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Seven Interesting Facts About TV Actor Joshua Brown

Shrijan Published On Sun Dec 08 2019   Modified On Sun Dec 08 2019
Seven Interesting Facts About TV Actor Joshua Brown

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown is the second eldest son of Billy Brown and Ami Brown. He is one of the central figures of Discovery Channel’s unscripted reality TV show, Alaskan Bush People. The show is centered around the Brown family as they attempt to survive the wilderness of Alaska and in later seasons, Washington. 

While the series is advertised as being an off-the-grid survival show, there are pieces of evidence that suggest that it may all be a publicity stunt and the family may not be as far removed from society as they would like audiences to think.

Joshua has been at the center of the latest drama surrounding the extended family. We have compiled below a list of 7 facts that may shed some light on the life of the middle son of the mysterious and controversial Brown family.

1. Got Stuck In The Controversy Surrounding "Alaskan Bush People"

Since the pilot episode of Alaskan Bush People aired in May 2014, the show had no qualms advertising it as an “unscripted” off-the-grid survivalist TV show. 

The extended family, consisting of the patriarch Billy Brown, his wife Ami, and their seven children were featured in the show using primitive means to survive the unrelenting cold and harsh wilderness.

A picture of the Brown family
The Brown family and the central cast members of Alaskan Bush People

However, there were speculations even from the pilot episode that the lives of the Brown family were not as far removed from civilization as shown on TV. The rumors have only been fueled by the children being on social media despite claiming to have never used any sort of technology.

By far the worst offender of this was Joshua, who was the most active on YouTube. He stopped uploading on YouTube suspiciously around the time the show was picked up by a major channel.

2. He is in a Relationship with Alaskan Bush People-Producer 

Joshua made headlines when he went public about his relationship with Allison Kagan. Kagan was a producer on his family’s show. 

Joshua’s relationship with Allison served as the impetus behind his desired to leave his life with his family behind.

3. Rift Between Joshua and the Rest of his Family: He Left The Show

Trouble was already brewing between Joshua and the rest of his family. His relationship with Allison and the subsequent drama that ensued proved to be the final straw. 

Joshua with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan

Joshua went public with his disdain of his family members giving Allison the cold shoulder. Considering the fact that his family had known Allison the longest compared to the love interests of his other siblings, the slight he felt at being disrespected led to him leaving Alaska and his family behind.

4. His Prodigal Lifestyle Compelled Him to Rejoin The Show

Despite being estranged with the rest of his family, Joshua would make amends with his family and return to the show.

The cause, however, is far from noble. Joshua admitted in an interview that the only reason he chose to stay on the show was for the money. Being a mainstay of such a channel as Discovery Channel, with its international reach, Alaskan Bush People makes money in the high six figures and Joshua wants a part of the lucrative revenue. 

5. Went to Prison with his Father

In 2016, Joshua and his father Billy spent 30 days in prison. They were found guilty of lying to the Alaskan government and swindling thousands of dollars in government assistance.

Permanent residents of Alaska are provided yearly government assistance by the government, provided that the residents live in Alaska full-time. Billy Brown and his son Joshua were found lying in their Permanent Fund dividend applications about living in Alaska, thereby ending up in jail for 30 days.

The incident could have been much worse for the family, as every member of the Brown family were legally subject to imprisonment.

6. He Renovated a 100-Foot Long Boat with his Girlfriend

Joshua purchased a 100-foot long boat and began work renovating it. Having been brought up in his family’s boat himself, he had fond memories and hoped to make some more memories with his girlfriend, Allison: he planned to sail with Allison to the Bahamas.

The boat is a 1986 Osprey, named Mark Twain. 

7. Joshua’s Wealth and Legacy: He Is Worth $300k

As of 2019, Joshua is reportedly worth $300k. One of the central cast members of the reality show Alaskan Bush People, he is reportedly paid somewhere between $20k to $60 k for each episode, with the patriarch of the family, Billy reportedly earning $500k.

When the location of the show moved from rural Alaska to Washington, the Brown family bought a 400-acre plot in Tonasket, Washington for over $415k. Following Joshua’s mother Ami’s cancer diagnosis, the family packed and moved to Washington for better health facilities and decided to set up shop in the capital. 

An outdoor shot of $2.7 million Brown residence
The $2.7 million Beverly Hills mansion owned by the Brown family

The family also purchased a 5-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion for $2.7 million. In addition to 5 bedrooms, the palatial estate also has 4 bathrooms and an indoor pool.