending years in the corporate world and law school, she has been successful in the writing field. 

The Blacklist, which is the yearly breakdown of most-liked unproduced screenplays, is collected via the voting of more than 250 film studio executives. 

The Reminiscence script was yet to be purchased by a production company and labeled as a spec script. It became listed on the blacklist in the year 2013. Later, the script was reportedly bought at auction for $ 1.75 million by Legendary Pictures and is all set to release in 2020.