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Seven Interesting Facts About The Hollywood's Current Biggest Crush Timothee Chalamet

Bean Published On Mon Dec 16 2019   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
Seven Interesting Facts About The Hollywood's Current Biggest Crush Timothee Chalamet

America's current crush Timothée Chalamet has won the hearts of millions all over the world thanks to his extraordinary performances, and of course, his killer looks. 

The promising actor Chalamet became the overnight sensation following his role in Call Me by Your Name. Besides, he is also known for his work on movies like Beautiful Boy, The King, Little Women, and Lady Bird, to name a few.     

Here is everything you could possibly want to know about the 23 years old Timothée Chalamet.   

7. As A Child, Timothée Chalamet Was Obsessed With Power Rangers

In an interview with W magazine, Chalamet said,  

Around seven, eight, or nine years old, if you walked into a 9-year-old Timmy taking a bath, it would have been Power Rangers everywhere. Here and there. 

He further added that he lost his interest in Power Rangers around nine or ten years old.  

6. Chalamet Had A Rap Alter Ego With The Stage Name Lil' Timmy Tim Or Timmy T

The Call Me by Your Name star Timothée Chalamet briefly pursued a rap career with the alias name Lil' Timmy Tim.  

As per Entertainment Tonight's anchor Armie Hammer, "The backstory behind that is, that was a school project that he had actually to turn in for a statistics class. So, everyone else wrote out all these sorts of big statistics papers and all that, and he turned in this awesome rap. And the teacher only gave him, like, a D+ or something…" 

Actually, the hidden talent of Chalamet was revealed in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He released songs like Statistics, Timmy Tim, 2 Inches Proud, Palestine in the Booth, and Timothee Chalamet ain't Got Clout.  

5. Teemo Used His Very First Salary From Disney Commercial To Buy Tickets To Knicks Match    

Indeed, it is no secret that Chalamet is an avid basketball fan. 

Chalamet bought the ticket using his first salary, assuming that LeBron James would play for the Knicks; sadly for him, LeBron signed the contract with the Miami Heat.  

He was so pissed that he spent quite a few hours trying to sell his tickets outside Madison Square Garden. 

Back in 2009, for a sign of Stoudemire on his jersey, he waited for more than two hours.  

4. He Dropped Out From His College

With the motive of pursuing his dream of being an actor, Timothée Chalamet dropped out of college. 

After completing high school, he joined Columbia University, New York City though, a year later he dropped out. 

In several interviews, Timmy explained that school just wasn’t for him and that his heart and mind just weren’t into the academic commitment. 

3. Heath Ledger's Joker Character Is The Biggest Inspiration For Chalamet

Chalamet became obsessed with acting after watching Heath Ledger as a Joker on The Dark Knight.  According to the actor, he was hypnotized by Ledger's performance and became eager to come on the screen. 

He made his debut in the movie industry through TV series Law & Order in 2009. He appeared as Eric Foley in the 2009 episode named Pledge.   

Timothée Chalamet In Netfilx Movie the king

Image Source: The Wrap

Although his first on-screen debut was through Law & Order at the age of 13, he previously appeared in short films like Sweet Tooth and Clown in the year 2008. 

As of now, he has appeared in more than 25 movies and TV series, including acting credits for his role as Elio in Call Me by Your Name, as Kyle Scheible in Lady Bird, as Nic Sheff in Beautiful Boy and as young Tom in Interstellar.  

2. Timothée Received Backlash For Working With Woody Allen 

Chalamet starred alongside Selena Gomez on the Woody Allen-directed movie A Rainy Day in New York. However, the film became to be one of the major-notch in his flourishing acting career. 

Woody Allen is the infamous director who is one of the accusees of the #MeToo movement. Though Chalamet was not aware of his deed prior to signing the movie, he was also backlashed by the people.    

Timothee Chalamet shooting for Woody Allen's A Rainy Day in New YorkImage Source: Mogul
Timothee Chalamet shooting for Woody Allen's A Rainy Day in New York

Image Source: Mogul

Well, the movie is yet to be released and is most likely that it never will due to the assault and lawsuits. 

The stars of the movie donated their earnings from Woody Allen's A Rainy Day in New York to organizations like RAINN, Time's Up, the LGBTQ Center of New York, and other organizations that advocate for the victims of se*ual abuse and harassment. 

1. Chalamet Dreamed Of Becoming A Professional Soccer Player

In fact, before he was inspired by Heath Ledger and took acting as his career. Timmy Tim was spirited to be a professional soccer player. 

Even now, during his free time in France, Chalamet coaches at a soccer camp and enjoys playing with kids of ages six to ten. 


  1. Timothée Chalamet is the youngest actor to be nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in 80 years.
  2. Chalamet auditioned for the role of Peter Parker in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and lost it to Tom Holland.
  3. Timothée went to the same high school as Ansel Elgort.
  4. He prefers his name to be pronounced Timothy, although the actual pronunciation “Timothée” is Teemo-TAY.
  5. Timmy T has won more awards than the number of movies and TV series he has appeared in. According to IMDb, he has 38 wins and 70 nominations.