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Seven Facts Of Michel Stern-Loving And Supportive Husband Of Actress Lisa Kudrow

Dahlia Published On Mon Jan 06 2020   Modified On Mon Jan 06 2020
Seven Facts Of Michel Stern-Loving And Supportive Husband Of Actress Lisa Kudrow

Michel Stern is a French-American advertising Executive who, among people, is most famous for being the husband of Lisa Kudrow.  

Kudrow is a household name mostly for her role as Phoebe Buffey, a self-taught musician with an identical twin named Ursula in the popular series Friends. 

Michel married Lisa in 1995, and the couple is still together going strong. We have some interesting facts about Michel.   

7. Prior To Lisa, Michel Dated The Former's French Roommate   

We all have heard the stories about meeting the right person at the wrong time, and that is precisely what happened in the case of French native Michel Stern and Los-Angeles born actress Lisa Kudrow.

In the late 80s, Lisa was introduced to Michel by her roommate, who was dating Stern. 

She was also heartbroken when he stopped coming back to the apartment after his break-up with Lisa's roommate.

Either way, they met later and married in 1995. 

6. He Is A Very Private Person

Michel Stern is not active on social media. Further, very little information is available about his parents, siblings, and other family members.   

For someone who’s married to an actress, Michel flies under the radar on all fronts. Little is known or confirmed about his personal background, career, or general biography.

Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow
Couple Goals: Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow 

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It can be concluded that he is indeed an introvert person and is happy to keep his personal affairs private.

5. His Wife's Pregnancy Was Included In Friends 

Lisa and Michel have a son, Julian Murray Stern, born on May 7, 1998.    

At this time around, Lisa's character Phoebe acted as a surrogate mother for her brother Frank and his wife, Alice. In reality, Kudrow was actually pregnant with her and Stern's first child, Julian.   

Lisa Kudrow, Julian Stern and Michel Stern
Michel Stern with his son Julian and wife Lisa Kudrow 

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"The six of us would do a huddle backstage and just say, 'All right, have a good show, love you love you love you love you,'" Lisa recalled in a conversation with People magazine. She further adds, "So sweet; they included my little fetus in the huddle." 

4. Net Worth Of Michel Stern

Stern advertising career can be credited to his net worth. In addition to this, he had also reportedly worked with few top-notch companies. He is worth $10 million

Also, Lisa has a lucrative career, along with that of her husband. Lisa also became a screenwriter and executive producer along with creating and starring in the American television drama series The Comeback. She, as of 2020, is worth $70 million

3. Stern Spent His Formative Years In France

Michel Stern was born in France in the year 1958. His childhood years were spent mostly in France. However, later Michel moved to the United States along with his family. Stern received education and ventured into the world of business.

As a matter of fact, when Lisa initially met Stern, he had recently migrated to America and did not know many people at the time.

Currently, Michel holds dual citizenship; American and French citizenship. 

2. His Favorite Dish Is A Cheeseburger

We all are aware of the vegetarian nature of Phoebe, but Lisa Kudrow u=is not like her. She loves grilled chicken without caring about the calorie count.  

Like Lisa, Michel also had chicken burgers under his favorite dish, along with pancakes and cheeseburgers. 

1. Lisa Had To Wait Six Years To Marry Michel Stern

It was love at first sight for Lisa when she met her future husband. Still, both of them never reached the point of dating each other. Surely, Lisa was sure of never meeting Michel after he broke up with her roommate.   

Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow
The couple attending an event together

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However, after six years, Lisa and Stern met at her birthday party. Undoubtedly, a fateful day for both of them, after which they have become inseparable, and we are truly happy for the 24-years first sighted love turned marriage.