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7 Facts of Russian Doll star Elizabeth Ashley: Mishaps in Shoot, and Details on her Marriage Including Relationship with Husband George Peppard

Dahlia Published On Fri Mar 20 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 09 2020
7 Facts of Russian Doll star Elizabeth Ashley: Mishaps in Shoot, and Details on her Marriage Including Relationship with Husband George Peppard

American actress Elizabeth Ann Cole, professionally known as Elizabeth Ashley, has worked in theatre, film, and television for almost sixty years. 

Receiving a Tony Awards in 1962 for her performance in comedy film Take Her, She's Mine, Ashley has been nominated for prestigious awards as Emmy, Golden Globe, BAFTA, to name a few, in the later stage of her career. 

Here we will learn seven exciting facts of the actress.

7. Her Jaws Were Shattered in an Accident

The 80-years old actress, who still looks fierce as ever, has had her fair share of mishaps. During the early 80s, while returning from her trip to Italy, she went on to pursue her passion for sailing. It wasn't the first time the actress had went sailing with a few groups of people. 

Elizabeth Ashley
Elizabeth Ashley at the Broadway Opening Night performance for 'You Can't Take It With You.' Source: Pinterest 

She had enjoyed sailing with Vietnam vets and Rastafarians, but none of that prepared Ashley for what happened next on the way to her favorite recreational activity. 

A sailing accident shattered her jawbone, which had to be wired for a temporary remedy. The recovery period stretched to five years, and in between the restoration surgery she had to undergo for almost six years, a massive headache wasn't novel. 

Nevertheless, she is still a certified bad-ass, and a disfigured jaw hasn't dissuaded her from showing fortitude. 

6. How Tall is Elizabeth Ashley?

Elizabeth Ashley stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall (1.65 m). Born on August 30, 1939, Elizabeth Ashley will turn 81 years old on August 30, 2020. 

5. Suffered From Eye Injury While Playing as Cleopatra

In 1977, Ashley played as Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, in the play Caesar and Cleopatra, written by the playwright George Bernard Shaw. Rex Harrison played opposite the 80-years old actress. 

But during the filming of the Broadway show, Elizabeth suffered from an eye injury, which prompted her to miss a few performances. Nevertheless, Ashley didn't let the injury come in the way of her work, finishing the show wearing an eye patch. 

4. Played as Antagonist in the Movie Windows

Elizabeth portrayed the character Andrea Glassen in the thriller film Windows. The movie sparked controversy for its theme with people accusing the film of being resentful towards gay and lesbian people.  

Elizabeth Ashley
Elizabeth Ashley at the Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards. Source: Zimbio

The director of the movie, Gordon Willis, called the movie a mistake, stating, 

"I have had a good relationship with actors but I can do what I do and back off. I don't want that much romancing. I don't want them to call me up at two in the morning saying 'I don't know who I am'."

The movie earned Worst Picture nomination; even Ashley earned two nominations for the category of Worst Supporting Actress in two different awards show: Golden Raspberry Awards and Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.

3. Revealed the Harrowing Incident of Assault After 16 Years

In April of 1993, Ashley testified at the Metro Courthouse in Nashville for the sentencing of a man who se***lly assaulted her long-time friend, Mary Martin. While doing so, Elizabeth made a shocking revelation about her own harrowing incident that she kept hidden from everyone, even herself. 

Elizabeth had been in denial of the rape incident for 15 years, but Martin's case made her realize the need to go public and put an end to the trauma she faced alone for those long years. 

In a conversation with the People Magazine, Ashley stated, 

"When one of my friends asked me, “What are you going to do about this? I said, “No one is going to know.” That was the first time my being a public person came into play. Once it is known you’ve been raped, that becomes your public identity forever. My entire life I have had an almost irrational response to being viewed as a victim."

The 80-years old years old actress added, 

"Talking about what happened to me has been cathartic because it has made me accept the brutal truth that I too am vulnerable. Still, I’m uncomfortable. I want it to go away."

Nevertheless, she is truly an inspiration to millions of women who struggle to break the silence. We hope every woman finds the courage to do so. 

2. She Was Married to George Peppard

The gorgeous 80-years old actress has married three times. She married her first husband, actor James Farentino, on September 1, 1962. James and Elizabeth divorced on April 21, 1965.

Elizabeth Ashley and George Peppard
Elizabeth Ashley, with her ex-husband George Peppard together at an event in Los Angeles. Source: Pinterest 

Elizabeth and George Peppard married on April 17, 1966. They have worked together in movies like The Carpetbaggers and The Third Day. The couple has one son, Christian Peppard. However, both ended their relationship on February 28, 1972.

Ashley married her third husband, James McCarthy, on May 11, 1975, but after five years of being in a relationship, they ended their marriage on  February 27, 1981.

1. Has A Primary Role in Russian Doll

Ashley plays as Ruth Brenner, a therapist and close family friend of Nadia, portrayed by Natasha Lyonne in the comedy-drama television series Russian Doll. Kate Jennings Grant portrayed the young version of Ashley's character in the series. 

The first season received four Emmy Award nominations and features actors like Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez, Charlie Barnett, Jeremy Bobb and Rebecca Henderson.