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Shyheim Jenkins

Pranish Published On Fri Oct 13 2023   Modified On Fri Oct 13 2023
Shyheim Jenkins


    Shyheim Jenkins

    Shyheim Jenkins is the son of the rapper, songwriter, and actor, Jezzy Fully Jay Wayne Jenkins and one of his ex-partners. Jeezy is famous for songs like Put On, All There, Soul Survivor, Seen It All, and the rest.

    Explore the impressive career of Shyheim Jenkins, the talented rapper and actor.

    How Appealing is Shyheim Jenkin's Lifestyle?

    In contrast to his elder sibling, father, and stepmother, Shyheim Jenkins decides for a more reserved lifestyle, rarely making appearances on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He is living his luxurious life because of his father Jazzy, as he is a multimillionaire. 

    He isn't actively pursuing a career in the entertainment sector, unlike his father and brother, and his pursuits remain largely unpublicized.

    Regardless of the circumstances, it's quite evident from his limited camera presence that Shyheim isn't particularly inclined toward seeking public attention.

    Father and Mother 

    Let's dive into the life of Shyheim Father Jezzy, the trap music creator Born as Jay Wayne, this rapper has taken the music industry by storm since he burst onto the scene in 2001 as Lil J. As a pioneer of trap music, the renowned personality has helped popularize the genre to mainstream audiences, alongside the likes of T.I.

    Jay Wayne and Tenesha Dykes both wear blue dress. They both are hugging each other .
    Parents of Shyheim Jenkins, Jay Wayne, and Tenesha Dykes.
    Image source: Married wiki

    The identity of Shyheim's mother is not publicly known, and his father, rapper Jeezy, has not revealed it to the public However, some sources speculate that Shyheim and his older brother Jadarius share the same mother, Tenesha Dykes. Nonetheless, the identity of their mother remains a mystery. 

    Net Worth

    Jay Wayne Jenkins, better known as Jezzy, is an acclaimed figure in the hip-hop industry. In 2023, Jeezy's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. This wealth represents the peak of Jeezy's successful music career. Jeezy's wealth is primarily derived from his prolific music career.

    Jay Wayne stepping out from his black car and he is wearing total white outfit.
    Jay Wayne has a net worth of around 10 million dollars.
    Image source: Featured Biography

    Despite not yet starting the star son's professional career, he is already living a life of comfort, with his father's successful music career as a singer, songwriter, and rapper allowing him to enjoy all the luxuries that come with being part of a wealthy family.

    Who are Shyheim's Siblings?

    Jadarius Jenkins is the elder brother of Shyheim Jenkins who was born in 1996. Jenkins’ elder brother, Jadarius is the oldest son of Jeezy. Jadarius was born from Jeezy’s relationship with one of his former partners, Tenesha Dykes, who is an entrepreneur.

    Jadarius Jenkins and Shyheim Jenkins two brothers wearing hiphop clothes.
    Brother of Shyheim Jenkins, Jadarius Jenkins.
    Image Source: Pinterest

    Shyheim’s Relationship With His Siblings 

    Shyheim also has a younger half-sister, Amra Nor Jenkins, who was born in February 2014. Amra is the daughter of Jeezy and musician Mahalet Gebregiorgis, who is another of his former partners. Additionally, he has an older brother. 

    While Jeezy, the father of Shyheim, is close to his daughter Amra, Mahi, Shyheim’s baby's mother, is supposedly not as close to Jeezy as she should be. Shyheim shares a half-sister relationship with Monaco due to his father’s current relationship.

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    His Father Had Many Relationships

    Throughout the years, the rapper Shyheim Jenkins' father has been involved in romantic relationships with multiple women. They commenced their relationship in November 2018, became engaged in 2020, and exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony on March 27, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. Jezzy tied the knot with Jeannie Mai and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Monaco Mai Jenkins.

    Jay Wayne and Jeannie Mai are hugging each other.
    Jay Wayne and Jeannie Mai, as Jay has many affairs.
    Image source: Celebsuburb

    The singer jezzy has almost always had a bad relationship with each of them. One of the mothers of one of his children even filed a complaint against him, claiming that he had missed several child support payments.

    Jenkin's Music Debut

    Shyheim Jenkin's music debut included the hit single "On and On" the video of which featured Method Man and the album rose to #7 on the US Billboard R&B chart

    Shyheim joined others, notably the Fugees, to provide a free concert to deaf children in a summer camp in 1996.

    Jeezy Preferred Shyheim Not Pursuing Music

    Jeezy is among the few celebrities who didn’t want their kids to follow what made them famous. Back in Sep 2014 while talking to All HipHop, the Ozone Awards winner explained why he didn’t want his sons to pursue music. 

    Jay Wayne and his son Shyheim Jenkins both wearing white color clothes.
    Jay Wayne and his son Shyheim Jenkins.
    Image source: Celebsuburb

     Indeed, a contributing factor to the heated exchange between him and one of his sons in 2012 was Jeezy's candid warning about the challenges of pursuing a music career.

    In an interview, the artist recalled having told his child, This is no different than being in a Martin Luther King situation or Malcolm X. When you say these words, you got to stand on them. The father of two at the time revealed he would also let his sons know if their piece sucked as well as give them honest opinions about their songs.

    Does Jazzy Punish His Son? 

    What’s unknown in all these to this day is which son of Jeezy was the victim here, Shyheim or his older brother, Jadarius Jenkins. Jeezy’s second son, Shyheim at the time was 13 while his brother, Jadarius was 17.

    Jay Wayne hugging his son Shyheim Jenkins.
    Rumors of Jay Wayne giving punishment to Shyheim Jenkins.
    Image source: Celebsuburb

    During that time, none of the sources identified which of Jeezy's sons received the punishment. Some speculations pointed to Jadarius, the eldest, who was around 16 at the time. However, a few months before the incident, Jeezy had posted a photo of his eldest son on his Instagram, accompanied by a caption saying "Father's Day with my Lil man nothin' better".

    Shyheim's Elder Sibling Jadarius, has His Apparel Brand

    His brother, Jadarius is often mistaken for a Columbian rapper who goes by the stage name, Lil Jezzy. Jadarius, the Georgia Riverwood Academy graduate, however, is not an artist like his father but has its fashion line.

    Jadarius Jenkins is wearing a cap maroon color jacket, as he has his fashion line.
    Jadarius Jenkins with his fashion line.
    Image source: Celebsuburb

     Jadarius is not particularly noticeable on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, much like his younger brother.  

    Interesting Facts About Shyheim

    • Shyheim holds American nationality.
    • He is of African-American background.
    • Besides music composition his father holds some business ventures which include a sports agency and a tequila brand.
    • Shyheim Jenkins is not on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    • His father jeezy has been nominated for several awards in his career path including a Grammy award for his collaboration with Jay-Z on the song "Empire State of Mind".